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Dong Zijian's smoking in public provoked controversy. Sun Yi picked her nose regardless of her image and lay on the man's thigh, which was super sweet

2021-08-22 21:58:53 Tencent Entertainment

8 month 20 Japan , Some media also exposed a picture of Dong Zijian visiting Sun Yi , The couple also went to a leisure place to drink , Along with me are several good friends . Dong Zijian wears a duck tongue hat , It's hard to hide his handsome appearance with a broken beard , He danced and chatted with his friends , Sun Yi also showed a bright smile .

Then the party came out with drinks , At this time, you can clearly see that Sun Yi is also wearing an ancient hairpin on her head , Wearing a high ponytail, she is also full of youth and vitality . The couple are also very sweet , Even when you walk, you have to stand together , And then Dong Zijian didn't know what to say , Let Sun Yi laugh in the street , He also reached out and hit Dong Zijian on the arm , The picture is also very warm and harmonious .

Then they seem to go to a restaurant , Sun Yi has no regard for any image , I dug up my nostrils in public , It is also far from the image of a lady in the past , At this time, Dong Zijian is also brushing his mobile phone , He smoked with a cigarette in his mouth on the other side , A particularly pleasant look , This has also triggered a heated discussion among netizens .

After a long time , Sun Yi can't seem to get into the topic between several men , Just lying on Dong Zijian's lap , For such a sweet picture , Dong Zijian also bowed his head and chatted with Sun Yi , This also shows the deep love between husband and wife .

After lying down for a while , Sun Yi also got up and sat next to Dong Zijian , And the body is close to her husband , He also found out the topic and chatted with Dong Zijian , Happy smiles also appeared on their faces , They can also be called model couples in the entertainment industry .

Dong Zijian is also a young married man in the entertainment circle , Although and Sun Yi already have a daughter , But they haven't had a wedding yet , But this does not affect the relationship between husband and wife , Their daily relationship is also very warm and harmonious , Happiness is enviable .

Some time ago , When Sun Yi participated in the variety show , Also rarely talked about her sweet picture during childbirth , Dong Zijian did his homework in advance , After she gave birth to her daughter, she accompanied her all the time , If you want to see your daughter, you should report in advance :“ Then I'll go and have a look ”, And I spent several days on the sofa with my wife and children , The image of a good man is also perfectly displayed .

Seeing the love between husband and wife , I also look forward to more good news from them as soon as possible , At the same time, it can also hold a wedding as soon as possible , I believe it will also be particularly romantic !

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