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Is flutter quietly defeating react native?

2021-08-23 09:57:50 Tong ouba

React-Native And Flutter

Here's the thing , Because I want to be a APP, So I thought about technology selection , It's in gitHub Have a look , So I found a surprise :

React-native Warehouse

Flutter Warehouse

You can see ,FLutter Of Star The number has silently surpassed React-Native

I feel that the community is interested in React-native and Flutter Slowly reduce the attention , Few people write articles of relevant nature

Contrast recruitment heat

  • React-Native:
    • adopt Boss Directly employed url Parameter transmission test , In Shenzhen React-Native The number of recruits is 9 page
  • Flutter:
    • adopt Boss Directly employed url Parameter transmission test , In Shenzhen Flutter The number of recruits is 8 page

Recruitment heat : Be roughly the same

Large factory recruitment

  • react-native
  • Flutter
  • The two are on a par

gitHub ecology

  • react-native Keyword search :259K Number of warehouses
  • flutter Keyword search :275K Number of warehouses
  • say react-native Ecological ratio flutter Mature students should pay attention , Maybe this sentence is going to be a question mark now

My comprehensive consideration

  • Study flutter The cost lies in the use of dart Language , In fact, the cost is not very high , Just put it on me to study , Low cost performance
  • flutter Domestic benchmarking products generally have some experience and interaction in the feedback of surrounding friends 、 Compatibility issues
  • Due to the need to cash trial and error quickly , Final choice react-native As a technology stack selection

At the beginning of a product , Product requirements should be met quickly , See how the market responds and plan for the next step

react-native Environment building (mac The computer )

  • preparation
brew install node
brew install watchman
npm install -g yarn
yarn config set registry
  • Computer installation xcode
  • Computer installation simulator
sudo gem install cocoapods
  • Initialize project
npx react-native init AwesomeProject
  • Start project
cd AwesomeProject
yarn ios
  • If we meet halfway homebrew stay updating..., Baidu can find a solution , Building the environment is still very fast , Is to perform pod install Remember to open the ladder when you need it
  • It's a simple one react-native The project is set up

If you have any problems with the environment, you can talk to me in official account or WeChat.

Study flutter The right posture

  • Official website :
  • Mac Environmental installation
  • Practice by document ( Some big guys make complaints about the document. , But it just reflects one point , It means that the boss also read the document , And I've looked at it carefully , So Xiaobai should take a closer look , How else do you know ?)

The difference between the two

  • This article is well written , The difference between the two , Move some here , Don't repeat it , If you want depth comparison , It may be another long speech
  • Some comparison of data :
  • Comparison of principles ( above all ):
    • React Native It's a set UI frame , By default React Native Will be in Activity Download JS file , And then run in JavaScriptCore Chinese analysis Bundle File layout , Finally, a series of native controls are stacked for rendering .
    • In a nutshell By writing JS Code configuration page layout , then React Native It will eventually parse and render into native controls ,
  • Flutter Only one is required in the platform Surface And a Canvas , The rest Flutter say :“ You can lie down , We come from ourselves ”.
  • Flutter Most of them Widget It has nothing to do with the platform , The developer is based on Framework Development App , and Framework Running on the Engine above , from Engine Adaptation and cross platform support . This cross platform support process , It's really just the Flutter UI Medium Widget “ Data based ” , And then through Engine Upper Skia Draw directly to screen
  • For the rest, please see the articles recommended above

Although I chose React-native, But you don't have to

  • I used to be very exclusive Flutter, But now it is , We speak with data , It has been accepted by the public , And the possible range ratio react-native More , If conditions permit , You can use flutter

By the way

  • Don't learn from me. , Look at my whole article react-native and flutter A bigger hump , To standardize naming ( Mainly Mac The keyboard is hard to use, you know ~)
  • If case naming is not standardized , You will encounter the following situation
  • I have met many colleagues and fans asking me , Why do I build locally? No problem , Once on the server, it fails , The file name cannot be found ~ That's because your case is not standard , Different operating systems have different rules , The result of the final build is also different , Therefore, it is recommended to use react-native This kind of command , Not case


  • react-native and flutter The fight may enter vue and react In this way pk Level up
  • Last week's official account vote. , nearly 400 People vote , Final react A small advantage wins , This shows that both frameworks are widely used in China , Although I am react Crazy fans , But I also like vue The author of , It's not a conflict

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