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In simple terms, flask (19): form layout of h-ui front-end framework

2021-08-21 21:11:45 caimouse

We have already introduced some form setting methods , You can easily set up data input , And upload . Now let's introduce a layout page similar to login registration , Because many web services are remote , If you don't have permission management , It'll be like a wallet on the road , Someone will pick it up at any time . So register , And authorization are the basic functions of the website . Especially like the background management system of the website , Because websites are placed in the computer room , In general , Basically, no one can enter or leave the computer room at will , So the maintenance cost is very high . At this point, the maintenance system reflects the value , Every website , Regardless of size, you need a background management system , This is a necessary feature .

This article will implement the following page :


In this case , The hardest part to implement is the radio box , Because it needs a script to support , Otherwise, this state will not be displayed .

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