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Essays on two kinds of autumn rain volume I 2: more rhymes and less rhymes in Zhou Poetry

2021-08-21 09:32:17 Life journey

Zhou poetry has more rhymes and less rhymes

《 Zhou Song · Lcwin 》 More rhyme at the end ,《 Tianzuo 》 A rhyme is missing at the end of the passage . Ren He, fan maocai, Jing Fuyun :“ move ‘ Alas, the former king did not forget ’ Six words in ‘ Son and grandson Baozhi ’ under , Then both of them are leaf rhymes . Two poems are connected , Cover error Jane also .” Very accurate , See, read carefully .

Self annotation ——

1、《 Zhou Song · Lcwin 》《 Tianzuo 》: Two poems in the book of songs .

2、《 Lcwin 》

      Liewen bigong , Xizi Zhifu .

      Benefit me boundless , Son and grandson Baozhi .

      No enfeoffment is popular in your country , King Wei worships .

      Read zjung , Follow the order of its Emperor .

      Non competing Uighurs , The four directions teach .

      Don't show Vader , A hundred times its punishment .

      More than , The former king did not forget !

/* The former king did not forget : The former King model will never forget .

3、《 Tianzuo 》

        Heaven is a high mountain , King's Wasteland .

        That's what I did , Wen Wang Kangzhi .

        That's it , There is a trip to the barbarians .

        Son and grandson Baozhi .

4、 Fan maocai Jingfu : Scholar fan Jingfu .

Fan Jingfu ( clear ) The word Jiezi . Qiantang ( This is Hangzhou ) people . Yougongsheng . The science of fine astronomy and calendar calculation . Try to calculate the leap solar eclipse in spring and autumn , do 《 Spring and autumn eat more frequently than the moon 》.

Yougongsheng : The imperial examination era , Pick the house 、 state 、 County student ( scholar ) Excellent results or qualifications in , I was promoted to the Imperial College of the capital to study , Called Gongsheng .

Every three years in the Qing Dynasty, the academic and political departments of all provinces reported to the Imperial College on the selection of students in their own province , Called Yougong .

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