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How to buy a dream car with less money

2021-08-21 17:30:41 Oriental Information automobile

today AM The car mirror shows you a used car , Don't think buying a used car is a disgrace , People who really play with cars love used cars . Both satisfied their car dream , And satisfy vanity , At the same time, I got a good car with excellent performance ! On the road 20 Audi and 02 Compared with Ferrari , The return rate is clear at a glance .

First of all, buying a second-hand car can be different , There's no need to look at sales . Because it varies according to the vehicle condition and configuration , The price is not the same , So there's no need to buy a magic car that sold that year , On the contrary, we can consider the good car that was ignored because of its high price , The value preservation rate of this kind of car is often very low , So you can buy... At half the price of the year .

There are ordinary families who buy second-hand cars , They don't have much money to buy a family car , Only consider buying a used car . Such people still belong to most consumer groups , But in terms of cost performance ,10 All of the following 5 Used cars within a year are not so worth it . The other is business 、 Luxury and other people who need face , You can buy second-hand luxury brands , But you shouldn't buy too old models . There's another kind of person , In order to realize my ideal , Buy a used performance car 、 Classic old car 、 Super car , This kind of person who buys big toys , Generally, they can afford the secondary expenses such as maintenance, modification and repair , Or there is a repair shop at home .

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