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Babel women's wear has no sense of conflict, and was commented by Zheng: it's so beautiful

2021-08-23 01:16:10 Tencent Entertainment

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8 month 19 Japan , Yu is posting a paragraph of himself on his personal social account AI Video of changing face and becoming handsome , It has sparked a heated debate among netizens .“AI Yu Zheng after changing his face ” Also once boarded the microblog hot search .

Actually , On the same day, another star also released a paragraph of himself AI Video of changing face and becoming beautiful , It's actor Baubel .

8 month 19 Japan , Bauer released the video , And a caption ,“ Who will give it to me p Of ? You stand up ”.

We all know the image of Baubel in the past , With a bald head , The whole person looks like “ The comedian ”.

And in this video , Baubel was AI Change your face into a beautiful woman , Good figure , Elegant hair , Interestingly, after Baubel became a beauty , Wearing women's clothes has no sense of disobedience , And a little beautiful , Just a little stubble .

This female version of Bob is still a little bumpy. Bob's wife Bao Wenjing , I don't know that Baubel's daughter makes dumplings , Will it be the same when you grow up .

Many netizens see baobell women's clothes , Also comment in the comment area :

“ very good , No sense of disobedience , This is you , Do not evade , Brother ”“ Beautiful hair , So soft ”“ There is nothing against ”“ I didn't recognize it at first ”“ It's kind of weird. , But I just can't say ”“ When you zoom in , I also thought the beauty had a thick beard , Later I saw that it was Baubel ”.

“ So is this when dumplings grow up ”“ Miss Bao is so beautiful ”“ It's the feeling of heart ”“ I thought I was a beautiful woman ”“ Like Baubel ”“ At first glance, I thought it was Bao Wenjing ”“ Looking back at the moment , I thought it was Zhang Xueying , After reading the name, I knew it was Baubel ”.

Bob Bell also overturned several netizens , Reply to each other , Very grounded .

Yu Zheng also appeared in Bauer's comment area , Comment on the appearance of Bauer women's clothes , To be frank : It's beautiful !

And Baubel also replied to the positive ,“ You're so handsome ”.

These two people are on the same day AI Face changing , A handsome man , A beautiful woman , And business talk to each other , Praise each other , It's also very interesting , The two men and women are together , You can perform a big play .

Have to say ,AI Although face changing technology is more popular , But stars and celebrities casually without the consent of others , Just change your face to others , Get attention , It's really not good ! If it's a bad video clip , By P A star face , The star must be the first to disagree !

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