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Like Xu Qing, feminine? Wear less trousers in summer. These skirts are the key

2021-08-21 18:04:35 Oriental Infotainment

Keep beauty , Pursue beauty , This is not affected as a woman gets older . Most women love beauty as they get older , Especially after seeing some female stars of their own age , You will find why others can keep beauty so well ! Like Xu Qing , Whether it's watching her movies , Or look at its portrait and so on , I can't see at all that she's going to 50 A woman of , I always feel like I'm in my thirties , And there is a high-level feeling emanating from the bones , It also has a strong feminine flavor !

It has something to do with her temperament , It also has something to do with her daily dress . Look at her usual activities , Or in the movies , They are all models of high-class dress . here we are 50 Old age , If you want to be as feminine as her , Well, first of all, you should wear less trousers in summer , But more get Some suitable skirts to wear !

Minority retro cheongsam

Like Xu Qing, in many movies , Will wear cheongsam , As a traditional and simple dress , Older women really need a few ! Especially the minority retro cheongsam , Is more atmospheric , More unique . Minority retro cheongsam can better set off your aura , You look elegant , Better figure . And more retro cheongsam to wear , It will make you more charming !

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