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Toyota's best-selling a + class car costs less than 30 cents a kilometer, which is both value preserving and practical

2021-08-21 19:59:31 Oriental Information automobile

The budget exceeds 12W The consumer , Generally, priority will be given to joint venture brands A+ Class family car , Mainly because the economy is fuel-efficient 、 Practical and durable , And the cost of later vehicles is low , The top five domestic sales are : Nissan sylphy 、 Volkswagen lavida 、 Toyota corolla 、 Buick English lang 、 The public soar team , you 're right ; The 14th generation of Xuanyi successfully defended the title and sold the crown , On the pin 45283 car , Toyota Corolla is not a pin crown , But in terms of security configuration, it is definitely the strongest in its class , The new car is based on a brand new TNGA Build under the framework , Vehicle product force 、 The driving quality has been comprehensively upgraded , It can be said to be the safest and safest A+ Class sedan .

New family design language , Also, the whole body is a sharp curve , The sense of design is not novel , The whole shape will look more old-fashioned , Being conservative can be said to be a bit of the golden mean . therefore , In contrast, Carola's appearance design is obviously much younger , And Langyi has not changed much . It can only be said , The new Langyi is more like maiteng Passat , Prefer commercial vehicles .


interiors ,( The new corolla does not show the interior , The picture is only for reference and comparison with the existing Carola ) According to the current Carola , Carola's interior is equipped with a piece 8 Inch suspended central control screen , Add a new electronic file , A stylish steering wheel , These configurations can enhance the overall sense of technology of this car . The layout and style also tend to be younger , And the material used in the car is also very good , Leather wrapping is used in many places . In terms of cash performance , It's already very advantageous , What's more, the new one will go to a higher level .

The power of the new generation Carola still provides 1.2T+CVT and 1.8L There are two hybrid options , However, these two sets of power are not invariably inherited from the previous generation models . The engine of the fuel version has been calibrated for national VI emission , also CVT The transmission is controlled by a simulator 8 The block becomes a simulation 10 block , The locking speed of the hydraulic torque converter is increased , Optimized fuel economy . The two motors of dual engine version are upgraded from series structure to the latest parallel structure , The transmission efficiency and pure electric driving speed are improved .

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