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The gas field is 911900 nm, the speed is increased by 3.2s, and the variable suspension with frameless door is the real flagship king

2021-08-21 13:33:04 Oriental Information automobile

It has to be said that , Porsche's brand positioning and sales performance in the domestic market are indeed very gratifying , Moreover, the overall exquisite performance and delicacy make it have many loyal fans , He is a super first-line brand, even in comparison BBA The model is also true , The overall style and design level can be said to be very bright , In the use of a large number of gentle streamline, but create a palace level sense of luxury , To a certain extent , Porsche is really strong .

And relatively speaking , The Porsche palamera has indeed achieved very good sales in the domestic market , And you can often see it on the street , Its market sales performance is very intuitive feedback on the domestic market's love for it , This car shows the advantages of its first-line luxury car in terms of appearance and interior , The power configuration should not be underestimated , The high configuration version of palamera has a very brilliant performance in terms of power explosion .

Porsche is in SUV It also has good strength in terms of models , I think when it comes to the Porsche Cayenne, everyone should be familiar with it , The overall design style has become the object of everyone's competition to learn , And the details are being handled , He also showed his extremely strong strength , And in the comprehensive peer comparison , He also looked very eye-catching , Mercedes Benz has also recently updated a model benchmarked with palamera , What about the car we're going to talk about today , It can be said that the Qi field is comparable 911,900 Niumi speed up 3.2S, Variable suspension frameless door , The real flagship King , This car is Mercedes Benz amg GT.

AMG GT This car is different from other Mercedes Benz models in appearance , It is more sporty in detail modeling , Sports logo, sharp headlights on both sides and simple layout of China open , Are extremely in line with its model positioning , The streamline on the side of the car body is quite beautiful, coupled with the tail wing configuration at the tail , It can be said that it took a lot of effort to grasp the details , And in order to improve the overall shape fullness, it has a sharp double waist line treatment , The exhaust funnel layout on both sides of the rear part, together with the lower surrounding of black material and the slender tail lamp shape , All look sporty .

In the interior space, it also continues the luxurious feeling of Mercedes Benz , The most striking thing is its large full-size LCD , The combination of instrument panel and central control screen is adopted , It has a very good scientific and technological aesthetic experience , The design of atmosphere lamp is embedded in the details and surrounds the body in many places , It has to be said that Mercedes Benz still shows BBA Boss's level , Yellow stripes and black light materials are added to the steering wheel to improve the overall sportiness , The leather seats of this car show extremely strong advantages in shape and wrapping , Show a good experience in daily driving .

In the power part, this car has a 4.0t The twin turbocharged engine and the engine from ZF 9at Manual self - contained gearbox , It can explode 639 The ultimate output of horsepower , And have 900 Nm peak torque , The explosive experience of this car is excellent, and based on the excellent adjustment of Mercedes Benz, it has a very good driving experience , Full of push back feeling , The acceleration score is 3.2 second , There is also a variable suspension to further enhance the experience .

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