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My wife wants CR-V. I secretly ordered it. I used it for less than half a month. My wife: you will be in charge of the house in the future

2021-08-21 14:14:24 Oriental Information automobile

Do everything according to your ability , This is true both in life and in work , Choosing a car is one of them . For most people , Buying a car is a necessary stage in life , There was no source of income during school , Saving money after graduation also takes time to accumulate , So it's not easy to buy a car you like . I've been married for three years now , Consider children at home and daily travel , This year, I finally made up my mind to start a family car . The budget this time is 15 ten thousand , The wife heard from her father-in-law CR-V The quality is very good , He suggested that I buy... In installments CR-V, In the long run , I don't think it's worth . My requirement for choosing a car is large space 、 High appearance value, intelligent level and high cost performance , Trumpchi GS4 PLUS It perfectly meets my needs . I want a wife CR-V, I ordered it secretly , Less than half a month , The wife : You will be in charge in the future .

Frankly , My wife wants a Honda CR-V I can understand , After all, it's a joint venture car , After so many years of development, the quality is guaranteed , But in terms of actual demand and product competitiveness , I still think trumpchi GS4 PLUS better .

As a brand new model , The kei GS4 PLUS It can be called the strongest in its class PLUS models , Especially in terms of intelligence level , At the same time, the internal style is similar to that of Honda CR-V In sharp contrast . Honda CR-V The interior is made of a lot of black plastic , The entry-level model has only 5.0 Inch ordinary LCD , And its starting price is even higher than trumpchi GS4 PLUS The top model is even higher , This alone makes me unable to accept . On trumpchi GS4 PLUS, There is... At the beginning 10.1 Inch touch LCD and 12.3 Inch full LCD Meter , As it is a brand new model , Its whole interior design is relatively novel , Quadrilateral screen with silver chrome buttons , The sense of class is very high , My wife was also deeply attracted when she sat in the car for the first time .

The kei GS4 PLUS Super sensory interactive intelligent cockpit ADiGO 4.0 Smart Drive Internet Ecosystem , adopt AI、AR、 Big data and 5G interconnection , It can carry out advance perception and active service , It's definitely a car that knows you best . Its speech recognition accuracy is very high , You can set different scene overrides , It can also perform some functions according to the driver's actions and expressions , This is biometric technology , Less than half a month , My wife said to let me be the head of the family .

Of course , I buy a car mainly for my family , Therefore, the performance of internal space and comfort can not be ignored , Compared with Honda CR-V, My trumpchi GS4 PLUS Take the absolute advantage of . Honda CR-V Have 4621mm And 2661mm The wheelbase , Space is just enough , The medium and low configuration models are also equipped with manual air conditioning and fabric seats , This is certainly unacceptable . by comparison , The kei GS4 PLUS More sincere , conductor 4710mm, Here comes the wheelbase 2710mm, It also brings spacious interior space , The rear floor is very flat ,670—1450L It's not a problem to put more than a dozen suitcases in a large space .

As the strongest peer PLUS models , The kei GS4 PLUS There is a clear advantage , That's the outstanding temperament , Its appearance is absolutely in the leading position , This is one of the reasons why I chose it . I prefer its side design , The line feeling of the whole car is very strong , It is more eye-catching against the background of this bright moon grey car paint , The bottom is also equipped with aluminum alloy multi width wheel hub , Athletic style . by comparison , Honda CR-V The side of the car looks ordinary , Although it looks very imposing , But the body doesn't have a strong sense of streamline , The tail is also too bloated , It's not my aesthetic . It is worth mentioning that trumpchi GS4 PLUS Design of zhentianyi medium network , The vertical air intake grille is very hard , The feeling of the whole car is perseverance 、 Be brave . It also has “X” Shaped daytime running lights , All standard LED The light source , Phoenix feather tail lamp is based on OLED technology , built-in 112 Lamp source , What else do you want with it CR-V.

in my opinion , Plenty of motivation is the premise of having fun driving , If you choose Honda CR-V, According to the budget, I can only mention one entry-level model ,1.5T Your engine can explode 193 The maximum horsepower of a horse , Or even 6 Gear manual gearbox , And with the 2.0L The model matches E-CVT Stepless gearbox , It's hard to experience real control . Then trumpchi GS4 PLUS My eyes brightened with the appearance of , Its sub top model is equipped with 2.0T In line 4 Cylinder turbocharged engine , Maximum horsepower 252 horse , Peak torque reached 390 Cattle meters , Don't say CR-V, Even BMW X1、 audi Q3 Nor is it its opponent . I have experienced trumpchi several times on the highway GS4 PLUS Power , You can even feel the feeling of pushing your back when you step on the accelerator , There's no drag , I really chose the right car .

We can see from this car selection , You must think twice before you do anything , If you listen to your wife's choice CR-V, The follow-up must bear certain pressure , What's more, trumpchi GS4 PLUS It has perfectly met my needs , I don't regret choosing it . The kei GS4 PLUS It can be regarded as trumpchi GS4 An upgraded version of , It has to be said that its progress is still very obvious , The whole car moves in the atmosphere , A new generation of interior design has also been applied , The level of intelligence has risen to a new level . Don't underestimate this compact SUV, It has 2.0T Strong power output , Plus spacious seating and storage space , It's really necessary for home travel . In terms of positioning , Trumpchi also has a good conscience , The kei GS4 PLUS The official guide price is 12.68—14.98 ten thousand , It's completely within my acceptable range . deposit 15 ten thousand , The wife wants to start CR-V, I didn't listen to advice and mentioned it , old hand : You have a big pattern .

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