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Liu Hegang and his wife live broadcast together. The elder sister Zhan Yang is as old as a college student, and her voice is no less than her husband who is 10 years older

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8 month 19 Friday night , Mainland tenor Liu Hegang started webcast on a short audio and video platform , Small 10 Year old wife Zhan Yang is also a rare appearance , The couple presented their first fit live show . Aim to carry forward “ Vocal singing of cervical fossa ” Liu Hegang , The reason why I specially took my wife to appear on the live broadcast , It's to publicize the “ Liu Hegang's national song collection ” Activities .

Exposure in the live picture , Liu Hegang and his wife were all black Look dress up 、 The tacit understanding is complete , Very husband and wife . Liu Hegang, who is over years old (43 year ), Keep a regular hairstyle ,� Italian Oedipus delete sulfonic encounter �, Vaguely see the beard residue marks , The crow's feet at the corners of the eyes are quite obvious . I thought Liu Hegang's maintenance was appropriate , But compared with the wife on one side , A big difference !

Little husband Liu Hegang 10 Zhan Yang , In the evening (19) Light make-up , See it with a high horsetail , Ears wear long gold pendants , Simple and noble . This year, 33 Zhan Yang , It's already two hot mothers ; But it's quite skillful , The skin is white and transparent , The delicate facial features are like pure college students , Worthy of a beauty pageant background , Envy is others !

During the live broadcast of the couple for just one and a half hours , In succession “ Family ” Bring a classic golden song . To the surprise of many water friends , I didn't expect Zhan yang to have a good voice , The pleasant and crisp national singing is not inferior to her husband Liu Hegang ; The two sing together , make the old and new contrast and complement each other . It is worth mentioning that , Zhan Yang is currently working as a music teacher in a University , There is no doubt about its strength .

1987 Zhan Yang of Nian Sheng ,“ Elder sister ”( The first 59 The Miss World pageant ) Birth , Compete with a group of young beauties , Finally, he won the title of runner up in China with excellent performance , Sorry to lose to the champion Yu Sheng ( Anhui host ). After the pageant , Zhan Yang briefly worked as a model , Later, he was invited to teach physique at the Academy of art , At the same time, part-time music teachers .

While teaching at University , Zhan Yang will meet by chance “ Prince qinggesai ” Liu Hegang , Because of their common music hobby , Quickly wipe out the love fire and come together . After three months of dating , Zhan Yang decided to cooperate with Da 10 Year old Liu Hegang has been together all his life , Two people in 2010 In, we entered the palace of marriage together , And hold a grand romantic wedding in Beijing ; Yan Su is the witness of marriage 、 Zhang Zequn guest emcee , My mentor Jiang Dawei was also present to witness the happy moment of his beloved !

After marriage , To support her husband's music career , Zhan Yang gives up his bright future and is willing to be a good wife and mother . After 11 years of marriage , Zhan Yang gave birth to a son and a daughter for Liu Hegang , Make it as you wish “ good ” Son , Realize the dream of both children . son “ Marshal ” Genetic father's treble gene , Born with a loud voice , Have the potential to sing ; daughter “ sixteen ” He inherited his mother's lark voice , Has begun to perform with his father Liu Hegang !( Picture source network , Infringement must be deleted )

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