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HTML5 salary is soaring. How can we learn HTML5 development well

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   Now ,HTML5 Development has become a software development technology that many young people want to learn , More and more young people want to engage in HTML5 Development , and HTML5 Wages are soaring all the way , zhengzhou HTML5 Which one is better to train ? Want to learn this technology well , Good learning materials are essential , Let's have a look .

   With HTML5 Technology is becoming more and more mature , More and more industry giants are also moving to HTML5 Show well . In the next few years ,HTML5 Will be in more forms in all aspects of our lives , So more and more practitioners begin to pay attention to HTML5 Development industry . So I want to learn well HTML5 The front-end development , The professional skills you need to master are :


   The first 1 Stage : Front page refactoring :PC End site layout 、HTML5+CSS3 Basic projects 、WebAPP The page layout ;

   The first 2 Stage :JavaScript Advanced programming : Native JavaScript Interactive function development 、 Object oriented development and ES5/ES6、JavaScript The tool library is independently developed ;

   The first 3 Stage :PC End full stack project development :jQuery Interactive development of classic special effects 、HTTP agreement ,Ajxa Advanced and back end development 、 Front end engineering and modular applications 、PC End site development 、PC End management information system front-end development ;

   The first 4 Stage : Mobile webAPP Development :Touch End item 、 Wechat scenario project 、 application Vue.js Development WebApp project 、 application Ionic Development WebApp project 、 application React.js Development WebApp;

   The first 5 Stage : blend (Hybrid) Development : All kinds of hybrid application development ;

   The first 6 Stage :NodeJS The whole development of the stack :WebApp Back end system development ;

   The first 7 Stage : Big data visualization : Introduction to data visualization 、D3.jS Detailed explanation and project practice .

   If you want a quick start HTML5 Development , If there is no better way to learn , I suggest you consider professional study , Go to the audition before you make a decision .

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