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The Ruihu 5x superhero version was officially launched. The naked car price is less than 80000 yuan. Consider it

2021-08-23 02:35:05 Oriental Information automobile

8 month 20 Japan , Tiggo or dingle 5x The superhero version is officially on the market , New car launches 4 Model configuration , Price range: 7.89-10.09 Ten thousand yuan .

In appearance, the modeling design still continues the family style , It looks very sporty . Front face dot matrix air intake grille , The design is very large in size , It looks very imposing , In addition, a red trim strip is added to the front guard , Increased sense of movement . In addition, the headlights on both sides as bright and thorough as eagle eyes are also designed with a sense of strength , The refracted light source is also more lethal .

Side view , The double waistline design of the new car is matched with the concave shape , It looks very different , It reveals a sense of muscle . Besides , The new car will also match 17 Inch wheels , The modeling design is quite powerful .

The shape design of the tail is also three-dimensional , The shape of the tail lamp is round and smooth , It looks very eye-catching , However, chrome plated trim strips are added in the center of tail lights on both sides , It looks very dazzling . There are also two sides of the exhaust shape , It feels very attractive .

Look at the interior , The new car is equipped with red and black interior , It feels very youthful , And the whole interior feels very homely . Suspended central control screen matching D Three spoke steering wheel , It looks quite scientific , And the display content is also very rich . Besides , New ergonomic seats , While reducing driving fatigue , Comfort is also enhanced , At the same time, the front and rear spacing in the car is also relatively large .

motivation , The new car uses the cash Ruihu 5x The power system of , carrying 1.5L And 1.5T The engine , among 1.5L Maximum engine power 116 horsepower , Maximum torque 143 cattle · rice , matching 5MT and CVT transmission ;1.5T Maximum engine power 156 horsepower , Maximum torque 230 cattle · rice , Match can simulate 9 Fast CVT transmission .

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