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The Honda version of "Hongguang mini" is less than 4 meters long, with four large seats + CVT, full of retro style

2021-08-22 03:25:09 Oriental Information automobile

For the current family small cars , It can be said that it has developed very mature in the direction of new energy electrification , Whether it's the new Wuling Hongguang mini Or the latest style we are familiar with , Changan Benben E-star They are typical representatives of this kind of models , What I want to share with you today is a small car similar to Wuling Hongguang Mini , This is the latest square box small car from Honda N-ONE. Honda version “ Agatsuma mini”, The car is not long enough 4 rice , Four large spaces +CVT, Retro style !

Although it is also the positioning of small household cars , But this new model from Honda is different from the familiar honda fit, Honda Accord and Honda vanguard , There are still obvious differences in appearance , The car adopts more retro round headlights and black air intake grille , At the same time, with the straight body lines and the square high roof modeling design , Make the whole car look more like a reduced version MPV, At the same time, the car also adopts retro style aluminum alloy wheels and retro style body side waistline , It can be said that the whole vehicle already has its own characteristics in terms of appearance .

In terms of vehicle power , This model uses 0.66 L three cylinder naturally aspirated engine and CVT Gearbox power combination , The biggest feature of this power combination is its excellent fuel economy , Fuel consumption of about three liters per hundred kilometers , For a family car, it is awesome enough , And the car also has something we are familiar with CVT Automatic transmission .

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