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Not afraid of being exposed? Zhou also devoted himself to business, regardless of the dissuasion of fans

2021-08-23 15:15:01 Tencent Entertainment

Before, it was often AI Dou who collapsed the house , Is it the actor's turn now , Even paparazzi Liu sledgehammer spoke in advance , And expose a couple of actors , And the number of fans is more than the total number of Zhou ye and Lai Guanlin .

It seems , Take Zhou ye and Lai Guanlin as an opportunity , Do paparazzi have to compare , See who exposes the actors and has a large number of fans , Look who has the greatest influence , Probably want to impress people in the industry .

Because before that , Zhou Ye's relationship with Lai Guanlin was just exposed by his peers , And according to the exposed video and pictures , The two were together for a few days .

And according to the paparazzi , The relationship between the two people , It seems that there are staff taking cover , If so , It seems , Zhou ye and Lai Guanlin know and get along with each other , It's a semi public secret , Just keep it a secret from the outside world for the time being .

And according to the captured information , These two people are also you come and I go , Busy working while dating , It's no wonder that the dog son ah Kwa is enterprising .

But that's what I said , But in the eyes of fans , Zhou also wondered if he had been cheated , After all, to outsiders , The gap between Lai Guanlin and Zhou Ye is not the slightest .

from 《 Young you 》 After becoming popular , Basically, there is a steady stream of resources , For example, what is currently playing 《 Chinese Restaurant 》.

And when it comes to Chinese restaurants , Fans are also angry . Because after the news of her suspected relationship with Lai Guanlin was exposed , Someone found out , Zhou is also attending 《 Chinese Restaurant 》 When , Inside her RV , Unexpectedly, there are group photos with Lai Guanlin , And in the same box , And Meng Ziyi .

That's why some people question , Does Meng Ziyi know something ?

But many netizens wait until now , No one has ever responded . Even Zhou, one of the parties , Also concentrate on business as usual , Without the dissuasion and opposition of fans in the comment area .

Because after the news of their suspected relationship spread , Many people poured into Zhou Ye's microblog , I hope Zhou has more dedication , Make a good career .

Of course , More people think , Zhou also has to polish his eyes , Even if you are looking for a boyfriend, you shouldn't look for Lai Guanlin , After all, regardless of Education , Or ability , Compared with Zhou, there is still some gap .

Of course , Zhou ye and Lai Guanlin also attended 《 Fifty kilometers to Taohuawu 》, So in the program , Lai Guanlin's strengths and weaknesses are also reflected . Especially his character , It's quite different from Zhou .

Just when someone asked Zhou ye and Lai Guanlin to verify their relationship , Neither of them responded .

Of course , The entertainment industry is not only Zhou but also Lai Guanlin , Ignore the rumors of their relationship , And Dili Reba and Huang Jingyu , Although there were many rumors before , But they treat it as if nothing happened , No explanation , No lawyer's letter ……

So the relationship between Huang Jingyu and Dili Reba is still a mystery , But many people think , False is not true .

In fact, when many people pay attention to Liu Da hammer's new materials , Others asked about the melons of Dili Reba and Huang Jingyu , But the blogger didn't respond , I don't know. I didn't expect it , It still doesn't matter ……

But there are too many artists in the entertainment industry , Furthermore said , Even now 00 They have grown up , So what does it matter even if it's love .

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