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It's only one step away from getting a driver's license. Don't be careless when you pull over at the end of subject 3

2021-08-21 10:24:45 Oriental Information automobile

congratulations , I've come to subject three . Certificate subject 1 、 Subject 2 has passed successfully , Until I get my driver's license , Another step closer . After the practice of subject 2 and the practice on the road after the examination of subject 2 , At this time, we are relatively proficient in vehicles , There should be no more stalling on the way . Side parking in subject 2 , Back into the garage , And the half slope point . It's hard for you to start on a half slope . The next step is the third subject , Go on the road . After the practice reaches the specified time, you can take the examination of subject 3 .

Subject 3 is also called road test , Different from the previous subject 2 . Subject 2 is conducted in a relatively closed site . Subject 3 is the same thing as our normal vehicles on the road . Because it's the real road , There will be all kinds of vehicles on the road 、 Pedestrians 、 And emergencies and so on . The function of the examination is to assess everyone's reaction ability and processing ability to the comprehensive situation .

Subject 3 road test , For some big driving schools , Where do you usually practice , Where to take the exam ? Relatively speaking, the road conditions are familiar . If it's a smaller driving school , Maybe I practiced near my driving school , I have to go to another driving school for the test , This is relatively , A little more difficult .

Of course , That's not the point , The point is that we usually , Practice the car , Strictly follow the coach's instructions , Full marks for subject 3 , It's still very easy . Besides, we can check the road conditions in advance before the exam . Get familiar with the situation of the test section , Where is the crossroads , Where to turn around ? When you get there, you end the exam . Make preparations in advance , Know what you know , When you take a test like this , It's easier to be calm .

Road test , There are four people in an exam car , Take a candidate in the driver's seat , A driving instructor ( Security Officer ) In the co pilot position . The examiner sits in the back of the co pilot . The next student to take the exam , Sit in the back of the driver .

Before the exam , Go around the vehicle counterclockwise to check the condition of the vehicle , Whether the tire pressure is sufficient , Whether there are obstacles around ? This process is just a form , It doesn't need to be too slow , Of course, this habit is best. We should also develop this good habit when driving by ourselves in the future . After finishing this action , Gently open the door , Then say hello to the examiner coach :“ Hello, examiner and coach ”. It's not a rigid rule, it's a matter of common courtesy .

Because everyone's height is different , After getting on the bus , First check the seat , Is it necessary to adjust ? The adjustment that needs to be adjusted . Then observe whether the instrument panel and reversing mirror are normal ? Generally speaking, the reflector does not need to be adjusted , Adjust if necessary , It can be adjusted ahead of time . Buckle up , Prepare and report to the examiner : Be on it .

Listen to instructions . Start the vehicle first , Turn on the left turn signal , Step on the clutch and shift to the first gear , Sound the horn before starting . Release the handbrake completely , Gently lift the clutch vehicle , A smooth start . First speed , No more than 20 Kilometers per hour .

Basically to 20 The examiner will also ask you to add to the second gear when you're in the yard , This speed can be a little faster , The fastest 30 Kilometers per hour . The third gear is about 30 To 40 Km / h .4 The top speed in gear must not exceed 60. General subject 3 exam , May not let you drive in fifth gear , Even in fifth gear , The distance is also very short , In fifth gear, control the speed within 60 kilometers per hour .

When driving in a straight line , Let's look ahead , Occasionally look around at the mirror , This action is still necessary . There must be an intersection in our examination process . When crossing the intersection, whether there is anyone or not , All need to reduce the speed to 30 km . Click the brake , Just a little , Don't brake too hard . The examiner knows you're slowing down , Just touch the brake .

During driving , Maybe we need to change lanes , One rule is , Only one lane can be changed at a time , and , It is strictly forbidden for vehicles to occupy two lanes during driving , In other words, you can't press the line .

No matter what the situation , You must not look down at the gear when you are in gear , If you look down at the gear , It will be hung up directly , If you get a make-up exam like this, it won't pay .

Turning around is also a required item in the road test , Look at the specific test section , Some turn around after starting , Turn around within tens of meters . If you turn around after tens of meters , Generally use a U-turn . Three seconds in advance , Turn on the left turn signal . Some exams are after a U-turn , Then stop on the right . Of course, whether it's turning around after starting or , Turn around and drive to the right , The operation method is the same .

After a straight line 、 Cross the road 、 Second gear to fifth gear plus or minus gear 、 Turn around, etc , The road test is almost over . The last one is to pull over , When we were instructed to pull over , Remember to look at the right mirror first , See if there's a car coming from the back , Turn on the right turn signal at the same time , Hold for more than three seconds . Do not suddenly hit the direction to the right . Lower the gear , Speed down , Press the clutch to the bottom , Use the point brake to straighten the vehicle , Stop smoothly . The distance between the right tire of the vehicle and the roadside is 30 About centimeter . Pull the handbrake to neutral , Then release the clutch , Turn off the key . Unbuckle your seat belt . When getting off the vehicle, observe whether there is any vehicle behind from the left reflector , Be sure to open the door slowly , Gently open , You must not suddenly open the door directly .

Pull over and , Is to change the next student to take the exam . Drive back to where you started . It's like this , Two candidates finished the exam . These details do , The exam is easy to pass .

After passing the exam of subject 3 , Next is the subject 4 exam , Subject 4 is civilized driving . Theoretical knowledge , It's simpler . I also wish you all get , The long cherished driver's license has become a “ People with driver's licenses ”.

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