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Yuan Bingyan is flawless. She shows her curves in a pink dress, and her bubble sleeves are bright and lovely

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The division of color in the fashion circle is becoming more and more clear and natural , It provides more possibilities for the collocation of the public . Women can boldly try bright colors , Show your strengths in many ways . Follow the dress principle of developing strengths and avoiding weaknesses , Highlight the charm of women . Yuan Bingyan, as the queen of color matching in the entertainment circle , Tips for perfect control of multiple colors . Many women have great difficulties in color matching , Why don't you know yuan Bingyan's Dressing Tips !

Analysis of Yuan Bingyan's dress style

Overall color : It is said that color determines the style of dressing , Then color matching has become an important condition for matching . Yuan Bingyan is a sweet beauty , A baby face looks cute and playful . Yuan Bingyan's facial features are extremely exquisite , Wear it with a pink dress to attend the event , Enough to show the advantages of beauty . Pink belongs to the light color system , Match to get a whitening effect . Pink is also extremely easy to step on thunder , Limited to women with cold white skin . Yuan Bingyan's temperament is gentle and lovely , Perfect control light color piece . It is not recommended that women with yellowish complexion try it easily , It's easy to bring a bit of boredom .

Analysis of Yuan Bingyan's dress style II

Overall version and style : Yuan Bingyan's height is the advantage of dressing , Wear with a short dress , Highlight the long straight legs . The average female star has a tall figure , Easily handle many types of fashion pieces . The tight version outlines the body line , Show the proud proportion . Yuan Bingyan is not only the queen of color matching , It's even more fashionable . Tighten human skin , Wear sexy charm . Many women dare not wear short dresses , Worry about highlighting the fat in your legs . Refer to Yuan Bingyan's collocation mode , Choose silver heels , Optimize the line feeling of the legs .

What are the tips for yuan Bingyan's dress style ?

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