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When the tyrant is gone, the classics of our generation will only be less and less

2021-08-21 18:56:29 Tencent Entertainment

Today is really the big melon year in the entertainment industry , All kinds of so-called top stars , All kinds of scandals will pop up in all kinds of ways , Finally disappeared , Some are even in prison .

But tell the truth. , Many so-called stars have accidents , I knew there was such a man , Quickly search the Internet to find out what he is , Finally, I didn't understand , How can it be so hot , I feel that the current top stream is different from what I remember .

This is the era , When we 80 Then he began to enter middle age , I'm past the age of star chasing , Of course, I won't be infatuated with these popular stars , Mainly firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar , Has exhausted most of our energy , The rest just want to nest on the sofa , Watch some boring funny programs , So you don't have to use your brain .

But some news in the entertainment industry can still touch us a lot , This is the death of some stars in those years , It's sudden , But in fact, it's just that we haven't paid attention to him for a long time , Now suddenly came the news of his death .

Wu Mengda, who died some time ago , The news of his death came , In fact, it's still very shocking , After all, he and Stephen Chow represent the brightest smiles we have ever had .

Now comes the actor of the tyrant , The news of Shinichi Chiba's death , Look at the age , already 82 Year old , Suddenly there was a , It was no accident , This is the feeling of life .

As report goes , Shinichi Chiba has starred in thousands of film and television dramas , The most familiar in China at that time , Or the role of a bully , I even feel that the role of xiongba is tailor-made for him , He is the tyrant himself .

Is gold scale a thing in the pool , In case of a storm, it will turn into a dragon , How domineering these two poems were , I thought the bully would be defeated by the wind and cloud soon , I didn't expect the overlord to hide his power and bide his time , And with three points of strength , Return to rivers and lakes .

Now the more mysterious online text has replaced the martial arts , There are no more such things in our world , Instead, it's a concrete life , Children's cram school , I came to plan , And what to eat at night .

There will be many such things in the future , The old actors we know will leave us one by one , Those Cenozoic top streams , We don't know any of them , Complete stranger .

Sometime in the future , Maybe hear someone's death again , More often than not , It's the age , He has been to this world , To have loved , Left many precious memories , That's enough .

What Chiba Shinichi left us is a tyrant , And his life , In the real world, it's as wonderful as a bully , Each child is outstanding , Several wives have good memories and crystallization with him , Such a life can be said to be very satisfied .

A lot of times , We don't know the accident or who will come first tomorrow , Although xiongba once told his fortune , He has always wanted to change his life against the sky , In the end he found , Many things can't change , We used to believe , Over time , Will become blurred .

Zhao Wenzhuo and He Rundong , The couple play Fengyun , Never made a big success , You never know why , Red is really a metaphysics , It's hard to say , You think foreign affairs should be popular , But it's just not warm .

But an unintentional little move , Little character , Maybe you can make a fire all over the country overnight , This is a very strange thing , Actors are just a profession , We don't have to chase stars too much .

But many actors , Have left a mark on our youth , We seem to be talking about them , Talk about them , Actually, I'm talking about myself , Say how you feel , Say your youth , Especially you can tell others , And this feeling , Can only be found among the same generation , When we talk about a film and television play , A badly flickering light , That means he's like us , Have been enthusiastic about the characters in the play .

The feelings of the same generation are the same , Some feelings, even if you know , But if you haven't experienced it , You know , You just think you understand , In fact, you don't understand .

The bully is gone , He left with what he called fate and destiny , In the memories of our youth , Another real person is missing , But his work is still there , We won't look at , But for a long time, I will still think of .

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