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Married Ren Jialun is a good match for the play? The elements involve kingship and Platonic love

2021-08-21 20:07:13 Tencent Entertainment

Idol star , For the general audience , That's the object of fantasy , The inspiration of the spiritual world . therefore , Many idol stars dare not expose marriage , Fall in love , Just worried about losing that part of his girlfriend .

For second sister , I admire those stars who dare to face this pressure , For example, Lu Han , Ren Jialun . They dare to take risks , Also disdain to gain the posture of standing by flattering powder .

For example, Ren Jialun , He married young , But it can also get the expectations and blessings of many fans , That's why he made his stand firm , And made great efforts , Win the audience's heart with real works .

Recently, my second sister found out , Although Ren Jialun is married , But the theme of his new play is quite suitable for him , The play is 《 Zhou Sheng remains the same 》.

Why did second sister say that , The reason is , Because the feeling of this play is very delicate , Or platonic emotion !

stay 《 Zhou Sheng remains the same 》 in , Ren Jialun plays Nanchen little prince Zhou shengchen , empress �y It should be played by White Deer , She is the daughter of a noble family , It is also the prince's wife .

In the play , Little prince Nanchen holds the power of war , There are tens of thousands of sergeants who pledge their loyalty to death , It's the prince's little uncle ! Lord Nanchen , This ambition is to serve the country , And I'm not going to get a wife , There is no need to have children . however , Fate is so magical , Always bring surprises .

In the established life of little prince Nanchen ,�y Timing is an accident , It's also a surprise . The two of them , One is an older single military God who vows not to marry , One is a prospective crown princess with a marriage contract and a good relationship between the two surnames . In the eyes of secular people , They have different identities , The direction is also different .

also ,�y Home to make �y A timely identity is more valuable , Also specifically let �y It's time to visit your teacher , Worship Zhou's birthday as master . Love is so magical , Even with secular eyes , There are also rules , The feelings that should take root have sprouted .

�y Timing and the prince , No day and night , There are no like-minded people , Only parents' orders . and �y Timing and birthday , The warm daily life accompanied by the royal palace , There is also the life and death dependence of fighting side by side on the battlefield . Such two excellent souls , How can we stop the attraction between each other ?

the 《 Zhou Sheng remains the same 》, The biggest attraction , It's not the grandeur of love , Nor is it love, hate, love and hatred and dog blood Xiaosan in love , But a kind of regret and dark pain hidden in the heart : It's over before it starts , Knowing it's impossible, but feeling it , Also willing to accept the sad ending .

This play is very suitable for married Ren Jialun , Because Zhou shengchen's feelings are very delicate and deep , Also because his emotion is from emotion to ceremony . In the play , Little prince Nanchen and �y Time is right, although we all have each other in our hearts , But we should guard in place silently , Nor can we openly show this unpalatable emotion .

also , Nanchen Lord Zhou shengchen is right �y Timely feelings are complex and deep : He knew he couldn't have her , She also has the care of a master , With men's appreciation and admiration for women , There is also appreciation and restraint for confidants . This complex feeling , Is the correct emotional attitude of adult men .

therefore , Zhou shengchen and �y Get along well with , It's very tense : They can't have too much physical contact , Nor can there be strong and unbridled explicit emotions , Everything happened , Are silent , I can only mean .

And this one , It's just a great test of acting : How to use subtle acting skills to express the characters' emotions and emotions , How to make the audience feel that they are a good match , How to use empathic acting skills to make them fall into the emotional magnetic field . Regarding this , Second sister has confidence in Bai Lu and Ren Jialun , Do you have confidence ?

The love scene of this play is so unusual , It will make everyone regret and cherish , It will also be enviable , This is the true Platonic love .

also ,《 Zhou Sheng remains the same 》 It also includes kingship , The battlefield part : You can see the general's Ren Jialun , Watching him make tens of thousands of soldiers swear their allegiance to the death , We can also see that he can compete with the imperial power .

however , Prince Nanchen is a patriotic prince after all , He is willing to devote his life to this country , Rather than crack the soil and stand on its own . His character , Let him become a hero , Also let him and �y Timely love has no destination .

In the original version , Lord Nanchen is a battlefield hero , But trapped and mutilated , He was excoriated , It hurts all the time 6 It took hours to die .

And his favorite and most reluctant to hurt the woman �y Timely , But I can't help him , Can't be his survivor .�y Timely , After the death of Lord Nanchen , She was also asked to marry the crown prince , To finish this engagement ! Final ,�y Time can't bear the pain , Or followed and died .

Look at this story , Many viewers feel distressed , however , You can rest assured , The story of Zhou shengchen is not over , He is divided into ancient and modern . With the foundation of ancient chapters , The modern chapter will let everyone get what they want , Let's see how Ren Jialun and white deer sprinkle sugar .

Throughout Ren Jialun's works , So far , He's playing it seriously , Enjoy the interpretation . therefore , We viewers have reason to believe ,《 Zhou Sheng remains the same 》 It's worth loving . And whether white deer and Ren Jialun have cp sense , From the trailer currently exposed , The emotional magnetic field before them still exists .

Between hands and feet , We can feel : Although he didn't say it clearly , Although she didn't say it clearly , But he loved her , She loves him too . This emotion , The undercurrent flows in silence , Reflected in the silent daily , There's no pledge of allegiance , Not even too much physical intimacy , But their spirit intersects , God and soul depend on each other . How valuable !

And this feeling , Maybe we haven't met in real life , Then at least we can 《 Zhou Sheng remains the same 》 Take a good look at .

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