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Install the API post interface tool to send HTTP requests

2021-08-22 01:58:39 Code Nong Xiaowen

install APIPOST

ApiPost At present Window64 position ,Window32 position 、Mac、Linux Download the installation package for version .

Get into ApiPost Download page on official website , Download the corresponding version , Follow the instructions to install .

ApiPost Download page :

Tips : You can also download through our official software platform , However, due to the poor software update time , It is recommended to download the software on the official website .

send out HTTP request

API Interface function layout

API Request parameters

Header Parameters

You can set or import Header Parameters ,cookie Also in the Header Set it up

Query Parameters

Query Support construction URL Parameters , Support at the same time RESTful Of PATH Parameters ( Such as :id)

Body Parameters

Body There are three types form-data / x-www-form-urlencoded / raw , Each type offers three different UI Interface

1) When you need to submit a form , Switch to x-www-form-urlencoded

2) When you need to submit a form with documents , Switch to form-data

3) When you need to send JSON Object or other objects , Switch to the corresponding raw The type is enough

API Request and response

Click the send button , If there is data returned , The returned data... Will be displayed , response time , Response code ,Cookie etc. .

Be careful : The default returned data is Pretty Pattern , Easy to view JSON XML Format . You can switch Native or preview Pattern See other types .

return Headers

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