BitMEX founder Arthur Hayes Think ,NFT The value of is to show yourself to others , It will represent the ultimate way to show social status in a purely digital world .

Original title :《BitMEX founder :NFT The price is not uncommon , Because humans like unique ways to show off
writing :Arthur Hayes,BitMEX founder
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BitMEX founder Arthur Hayes Today's article , Detailed analysis of his heart NFT The value of ——Flex, Just show yourself to others , Show off . Here's a full-text compilation .

Art is an expression of the rich energy of human civilization . In terms of net energy , Art has no value at all . However , When art is regarded as a basic human function ( Burn calories 、 Reproductive reproduction 、 Extinction ) The purest expression outside , It's priceless . We 「 Work 」 For leisure , Leisure is a personal pursuit , It usually involves some art forms , Including music 、 The movie 、 painting 、 sculpture 、 Sports, etc . All these activities consume a lot of energy , But it brings endless fun to the participants and the audience .

The emergence of super intelligent network thinking machine will herald a new era , Most human labor will be economically worthless . Human beings are liberated from the work of the physical world , Will turn to the new digital world and the complete expression of the creativity and vitality of civilization . The universe is the future .

that , In pure digital structure 「 art 」 What is the concept of ? money ( It's just an energy abstraction ) How could it be 「 waste 」 In the pursuit of digital art ? And others 「 Tradition 」 The art form is similar to , be based on NFT Is your art form both worthless and priceless ?

From an energy point of view ,NFT Art is totally worthless , But it will represent the ultimate way to show social status in a purely digital world . Some people think that art exhibitions such as Basel art exhibition and Venice Biennale are the feast for like-minded cultural people , For them ,NFT Art looks ridiculous . However, transactions on the blockchain can be copied indefinitely JPEG No more ridiculous than the wavy lines on the canvas .

Compared with intelligent machines , you 「 worthless 」

Compared with intelligent machines with self-learning ability , The output of most human labor is not equal to the required energy input . No matter how much you think you are 「 smart 」 Or more 「 Be creative 」, In the next few decades , Machines will be better than you .

What to do now ? Once we can't stand the closure caused by the epidemic , aged ( I mean millennials and above ) Will go to sports 、 Stroll on the beach 、 Go to a nightclub to drink and chat . Young people choose to play video games and create a new world in all kinds of digital universe .

COVID-19 has only accelerated these trends . Now? , A large number of people in the world are still blocked in their homes ; Their only way to interact with the outside world may be through networked machines . Whether you like it or not , Your online avatar (avatar) Will only become more and more important . The meta universe has come , And you are participating in its creation and development .

The primordial universe will be anything human beings can imagine , It will not be hindered by the traditional laws of physics that we take for granted in physical space . New economies and jobs that we can't imagine will appear in these worlds . We hope that these jobs will create the same self satisfaction as traditional jobs , Make people feel satisfied with their lives . otherwise , Another scenario would be that billions of people would attack perceived and actual inequality , Especially when capital is further concentrated in the hands of our technology overlord .

Defined according to the number of users it affects , The most powerful man in the world is mark · zuckerberg . He thinks that ,Facebook The real future of the community is the meta universe . Allowing humans to create communities in digital space AR and VR The device is Facebook What the digital community represents in the next iteration .

China is building a mobile priority network society . All data and interactions are networked 、 monitor , And controlled by the state . China's meta universe has a complete social credit score , Covering the whole online and offline life of users . Considering artificial intelligence and 5G R & D expenditure in China , China believes that in the future, people will give priority to connecting through digital means .

actually , Both Western and eastern capital believe in the future of the meta universe .

The essence of the game is social

according to Statista The data of ,2020 Years have 25.5 Million people have played some kind of video game . On average, , Gamers spend... Every day 54 Minutes or weekly 6.33 Hours on the game .

Have 25.5 Hundreds of millions of people , Gamers represent the largest affiliated group . They cross traditional ethnic and religious boundaries . Here's an interesting question : The community in the game and the real country of birth / Religious beliefs , Which player has a stronger sense of belonging ? I bet. , As gamers spend more time in the virtual world , Will gradually weaken the sense of belonging to the nation-state or religion , More interested in the community in the game .

The game is more than just shooting . I think it is essentially some social activities in the virtual world . This structure will be transformed into any activity in the virtual world . If we consider that humans are now online office tools Zoom and Microsoft Teams Time spent on , social contact / The time spent working will be much higher .

People like these new worlds . Human beings are interested in working at home (Work From Home) Preferences draw a line between generations and income levels . Baby boomers (1946 year -1964 Born in ) My boss wants to see them younger 、 Poorer workers sit in the office , To facilitate their own management . And workers , If you can do it online, you can finish the work , I prefer to sit in my comfortable home , Daily commuting time can also be saved into more leisure time . As we gradually form strong connections in a fully virtual environment , It would be inappropriate to reach a deal through face-to-face meetings .

How to show yourself , Show off

As a member of society , Many activities ( Including shopping ) The only purpose of is to publicly show how much energy you can waste . Nightclub economy is an excellent embodiment of this concept . A man walks into a dark room , Listen to loud music ( art ), dance ( Waste energy ), And pay too much for alcohol . Everyone is wearing very beautiful clothes , In addition to showing others present that they spent a lot of money to show their social status , It's no use .

If you think nightclubs are too tacky , So let's talk about the global art exhibition . Rich and famous art lovers 、 Creators and curators waste their energy running to one place ,「 collect 」 Useless painting 、 Sculptures and other things . According to the gallery you represent or how many useless things you hoard , There will be a clear social hierarchy in the exhibition . The exhibition offers a lot of food and drinks , Let you socialize with other like-minded art lovers , After completion , Everyone pack up , Waste more energy back home .

Socialization and communication are the reasons why human beings are different . That's how we put man on the moon . That's how we created the Internet and integrated circuits .Flex It's a kind of 100% A waste of energy , It is also a necessary condition for establishing social ties to promote civilization and progress .

When we imagine what the meta universe will look like , that , How its residents will demonstrate their social status ? Back to the game , The virtual economy around the skin worn by online virtual characters is booming , And this also points to a digital future , Among them, worthless digital works of art will represent a lot of value .

According to the DMarket Estimation , The size of the game skin market is about 400 Billion dollars .

Newzoo A report was also released , This paper studies the attitude of American game players towards game skin trading . The report is insightful .

Key points of the report

  • 「 Among the core American gamers who understand the skin ,81% Of people want to get real-world money through their skin , So they are interested in skin trading . More than two-thirds of people do not know that there are some well-known skin trading platforms in the United States ( Include Steam Community market 、DMarket、OpenSea and Bitskins).」
  • 「 It's very important , Among the players interested in skin trading are 75% Person representation , If the game skin has a monetary value outside the game , They spend more on their skin .」
  • Statistically , Young men are most likely to be exposed to game accessories , But big money 「 whale 」 Older .

Our online avatars need to show ourselves . The value of digital goods combined with our online identity will grow explosively . Ask yourself , A hardcore gamer is willing to spend 1,000 Dollars to buy rare skin , still 1,000 Buy... In dollars LV package ( You may ask ,「 what LV The bag just needs 1,000 dollar 」)? Rare skin and LV The package actually meets the same needs , They show how much energy you can afford to waste . alike , They are also scarce .

Flex What is the commodity ?

Flex The commodity should have the following characteristics :

  • Goods must be essentially worthless , Or if it's as useful as a dress , But there are cheaper alternatives that can achieve the same function . If you have any questions , Please check whether there are pop stars mentioned in the lyrics of this product . If there is , Then it could be Flex Goods and essentially worthless .
  • Ownership of items should be granted to members of the exclusive community .
  • The goods should be limited in quantity , let me put it another way , It's scarce .

Have you ever thought about what it feels like to wear socks and shoes ? ok , Balencia (Balenciaga) Will approach 1,000 I'll sell you a pair of... For $ .

This is a show yourself (Flex) Your stuff ? Let's look at the list .

attribute 1:

You can buy a pair of sneakers for less money to protect your feet , At the same time, it carries out the biomechanical activity that humans call walking . A name Cardi B Rappers have the following views on the above sports shoes :

「 I like those Balenciaga shoes , Those that look like socks 」.

attribute 2:

If you buy these shoes , It shows that you are a person who knows how to appreciate high-end fashion and can afford the Balenciaga brand , Belong to this small circle .

attribute 3:

This pair of shoes is semi scarce . Balenciaga has produced enough , Anyone who has 1,000 You can buy a pair of... For us dollars . However , They are scarce in terms of money , Because most people can't afford to waste on socks and shoes 1,000 dollar .

The self display of the encryption circle :NFT art

NFT At present, it is only a record of ownership . NFT Tell us which encryption public key is the real owner of specific data . In terms of the current market ,NFT The work of art in itself is easy to copy , But original ownership is unique in cryptography .

Due to the current NFT Art is mostly in the form of digital images and videos , These data can also be copied for free , Opponents wonder why someone is willing to spend so much money ( energy ) Very surprised . After all NFT Art can be seen for free , It can also be transferred free of charge . However , What these people don't understand is , Art itself and showing yourself (Flex) Directly related . This is about having the only certificate for encryption , namely NFT.

The reason why physical works of art are valuable , Because art itself cannot appear in two places at the same time . There is only one picture in the Louvre 《 The Mona Lisa 》. Pixelated rock jpeg Pictures can appear everywhere at the same time . So why are both valuable ?

In the metauniverse , only 「 Wear 」 or 「 Exhibition 」 Digital items are not enough . You must also be able to prove its scarcity . This can be achieved by having NFT Complete... In an encrypted manner .

The self presentation of crypto circle has two aspects . First , You have a pair of virtual sneakers that look terrible 、 Lovely penguin 、 Pixelated faces or jpeg stone , You can display these things on various social platforms or as your avatar . See how many people in the crypto circle connect their avatars to NFT To show their value and membership in the elite community . Last , And the most important , After you set up a twitter avatar , It shows a value 1,000+ ETH Of CryptoPunks after , You can actually prove that you own it encrypted on the Ethereum blockchain . Now everyone knows how much you paid for it —— You don't have to shout :「 well , Attention, everyone , I'm fucking rich .」 We humans like to abstract the display of our wealth in goods , Instead of directly showing our bank balance or wealth held in the chain .

Ether Rocks It's an interesting NFT project . Let's also analyze .

attribute 1:

EtherRock It's actually a group of stones PNG picture . I won't say that they spend a lot on the way to realize human creativity . They are essentially worthless .

attribute 2:

If you have EtherRock, You are a man no more than 100 A member of the exclusive community of people . If you will , You can buy multiple EtherRock, But there will always be only 100 individual .

attribute 3:

EtherRocks Very scarce , Because only 100 individual .

It's an interesting project , because PNG Documents are clearly worthless and lack creativity , That has aroused many people's doubts : Why does someone waste a lot of ETH To buy them ? in fact , Only in 8 In January, the market traded for nearly 2,000 ETH Of EtherRocks. However , The more worthless but expensive NFT, The more you can Flex. Like everything else , Value may fluctuate . Imagine , You have a piece that used to be worth a lot ETH But now a worthless stone . Value fluctuations have also increased Flex, Because it means , For stones, the value returns to zero when the next Ethereum block is generated , The owner is completely happy to see ( Something that's about to go back to zero , I also paid for , It seems that you have a strong ability to waste energy ).

transaction NFT

Just like traditional art , A healthy speculator ecology will certainly be NFT Attracted by the . In the art world , They call themselves dealers or collectors , But they are betting on what worthless things will be used by humans in the future 「 value 」. as time goes on , It's very difficult to do well and make a profit . People should choose which contemporary artists to support , And their works continue to appreciate over time ?

This is in NFT The field is equally difficult . How do you know which works of art will be popular ? Should the number of items cast be very rare ? It should be an old project , Its 「 Age 」 Is it close to the creation block of bitcoin ? For certain rich people , Should it be aesthetically pleasing ? Should it be directly related to popular games ? There are many problems , But there is no right or wrong answer . But there will be a group of people who are proficient in narrative construction and Meme Spread traders , They will be able to collect the most popular NFT, And get considerable returns in the process .

Trading data

I will use CryptoPunks and OpenSea Project as a useful illustration .

Obviously ,2021 The year is the breakthrough year of the project . In my submission CryptoPunks Represents the energy and activities of the whole industry . People are trying to buy pixel faces that are essentially worthless , To carry out Flex.

OpenSea Is the most popular NFT One of the markets . It's basically an encrypted version of Christie's and Sotheby's .

The market is growing explosively . Imagine , If there is a transparent trading market , Trade all the works of art in the real world . The trading volume will be huge . This is it. NFT Now the opportunity . If you still think they're a pile of cow dung and dog shit , No problem , Because the most sought after projects are attracting real liquidity .

The art world employs thousands of people , Their purpose is to verify the source and authenticity of the works for sale . Considering that it is done by human beings who are prone to mistakes and sometimes conflict , Fakes are everywhere in the art world . For transactions on the public blockchain NFT, It's impossible . When you are in OpenSea When buying items on the , you 100% Make sure you're buying something for a project .

Use blockchain to verify Flex Goods are very advantageous , Because it can't be forged . Imagine a project , It creates a symbol , This symbol means that if you display a digital item on your avatar , You actually have the original file of this digital item . This is similar to twitter 「 Blue √」.

One of my children , Sell emerging market currencies and bonds for a large hedge fund during the day , Secretly want to be K-pop star /NBA Athletes , He has gone deep into NFT It's in . He always wears some fashionable and expensive clothes , Brand we've never heard of . He's talking to us about NFT In a chat with the subject, he commented :

「 It's like online wearable art , But it's online 」

「 You can tell more people Flex」

It's dangerous to ignore this trend

Flex Is an integral part of human experience . We do not question the value of objects used to demonstrate social status . We understand and value fashion 、 painting 、 Jewelry, etc . We all wear clothes that tell us which professional community we belong to at work . Not wearing a Hermes tie or CL What is an investment banker in red heels ? Clothing is part of self-worth .

Just because robots take over all our work in reality , It does not mean that human beings are no longer human beings in the meta universe . Social signals will take new forms , Based on NFT Of 「 Worthless 」 Support items . Those who recognized these similarities and early became numbers Flex People who create new markets for goods will get astronomical returns . Those who are dissatisfied with this new social signal can continue to walk on the street , Walk into a shop , And buy value from the boutique 500 The white of dollars T T-shirt . Please choose your Flex goods .

Extensible Flex It's the dream of technicians . The ability to appear rich and cool is not limited to physical proximity , It also includes your digital avatar .

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