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How to cut the front page with low code

2021-08-21 16:51:34 dafanzhijian

In my impression , Remote development platform Only suitable for Strong business logic and Re structuring Information management system , actually , Just a little configuration , It can also realize various websites that focus on front-end display , For example, the government website shown in the figure below :

【 Example 1 Government website 】

Maybe you think the structure of the website above is regular , Then look at the following example :

【 Example 2 SAAS Landing page of entrepreneurial website 】

Can you see which components are used on these pages ?

Basically , Display page , Just use a background window to base , Various functional window components can be placed on it to quickly realize .

Implementation steps

1. stay 【 The workbench > Global configuration > System settings 】 in , Enable guest mode .

When enabled , The user enters... Without logging in PC End system main interface , You can browse public and unauthorized menu nodes .

2. stay 【 The workbench > Global configuration > front end > Home page settings > Menu navigation 】 in , Set the menu style to top cascading , And set a reasonable width according to the number of menu nodes .

3. stay 【 The workbench > Page management 】 Create a home page , Add windows and make corresponding layout settings .

What about? ? The steps are not very simple ? Did you really learn ?

Can you tell which of the following pages is the background , What are the components ?

【 Example 3 Landing page 】

What about? ? Is there an impulse to start a business ? 23333

If it works , Please don't be stingy and boast ~~~

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