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An article disassembles the pyramid architecture behind the gamefi outbreak

2021-08-23 13:01:22 Blocklike

7 month 、8 month , The encryption community has ushered in 「GameFi Summer of the year 」. 

In bitcoin 、 Mainstream currency 、DeFi All entered the adjusted may and June ,GameFi Faucet Axie Infinity Lead the whole... On your own GameFi Section rise . 

NFT And GameFi Keep sucking gold , And became the main force of the early market rebound . 

meanwhile , Capital is for GameFi Their attention is also rising , By 7 month 30 Japan , The investment in blockchain Games has reached 10 Billion dollars . 

GameFi The market value is growing , Be able to observe , Many new roles have been added , The ecological cycle of chain tour is being reconstructed . 

GameFi Reconstruct the chain tour ecology

To the latest GameFi Sort out the ecology ,GameFi It has been distinguished from traditional chain games and even traditional mobile games , Under the promotion of liquidity mining mode ,GameFi Reconstructing the chain tour Ecology . 

Compared with before , Early players 、 Game publisher 、 Da Jin guild 、 Technology developers 、 Infrastructure and other roles have shown new vitality , It seems possible to stand at the top of the pyramid . 

It's like a DeFi And NFT Gradually mature new 「 Pan gold 」 Time . 

In the field of chain games , Blockchain games have always been considered to have natural social and asset attributes , In the conversion of previous market prices , Games Dapp Always the best way to bring incremental Admission , And has always been seen as Dapp The easiest way to land . 

last year DeFi、NFT After the explosion of concepts ,GameFi It has gradually become one of the popular subdivision tracks . Many new GameFi Yes NFT The game gives financial attributes , It also presents financial products in the form of games , send DeFi Liquidity mining game , This greatly increases the number of developers 、 The player 、 The common interests of the three publishers , Gradually form a new win-win relationship . 

Players started from 「play to enjoy」 To 「play to earn」 The transformation of , This relationship directly promotes a more balanced interests among various actors in the ecology . 

· Game publisher

GameFi popular , The first 「 Out of circle 」 Is the game publisher .Axie Infinity It has now become recognized that GameFi Faucet . Last month, ,Axie Infinity The overall income exceeds 1 Billion dollars , He also used to make a single day's income 972 The gold absorption capacity of $10000 exceeds that of mobile games 《 Glory of Kings 》.Axie Token of AXS All the way up , Open the GameFi midsummer . 

DeFi(Axie Infinity Leading the way GameFi , Data sources :coinmarketcap)

  In regard to Axie infinity In the analysis of the cause of red explosion , In addition to a good game experience , There are two main points : firstly ,Axie infinity Break the traditional game mode 、 Players share revenue with the platform ; second ,NFT The maturity of and NFTFi It's a good preparation in advance , combination DeFi and NFT Concept ,NFT It brings indivisibility based on decentralization to the game 、 Unique circulation norms , These are value locked by blockchain technology 、 The game of ownership NFT, stay DeFi Under this mode, there is a higher market liquidity , Directly reduce the realization threshold . 

2021 Beginning of the year ,Axie Infinity Special side chain Ronin The official launch . thus ,Axie Successfully demonstrated a new path : A good GameFi The project can form its own Ecology , Can even surpass many 「 in name only 」 The public chain of . 

· The player

GameFi in , The voice of early players is also increasing . Players who get game governance tokens , The game can be upgraded and improved by voting , Get a better gaming experience ,DAO Governance makes it possible for every player of the blockchain game to participate in the improvement and upgrading of the game . The blockchain game at this time does not belong to a single centralized company . 

Market driven , Players and developers will work together to maintain the game , The interaction and stickiness between players and games are also higher .

 · Technology developers

In dealing with the relationship between developers ,GameFi Also updated . Some new GameFi Chain Tour , With Gala Game For example, some emerging GameFi Chain Tour , Start trying to motivate game developers to NFT Integrated into the game , Allow developers to design blockchain games . 

· Da Jin guild

The gold guild is GameFi A unique role in .Axie Infinity Behind the explosion of popularity is inseparable from the Philippine Game Association YieldGuildGames(YGG) Boost of ,「 Da Jin guild 」 The saying comes directly from the traditional game playing gold guild ,YGG Also let 「 Da Jin guild 」 Become GameFi A very popular participant in . 

As a special third party , Choose from quality games 、 Initial player source 、 Game revenue distribution 、NFT Props play a regulating role in the flow , With YGG For example , It has now become a platform that can provide recruitment 、 train 、 A complete chain of game lending , Skillfully handle the connection between players and other institutions . 

· infrastructure

GameFi To some extent, it also affects the development process of infrastructure . 

NFT And NFTFi Hot period ,IP Attributes and social attributes NFT Most choose Ethereum . However, with the introduction of exchange smart chain , Chain tour in the handling fee 、 There is a better choice in trading speed , A lot of GameFi Start selecting other male or side chains . 

With BSC For example ,Dappradar A piece of data shows ,CryptoBlades、MOBOX、My DEFI PET Wait for recent popular games 24 The number of users per hour has exceeded 28 ten thousand people , The number of users and transaction volume are considerable . 

DeFi( picture source :Dappradar)

  at present ,Solana、 Terra、TRON、Fantom、WAX、Avalanche Wait for the public chain 、 Bitcoin side chain Liquid、 Ethereum side chain  Xdai And so on GameFi The game has been settled one after another . 

9 month : Or there will be GameFi Large scale landing

  Overview GameFi Track , From the data research platform Santiment Yes 「GmeFi」 The word heat monitoring can see , Community and market for GmeFi The heat of is positively correlated with the correction of the encryption market starting in June . 

DeFi( Data sources :santiment)

  Since the beginning of this year , The chain travel direction has obtained super 10 Billion dollars in favor of , It's about infrastructure 、 trading platform 、 game 、 sports 、DeFi、 Development team, etc , Whether it's an investment institution or an encrypted community , Yes GameFi The high expectations are obvious . 

Compared to the whole DeFi Market size of ,GameFi It is still in the early stage of development , For now GameFi The two mainstream views are :

1、DeFi+NFT, namely DeFi Introduction in NFT mortgage . 
This pattern is based on DeFi Mortgage on behalf of NFT platform .MEME( Big pineapple ) Card is one of the typical cases ,DeFi combination NFT And add Meme Element card games , It was popular last September . 
2、 Put liquidity mining into the game , That's the game 「DeFi turn 」.
In this mode ,NFT Types of assets often act as mining tools in the game .Axie Infinity It is one of the typical cases , Games often add more fun to mobile mining at the same time , emphasize 「 Play and earn 」 Importance .

GameFi The development of is also fulfilling founder Andre Chronje Point of view . 

Last September ,AC Once tweeted that , future DeFi Of TradeFi Mode or turn to game oriented GameFi. With the mobility of mining, a variety of presentation patterns are mined ,GameFi Like 「Game+NFT+DeFi」 The inevitable result of common development . 

Some analysts think , The long-standing vitality of the chain game field , The main reason is that the game mode reduces the entry threshold for players .GameFi Game 「 Out of circle 」 Ability to do this well . On the other hand ,NFT The free trading of assets really enlarges the of traditional games 「 Beat gold 」 Concept , Attract more incremental admission . 

And DeFi The same pool 、 Second pool play ,GameFi The mining weight is adjusted through game , Make money no longer the only advantage . And players through Token After interest binding , The participation of users in the later stage is also greatly improved ,Dao Governance can also better connect the relationship between players and games . 

GameFi In the ecological , More links and more roles , It also makes the whole ecosystem more stable , The collapse of more than one link can lead to a total loss . 

In large quantities GameFi After the influx of projects , September may usher in the large-scale landing of these projects . But it should be noted that , at present GameFi The imitation disk of the game has begun to appear in batches , Some of them have been covered with 「 Bo ( spinach ) The color 」 Shell , such 「 Old wine in new bottles 」 The way of may have other effects . 

TokenInsight In a report of , take GameFi The plates have been sorted out more clearly , And NFT Concepts are further distinguished , The hot projects mentioned mainly include AXS、MANA、SAND、TLM、ILV、ALICE、DPET、REVV、MBOX、SKILL、CGG、MIST、MCHC、GOD etc. 14 A project . however , The total circulating market value of these projects is still insufficient compared with the total market value of the digital asset market 1% . 

Number of comprehensive users , Activity level 、 The total market value 、 From the perspective of project development ,「 Game tokens 」 The upsurge is clearly heating up , Last year DeFi The experience of tokens is very similar , GameFi Still a blue ocean .

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