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Boundless symbiosis / consumption change Chinese cars go against the trend

2021-08-21 13:39:42 Car home

  [ Car home   industry ]  The so-called organic in danger , The key is to turn danger into opportunity . The global epidemic is far from over , The global economy still faces great challenges . Despite the shortage of chips , But China's auto market still gives a satisfactory report card .

   First half of this year , The cumulative sales volume of automobile production and sales exceeds 1200 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 25.6%. among , The performance of new energy vehicles is becoming more and more brilliant , The cumulative sales volume in the first half of the year reached 120.6 Thousands of cars , amount to 2019 Annual sales . The consumption of new energy vehicles has been driven by the past policy trend and the market to accelerate the transformation .

   On this occasion , Fast rising upstarts 、 The tradition of being unwilling to be behind others , Is infinitely expanding the boundaries of the automotive industry .2021 year 8 month 19 Japan ,2021 China auto new consumption Forum “ Cloud ” form , around “ unbounded ・ symbiosis ” The theme , Break through the boundaries of the automotive industry , From a higher perspective , Interpret the crisis and opportunity under the automobile reform .

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The market potential should not be underestimated   industry “ Blocking point ” Waiting to get through

  “ Upstream and downstream enterprises in China's automobile industry , Still facing a grim survival situation , But there's no denying it , China's consumer market contains huge and inestimable energy .” Chairman and President of Auto House CEO Longquan made a prospect .

   From the traditional main engine factory to the new force of car making , From auto suppliers to cross-border enterprises that have just joined the board , Every main body in the automobile industry is excavating the new demand brought by the change of consumption , Open the direct connection between consumers and producers , We will develop new forms and models of consumption .

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   Where does the core force to promote the steady development of China's economy come from ? Demand for change from the consumer market .

   Guo Shougang, deputy director of the first Department of equipment industry of the Ministry of industry and information technology, stressed , In order to fully tap the potential of the domestic market , The Ministry of industry and information technology will strengthen innovation driven , Give birth to consumer demand , Implement the development plan of new energy vehicle industry , Jointly carry out the pilot of coordinated development of smart city infrastructure and intelligent networked vehicles , Deepen the road test and demonstration application of intelligent networked vehicles , Push 5G、LTE、V2X Infrastructure construction, application, etc .

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  “ At present , China's automobile consumption market is becoming brand 、 Differentiation 、 Customized 、 Fine differentiation , However, there are still some shortcomings and weaknesses in the development of China's automobile market .” Chen Ping, the second level inspector of the Department of consumption promotion of the Ministry of Commerce, pointed out ,“ In the use of cars , Although restricted by the external environment , But from the production and supply side , There is also a mismatch between supply and demand .”

   At this stage , The production end of China's automobile industry can not well adapt to the demand end , New energy vehicles still have mileage anxiety and concerns about driving safety . In the used car market , In countries with mature automobile market, the proportion of used car sales to new car sales is generally 1.5:1 above , Our country has just reached 0.65:1. Chen Ping thinks , Inconvenient transaction 、 The opacity of vehicle information , Restricting the potential release of the used car market . Besides , In the scrap car market , scattered 、 Small 、 fall 、 Poor business pattern , Has not yet been fundamentally transformed . New energy 、 Recycling of end-of-life car batteries , It's still in its infancy . The existence of these problems , It also restricts the sustainable, stable and healthy development of China's automobile industry chain .

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use 10 All samples /1 Billion behavioral data insight into consumption trends

   Forum ,《2021 China auto consumption INSIGHT REPORT 》 Blockbuster released . Car house collected 10 10000 consumer samples and more than 100 million user behavior big data , Analyze and summarize the new trend of automobile consumption .

   First, the car market bottomed out and recovered , In intelligence 、 With the support of electrification, we have entered a new growth stage .

   Zhou you, vice president of auto home, specially pointed out that , Prosperity index of new energy industry this year ( Hundreds of people will jointly release with auto home ) Has been in a high heat stage , Up to 113, This is near 5 The highest point since .2021 In the first half of , The new energy vehicle market grew year-on-year 2.6 times , Permeability also changes from 2020 In the same period of 5%, Up to this year's 13%.

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   According to the Chinese automobile consumption quality index jointly released by China electric vehicle hundred people association and automobile house , In recent years, the consumption quality of new energy vehicles has been continuously improved , Take pure electric vehicles as an example , The overall consumption quality of pure electric vehicles has been steadily improved . For three years , Tiny models 、 Compact models 、SUV The growth rate of these three models is 40% above .

   From the perspective of travel , High prosperity of new energy can bring positive feedback , Promote new energy enterprises to further increase investment in technology and product R & D , So as to promote the further upgrading of product quality and consumption quality .

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   On the other hand , The user structure is changing . At present, there are two consumer groups that have undergone drastic changes : One is a young man , The other is female consumers .

   According to the car house data ,30 Users under the age of have accounted for 30% , Automobile consumers are constantly getting younger ,30 The proportion of younger users under years old has increased from 2017 Year of 19% arrive 2021 Year of 30%, This has increased 11 percentage .

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   At the product and technical level , Users' quality demand for new energy vehicles , Whether it matches the R & D Progress of auto enterprises ?

   According to the research data of auto home in recent two years , At the endurance level , Main stream 500 Kilometers of endurance is still the most important , The largest proportion , But demand is falling , and 800 The demand for high endurance users of kilometers and above is increasing .

  “ This is mainly due to the marketing of ultra-high endurance products by some automobile enterprises , Higher user expectations .” Travel around and analyze .

   At the charging facility , Users can most accept the layout of charging facilities within two kilometers , And in terms of charging time , Quick charge 30 minute 、 Slow charging 2-4 Hours is the core requirement of users .

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   Another important driver is intelligence .50%-60% Users pay attention to the configuration of intelligent network connection , Such as driving assistance video 、HUD Head up display, etc . This shows that intelligence has become a basic consideration for users to buy a car .

  “ In the layout of new technologies , At present, the investment of various brands varies greatly .” Zhouyou frankly ,“ Among the new cars on the market in the first half of this year , It can be found that China's new power brands have invested very actively in the configuration of intelligent Internet connection , The standard configuration rate of intelligent Internet connection is comparable to that of the original luxury model , The investment of overseas mainstream brands is slightly insufficient .”

Facing the reform of automobile enterprises Exclusive release of the operating power evaluation script

   The past competitive evaluation system of enterprise management , It is often centered on products . In this era of automotive change , This system needs to be reconstructed . How can OEMs recognize themselves again , Clarify the development path and advantages in the future ?

   On this forum , Based on autohome big data and Deloitte China's industry experience , With user value as the core “ A new generation of enterprise management evaluation system ” Official release . Before understanding the evaluation system , We should be clear about the characteristics of changes that affect the management ability of enterprises .

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   The tour lists a set of data . firstly , The market share of luxury cars has increased from 2015 Year of 6.1%, Climb to the present 18.2%, And hopefully 2025 Year of arrival 22.4%; second , The annual sales volume of new energy vehicles is expected to exceed... This year 200 Thousands of cars , And in 2025 Year breakthrough 600 Than mark ; third , The penetration rate of intelligent interconnection is from 2015 Year of 7%, Jump to the present 42%, And hopefully 2025 Promoted to 85%.

   While the industry trend changes , User behavior is also undergoing profound changes . The car market is changing from the past “ Product driven ” Gradually change to “ User driven ”, The focus of the automobile market has gradually changed from only focusing on “ Vehicle value ” towards “ User life cycle value (CLV)” Whole chain transformation .

   therefore , A new generation of evaluation model for the management ability of automobile enterprises , Based on big data and research information of auto home industry , Combined with the relevant industry analysis of Deloitte China team , From product 、 Price 、 channel 、 marketing 、 Service operations 、 Ecological operation and user operation 7 Evaluate and analyze from a new perspective .

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   Through comprehensive analysis , Car house found , The confrontation between new forces and traditional brands in the new energy sector is very interesting .

  “ The new forces of car making are in brand building , Fully reflect a late development advantage . In product power 、 Price strategy 、 Service operation quality , Continuous innovation leads the trend , But they are slightly inadequate in the layout of channels .” Travel scale ,“ by comparison , The new energy sector of traditional brands , It has a certain first mover advantage in channel layout , But if you want to make further breakthroughs , You need to change your mind , Dare to break the circle , Look for a way out .”

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   After evaluation, the model , In some market segments , Car house made four discoveries .

   Discover one : The fuel sector of overseas mainstream brands ――“ It's too hard ”. Overseas mainstream brands enter the Chinese market , After a long period of rapid development . But in recent years , It is squeezed by the sinking of overseas luxury brand products and the upward trend of Chinese brands , The development prospect is dim .

   Discovery two : The new energy sector of overseas mainstream brands ――“ Paroxysmal pain ”. The overall look , Luxury new energy brand products pass the customs , However, there are shortcomings in marketing and user operation , As a result, the overall user acceptance is not high . At present , Mainly through price reduction to increase sales , Therefore, it is also unsatisfactory in terms of price strategy .

   Find three : Overseas mainstream brand new energy sector ――“ Lack of contact inductance ”. In strategy , The products of overseas mainstream brands are in “ Oil to electricity ” state , There is a big gap with the pure electric platform of the new power of car making . in addition , The service system similar to the fuel vehicle also makes it difficult to make a breakthrough in user operation and ecological construction .

   Discovery four : Chinese traditional brand new energy sector -“ Try to break the circle ”. Traditional Chinese brands ( Different from the new forces of car making ) The overall score of the new energy sector is not high , There are great differences among automobile enterprises , Among them, the head brand can compete with the new power auto enterprises , However, the diversity of marketing channels and the ability of channel coverage still need to be strengthened . In the process of brand upward , It also needs to improve the quality of service operation 、 Make up for weaknesses in ecological operation .

Lead the high-end / Break through the window How can Chinese auto enterprises take this step

  《 Made in China 2025》 The original strategic intention of , I hope that China's auto industry can reach the same status as Europe, America and Japan . The Central Party school ( National School of Administration ) Deputy director of economics department 、 professor 、 Doctoral advisor Wang Xiaoguang believes that , There is still a big gap to achieve this goal , Especially in terms of brand, there is still a long way to go .

   Wang Xiaoguang from 2008 Since, he began to study and reform the automobile joint venture model . In theory ,800 The production capacity of 10000 vehicles should produce a worldwide brand .“ But from 2020 Car sales in China in (2500 Thousands of cars ) Look at , We don't have a global brand , Not half .”

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   How can independent brands achieve a breakthrough in the existing world automobile pattern ? Start the brand upward battle .

   For high-end automobile brands , Member of the Standing Committee of the Party committee of China First Automobile Group Co., Ltd 、 Deputy general manager Liu Yigong expressed his unique opinions from three aspects .

   The first is the high-end of products and technologies , We must be able to , Products and car making technology comparable to global high-end brands ; The second is the high-end marketing ecology , We should build an ecological circle of win-win cooperation , Create a new travel mode , Integrate brand culture into all aspects of public life ; The third is the high-end user experience , To bring a better life to users , And the ultimate experience of wonderful travel . This means that the car brand is high-end , Not only to provide high-end products , What's more, we should provide products and technologies , It can meet the travel needs of users .

  “ The road to high-end Chinese brands is not smooth , The challenges are still severe .” Liu Yigong said ,“ One side , The value cognition of Chinese automobile brands in the hearts of consumers is still in the stage of improvement , Benchmarking automobile brands with more than 100 years , The decades of history of China's automobile manufacturing industry is still slightly thin , The brand value of Chinese auto enterprises still has great room to rise . On the other hand , Our product strategy 、 Marketing idea and operation mode , Matching the high-end requirements of the brand is still immature .”

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   Lin Jie, senior vice president of Geely Automobile Group, said , As a practitioner 20 Years of old marketers , The most frequently asked questions along the way are , How to look at the collision between new forces and the automobile industry again and again .

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   There are opinions in the industry that , Joint venture brands are actively laying out intelligence and electrification , The window period for Chinese brands is only 1-2 Years time. . Regarding this , Lin Jie expressed to Geely 、 Lingke products are very confident .“ Many of our exchange and additional purchase users come from joint venture brands , such as , Led the g 01 Yes 65% Our customers come from mainstream overseas brands . Additional purchase or replacement has left a window for Chinese brands .”

   Lin Jie thinks , It's not so much the window period left by overseas brands to Chinese brands , Or the window period left by new forces to traditional car enterprises , Rather, it is the window period faced by the whole automobile industry . The result of the collision is not who destroys who , The future pattern of China's automobile industry , It must be multi-party 、 Competition and cooperation , You have me , I have you. .( writing / Car home Peng Fei )

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