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High value Korean car, car body + frameless door, interior with double LCD screen, can it catch fire

2021-08-22 06:39:27 Oriental Information automobile

Korean cars , It has been famous for its high appearance since ancient times . Elantra 、 Sonata 、 kia K5 It was also the overlord of the domestic automobile market , They play a very important role in their respective fields . But today is 、 German cars have changed their style , Led a wave of fashion trend . To change your face , New Kia K5 The arrival of keku brightens people's eyes , Then little brother - kia K3 One after another . The new car has been replaced with a brand new K5 The style of , Car body and frameless door are added , The car is also equipped with 2 A large LCD screen . Break in in full fury . High appearance Korean car , Car body + Frameless door , The interior is equipped with double LCD screens , Can you fire ?

Level of appearance , Became Kia K3 The first killer mace of , With kia K5 With high similarity . The slender front grille is integrated with the headlights on both sides , The interior of the lamp group is integrated with six... Arranged up and down LED The light source 、 Matrix form LED The light source , Strong integrity . The front siege is more aggressive , Fanged air inlet 、 Thin black front lip and mustache shaped fog lamp , sporty . The car body adopts the design style of sliding back coupe , The curved roof line is smoother , Dense spoke silver rims with silver calipers , Coupled with frameless doors , Vehicle 360 There is no dead corner, releasing the taste of youth and sunshine

The rear of the car is also to the new Kia K5 consider , The tail lights on both sides are irregularly shaped , And the internal structure adopts a straight line and a curve , And into the amazing LED Light band , Higher recognition . The rear of the car is added with two side exhaust models . On the size , The new Kia K3 The length, width and height are respectively 4750/1850/1456mm, The wheelbase is 2750mm, Still the positioning of a compact car

More... Are added to the interior GT The design style of sports car , Large area of black leather wrapped , Plus the fine red stitches , Improves the sportiness of the whole vehicle . The centre console is equipped with 12.5 Inch full LCD Meter 、10.25 Inch suspended center panel , Touch air conditioner button below , It also supports Carplay、 Map 、UVO Remote control 、 Highly intelligent , Keyless entry start is also standard 、 One button start 、 Remote start 、 Tire pressure display 、 Headlamp delay off 、6 Light color atmosphere 、 One touch window lifting 、 Front row mobile phone wireless charging 、 The automatic air conditioning 、 Temperature zone control 、 Car purifier 、 In vehicle PM2.5 Filter

Power on , A new generation Kia K3 Will also adopt 1.6T Four cylinder engine , Maximum power accessible 204 horsepower , Peak torque is 265 cattle · rice . Than cash Kia K3 With a stronger driving force . The transmission is matched 7 Fast double clutch gearbox . The chassis has also been greatly improved , Using the McPherson formula 、 Combination of multi link independent suspension . Fuel consumption of the Ministry of industry and information technology for one hundred kilometers 5.

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