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Driverless, the future has come? Apollo auto robot released by Baidu

2021-08-21 16:29:19 Driving sight

In recent days, , Driving sight from 8 month 18 Baidu World Congress in Japan 2021 I learned that , Baidu founder 、 Robin Li, chairman and chief executive officer, first proposed “ Car robot ” Forward looking concept , And released Apollo Car robot . The new car is equipped with L5 Class a autonomous driving ability , No human driving required , This has epoch-making significance , It is likely to subvert many ideas .

aesthetic , The new car almost subverts the traditional car image , Very futuristic , The closed front face is equipped with a novel headlamp group and a display screen . The addition of large-area transparent glass improves the brightness and field of vision in the car , The addition of automatic gull wing door also improves the sense of technology and convenience of the whole vehicle . The gull wing door is printed with Baidu and apollo Of Logo identification . At the same time, the futuristic body is equipped with a more retro rim shape , Very visual impact .

Come into the car , The car robot cancels the steering wheel and pedals , The whole interior is more like “ Private home theater ” Both seeing and feeling , In front of two soft and comfortable zero gravity seats are oversized curved LCD screen and intelligent console . According to Baidu , Baidu auto robot can serve people through triple ability : Have L5 Class a autonomous driving ability , No human driving required ; With voice 、 Multimode interaction capabilities such as face recognition , Analyze the potential needs of users , Proactive service ; Have the ability of self-learning and continuous upgrading , Serve various scenarios .

Baidu also released a newly upgraded unmanned car travel service platform —— Radish, run , At the same time, it indicates that the competition in the second half of the field of automatic driving has started , Large scale commercial operation will become the focus of industry development . This time around “ Radish, run ”, Combined with the Apollo Operational practices over the past two years , It can provide commercial operation and diversified value-added services to the public , Accelerate the arrival of the era of national unmanned travel . By 2021 In the first half of , Baidu Apollo The self driving travel service has received more than 40 Thousands of people , Test mileage over 1400 Thousands of kilometers , The number of automatic driving patents exceeds 2900 Pieces of , In Beijing, 、 Guangzhou 、 Changsha 、 The four cities of Cangzhou are open to manned services . Robin Li said , In the next three years, autonomous manned service will cover 30 Cities .

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