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Sea King 2 will be darker! Wen Ziren reveals the inspiration source of film horror elements

2021-08-21 09:44:43 Oriental Infotainment

After making the horror movie , Wen Ziren finally returned to DC Of 《 The sea king 2》. For me , I'm glad that Wen Ziren, a talented director, can return .

Now , The director went back to the back of the camera , He will be the story of the sea king , Open the next chapter . It is worth mentioning that , Wen Ziren revealed ,《 The sea king 2》 Inspired by an ancient Italian vampire film . He said the film , Gave him a source of inspiration . This is exciting , Because we know Marvel next door ,《 Dr. strange 2》 Will inject some elements of terror . however , Talking about horror movies , Personally, I prefer Wen Ziren's style . It also makes me look forward to 《 The sea king 2》.

Talking about 《 The sea king 2》, Naturally, we don't know the specific plot of the film . however , From ameber · From the photos Hilde shared , The film was very tiring . therefore , As one can imagine , The fighting scenes in the film are certainly not few . and , The actors in the film say , The script of the film is better than the first step , Because there are so many “ Wonderful stories can be told .” Actually , I agree with that . Because the first movie , We must be introduced to the role of Sea King . The second movie , You can let go of the story of the sea king .

Although Wen Ziren is usually very busy , Naturally, he did not forget to publicize 《 The sea king 2》. In an interview with Total Film Interview , Wen Ziren generously shared ,《 The sea king 2》 My inspiration comes largely from 1965 Italian horror film in 《 Vampire planet 》. Regarding this , Wen Ziren said :“ You can bring the boy out of terror , But you can never let him really come out .” In addition to revealing the source of inspiration for the film , Wen Ziren also said , In the Sequel Movie , He still retains some dark elements .

He added :“ The first film surprised many people , Right ? Part of the reason is that they are not familiar with . In the book , There are many terrible , Strange world . The audience was surprised , I didn't throw away the most essential thing . In the first film , I think making a dark 、 A heavy movie , That's not right . therefore , In the second movie , I think it's easier for people to accept our direction , Because I've laid the foundation .”

《 Vampire planet 》 On 1965 Released in 2008 , By Italian director Mario · Bawa directed , It is generally believed that the film is good for Ridley · Scott's 《 alien 》 Had a great impact . The film is mainly about two spaceships receiving distress signals from unknown planets . When approaching and landing , The crew found themselves possessed by vampire entities , And start killing each other . If 《 The sea king 2》 Inspired by this movie , I think 《 The sea king 2》 There is a lot of adventure in the film . If you add some terrorist elements , That must be wonderful .

as everyone knows , Wen Ziren's horror style is deeply rooted . As he said , In the first one 《 The sea king 》 in , He's about the elements of terror , Still have reservations , But in the sequel , He will obviously add more elements of terror . No matter how , In the first film, Wen Ziren in a wild way , Show us the superhero Sea King , The box office of the film also broke through 11 Billion dollars . therefore , without doubt , I believe very much that he is interested in 《 The sea king 2》 Vision . Really can't wait , See this movie .

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