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[poetry] red leaves speechless

2021-08-23 15:03:59 Literary frequency modulation

Afterheat flame / original

Yureyan photography

The cool wind comes slowly

Blowing the leaves in the yard

In the autumn when thousands of flowers are fading

Jingui opens its sweet taste buds

Kissing the lover's face

It emits the lingering fragrance of yesterday

The wind keeps looking for you

Let Miss gently between the eyebrows

Night after night

You watch the shadow under the lamp alone

Meditating on you like snow dancing

Mei Xiang silently recited

Is it just a willing robbery

But let time ripple

Xueduo went and came again

Jin Gui floated and thanked

Missing in the blue sky .

Year after year

The autumn begins again in the light

Waste heat is original


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