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This is the real 'space King', less than 70000 wheelbase, 2.8 meters, 1.5T engine is more fuel-efficient than boyue

2021-08-21 16:08:55 Oriental Information automobile

When people's living standards are getting higher and higher , When buying a car, many people have begun to have new standards , For example, the space should be larger , And the positioning should also be diversified , And the change of this standard also leads to some attractive models . For example MPV models , domestic MPV Most of the models are not designed in traditional style , More consideration is given to both commercial and civil , So that's what I'm going to talk about today , It is called the real " Space King ", Insufficient 7 Ten thousand wheelbase 2 rice 8,1,.5T The engine is more fuel-efficient than Bo Yue . This car is Wuling Hongguang PLUS.

As a new car just launched this month , In fact, it has been concerned by many people for a long time , In appearance, the car looks very atmospheric , This is mainly due to the increase of body data . And it also has its own characteristics in appearance , First of all, the flat front gives people a very fresh feeling , The logo on the front of the car should be the most recognizable design , Moreover, the two air intakes adopt the blackened design, which also makes the three-dimensional feeling of the front stronger . So the side design of this car also brings a lot of freshness , The slender body and changeable lines make it look very good .

The design of the rear of the car should be the first time on the Wuling model , A lot of fashion elements are integrated , For example, the shape design of the tail lamp and the design of the trunk , The appearance of these elements makes this car no longer a simple Van , The higher appearance makes it capable of playing a higher-level model , Or more versatile models .

Then the interior design of the car also adds a lot of high-grade elements ,T Plastic lining material appears on the central control of the model , And there is a large screen design on the central control , This is closer to the current design trend , Compared with the previous Wuling models, it has really changed a lot . And in terms of space, this car is also very good , As one of the favorite models of urban and rural people , Wuling Automobile is famous for its durability and pulling ability at the beginning of its development , So this car has not lost such tradition , Its space has done 2.8 rice , This is longer than Wuling Hongguang , So there is more power to install , And the car also adds an intelligent system , It also brings a certain sense of science and technology to the car .

In terms of power, it uses 1.5T The engine of , Be able to make 147 Horsepower and 240 Cattle meters , This is similar to Bo Yue's 2.0L More powerful than the engine , And its fuel consumption is also lower than its bottom , So in this way , The power of this car has been very good , For daily use, it can also meet .

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