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What new elements has MG6 xpower injected into China's auto culture to make the modified car go on the road legally?

2021-08-23 03:21:02 Oriental Information automobile

Time reversal 11 Guangzhou auto show years ago , A to “Fast-Back” The hatchback car in the form of design surprised the audience , It is the first generation MG6. Avant garde design , It has laid a foundation for the famous Baron in the next ten years 6 The tone of . But if , Just in MG Talk about design , It's too superficial for this century old brand . From birth ,MG The label on the body is a unique shape 、 Excellent performance 、 Sports style 、 Strong momentum , And what goes hand in hand with track dominance is ,MG Continue to use track technology for civilian vehicles , In a real sense “ National sports car ” Pioneers . How can the Centennial inheritance be reborn today ? The answer is to be able to play with today's young people .

therefore MG XPOWER emerge as the times require . This is the first official original modification brand in China's automobile industry , Is based on MG stay TCR Influence on the field , The performance 、 Refit 、 Personalization and a series of elements loved by young people are implemented step by step . As XPOWER The family's first mass production model ,MG6 Obviously, it is the best carrier of this ideology . At this price 19.98 Ten thousand yuan MG6 XPOWER On , There is no need to consider too much practicality , How cool 、 How is the tide 、 How can young people gain the greatest satisfaction at an acceptable cost , That's the top priority .“ This is a car your mother doesn't like .” 1960s and 1970s , This is a British humorous advertising slogan , Enough to show the image of mingjue in the eyes of consumers . Many brands talk about youth , Focus on the design of product sports fashion , these MG6 I started playing more than ten years ago . The new generation of consumers , If you want a different model , He is no longer superstitious about brands like the older generation , It's about products 、 Experience 、 Pay special attention to the charm of patterns and so on . Maybe fast enough 、 Maybe cool enough 、 Maybe beautiful enough 、 Maybe it's cool enough , Strong personalization in some ways , At the same time, there should be a reasonable price . This puts forward new and higher requirements for car enterprises from product development to marketing .

therefore , stay MG6 XPOWER On , There are no concerns about whether it is too publicized .MG6 XPOWER Ultra wide body design , With original aerodynamic kit , The visual impact is very strong . If additional payment 2 Ten thousand yuan , You can upgrade the exclusive Qiji green car paint made by hand . All carbon fiber extremely light tail made by autoclave dry carbon process , Maximum... At extreme speeds 84kg Pneumatic downforce of , Double row and double outlet tailpipes , Increase the air flow rate under the vehicle 7%.

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