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Altman artist Hiroshi Nagano is less popular than GangShi Heye. I'm afraid you forget that black traffic is also traffic

2021-08-23 03:42:39 Tencent Entertainment

Yesterday, such a picture caused Olympic fans to discuss , The reason is that the star subtitle group sent a list of Altman artists' popularity , The top three are Kono , Suguura sun and Nagano bo , you 're right , This is not the ranking of three two one , This is the one, two, three ranking , One of the most puzzling things for Austrian fans is that Kono Heye won 【 Altman artist popularity ranking 】 There were enough votes 981 ticket , More than half of Nagano's more than third place , Exaggerate , The number of votes is double kill . This is also confusing , You say how the guy Heye GangShi is so popular ?

Konoshi Kono is less popular than Nagano

1、 Altman artist popularity ranking

Recently, there is such a popular list of Altman artists , It's the popularity list voted out in Japan , Take a quick look at the top ten on the popularity list , The first Dana Altman human body actor Kono 981 ticket , The second Gauss Altman human body player Shanpu sun 531 ticket , Nagano Hiro, the third diga Altman human body player 351 ticket .

The fourth Jed Altman human body player, ryoshi Hamada 253 ticket , Nanxiang Tai, the actor of Lei, the fifth leading actor in the big monster fight 193 ticket , The sixth place is now the human body player of teliga Altman, temple Saka Lai me 158 ticket , The seventh place is nexus Altman's 1000 tree pity actor Uchiyama 152 ticket .

The eighth place is Keisuke Takahashi, the actor of Aix Altman human body 146 ticket , The ninth place is Rosso Altman's human body actor Hideki Hirata 139 ticket , The last of the top ten is zeta Altman, who plays human body 137 ticket . I believe that when you see this list, you don't feel that you like the role at the first time �E It's hard to be in the top row , It's the confusion and dissatisfaction of seeing a dead man shoot the first one , Some netizens commented on the popularity ranking of Altman artists , It's obviously annoying . If nothing else , It's outrageous that he Ye GangShi can press Nagano bo . However, this is actually a normal phenomenon .

2、 Heye GangShi's popularity

I believe many people can't help scolding Xiaobian when they see here. Why does Heye GangShi have high popularity ? If this works normally, it will be expensive again , Don't rush to scold . Let's put down our resentment against Kono and look at this list . To tell you the truth, this list is really not the official channel of Round Valley , Or what kind of media vote has some weight . Take a more vivid metaphor , It's like microblogging , A vote that anyone can put out , Just ask which artist you like best . It doesn't have any gold content in itself .

Yes, of course , So it still can't answer some people's confusion , You said there was no gold in the voting list , Then why is Kono's vote so much higher than Nagano's ? Or double kill . Don't worry. , Let's explain why this is normal from the aspect of Japanese entertainment circle . Let's start with the top three , Konoshi Kono and suguura sun and Hiro Nagano .

Generally speaking , This kind of voting looks like the national degree , And what is the best embodiment of national degree ? Let me give an obvious example , The torch relay ceremony of this year's Tokyo Olympic Games has Shanpu sun , There's Kono , But there is no Nagano , This is a good illustration , Then there must be someone why Nagano's national degree is not high ?

Don't worry. , Nagano Hiro is different from Shanpu Taiyang and Heye GangShi , Nagano is a male idol group V6 One of the members of , Although this group is very famous , But Nagano is more popular than the whole V6, Or in V6 It's just from the middle and upper reaches , It's not a first-line Superstar .

Plus this year V6 It's going to disband , Nagano did not withdraw from the league, but his contract is still on Janis's side , All activities depend on the management of the firm , So not much activity , You can also see that there is no Nagano in Altman's related activities , The degree of activity is also a factor that determines the degree of National .

Kono Heye is different , Although you can see that he often thinks of himself as Dana Altman , But in fact, the identity of Altman's human body actor , At the same time, he is also a funny artist and event host , And the actors . Multiple identity blessings , Naturally, there are many activities , Activity can be imagined .

This 【 Altman artist popularity ranking 】 At the end of the list, you can also see , The zeta Altman human body player Hirano Hongzhou, who rekindled the topic of Altman, has less popular votes than telika human body Temple Saka , Do you think the number of votes is normal ? Of course, I'm not saying that I don't deserve this vote , But at least in the hearts of Olympic fans , The number of votes is really wrong .

Last, last , I also talk about my own views as an animation editor , Although Olympic fans have always hated Kono , But you have to admit that Kono is the traffic password , And black traffic is also called traffic , Scolding too much is heat . I think this is also the reason why some programs keep inviting Kono , What do you think? ?

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