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Anti Mafia storm: the most ruthless character appeared. He played a pig and ate a tiger for 14 years. Li Chengyang lost well

2021-08-21 09:34:22 Oriental Infotainment

Sun Honglei is a TV play 《 Black storm 》 The leading role of , It is precisely because I like sun Honglei , That's why I watched this TV play , But in the process of watching the play , I really feel depressed , Sympathize with Li Chengyang's experience , He was an orphan from childhood , Lin Han treated him with sincerity , He also regards Lin Han as his family , But because these two people hinder the interests of some people , Then he was framed , And Linhan knows more , So it ended badly .

Li Chengyang used it 14 Years of time , To find out the truth , He swam between black and white , In this way , Get more information and resources , But the truth has always been covered by people with a heart , So Li Chengyang 14 Nothing for years , Of course , Li Chengyang is not without harvest , At least Li Chengyang got a good brother , This man is Ma Shuai , Ma Shuai should really regard Li Chengyang as a relative , That's why I protect him .

occasionally , Between relatives , There will also be unspeakable secrets , Ma Shuai is also using his own way , Come for Li Chengyang , Ma Shuai knows why Li Chengyang left , Ma Shuai and Gao Mingyuan are also close , But Ma Shuai chose not to mention the events of that year , After becoming brothers with Li Chengyang , Their lives seemed to be cleared , Everything is back to the origin , They started a business together , Li Chengyang also uses his legal knowledge , Helped Ma Shuai establish a law-abiding group , It's just , Li Chengyang still didn't give up investigating the truth .

later , Ma Shuai was framed , He died in prison , This matter , Let Ma Shuai remember 14 The case years ago , Although he never said , But this thing , It is the eternal pain in his heart , Ma Shuai's death , It also makes him want to know the truth , When I saw this , There is always a doubt in my heart , Why did Li Chengyang investigate 14 year , Things don't seem to have made any progress ?

It just means , The man who framed Li Chengyang , I know him very well , Everything goes ahead of Li Chengyang , And this person is also a person inside the system , What I'm good at is playing pig and eating Tiger .

In the 20 In the preview of the episode , We saw Sun Xing's biological mother , This is He Yun , At this time, many mysteries have been solved , Although I had always suspected the relationship between the two , But there is really no substantive evidence , Now the truth is clear , Everything has been sorted out .

14 Years ago, although he Yun was not the deputy director , But I also know Lin Han and Li Chengyang better , Through He Yun's attitude towards Lin Hao , You can actually feel , The Linhan family , I'm not wary of He Yun .

He Yun has disguised well these years , Even Huang Xi , Also cheated by this little aunt , In the eyes of many people , He Yun is the representative of justice , No one thinks of her in a bad way , Li Chengyang was framed , I think he Yun also has a credit , Because he Yun is relatively weak , It's really not easy to be suspected , But the truth will come out sooner or later , Compared with He Yun, Li Chengyang , Still a little immature , So Li Chengyang lost well , After all, luoshanhe has exhausted his strength , He Yun's problem was discovered .

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