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Love and fearlessness: the story of Chinese teenagers and dreams

2021-08-23 18:42:21 Tencent Entertainment

“ Youth is like early spring , Like the morning sun , It's like a hundred flowers sprouting , The most precious period of life is also .”

In Chen Duxiu's 《 New youth 》 in ,100 The courage to be first flowed in the youth blood of the new youth who awakened years ago , Surging with perseverance .

100 After year , Shenzhou ascends to heaven , The Dragon enters the sea , In the undertaking of a big country in science and Technology , As long as the youth are still hot , Can emit a fraction of light .

They bear in mind the mission of youth , Take the responsibility of the times , Even if it's like a firefly , I don't want to wait for the torch , Also make a little light in the dark , Light up China's road ;

What is the new Chinese youth in the current era . It may be an abstract noun , But as long as you have an ideal in your heart , Suffer for your ideals instead of bowing down for five bushels of rice .

you 、 I 、 Everyone who works hard for their dreams in big cities , They are all part of the New Youth .

This issue tells the story of a group of young people , Among them are Olympic champions , There are North drifters , And on the variety show stage , Young people who pursue their dreams with music .

They are fighting for their ideals , Throw away every blood that belongs to youth , Don't want to lose any of their possibilities .

The following is a true story about them :

writing | Mu Qiu

edit | outstanding

When teenagers fight ,

They are confident and persistent

After Yang Qian shot the last shot , father “ teng ” He bounced out of the chair with a sound , Start clapping .

Villagers behind , Start waving the flag in a second ―― The last shot reversed the opponent , With a total score 251.8 Ring in the woman 10 Won China's first gold in the air rifle finals 、 The first gold medal of the Tokyo Olympic Games !

chart | Yang Qian, who is comparing her heart on the podium , This is from the Internet

Although the Tokyo Olympic Games have been postponed for one year , But Yang Qian has been in excellent condition in the process of preparing for the war .

Yang Qian in the Olympic Games , Looking back, I saw the coach who had jumped up with his hands up and cheered , There are still no waves on his face , Just telling that this is a gift from Chinese youth to the motherland .

Years old 14 year 130 The full red Chan of the sky , Became the second young diving Olympic champion after Fu Mingxia .

Compared with many young talents in diving , Quan hongchan came into contact with diving not early , It was at the age of seven or eight that the coach chose to contact diving , I haven't practiced other sports before .

Quan hongchan's family conditions are not good , Both parents make a living by farming , Mother had a traffic accident before , Hospitalized three times .

The young Quan hongchan only knew that her mother's treatment would cost a lot of money , She only knew if she won the gold medal , Mom will have money to cure .

therefore , When many children of the same age are still enjoying the meticulous care of their parents every day , Quan hongchan is already in charge on the platform .

chart | Quan hongchan diving moment , This is from the Internet

“ Every game should think about how to jump , Don't necessarily want to win , Just surpass yourself .”

Except for the Olympic champions in the spotlight , Every young man living in every corner of the world , They are also working hard for their dreams and love .

A lover of rap music 00 Later boy a Yu , I brought a guitar to the dormitory on the first day of high school , Despite the warning of the dormitory, play and sing , Spring into fame , I have never been absent from any school performance since then .

But his parents don't recognize the future he chose , After the college entrance examination, her parents asked ah Yu to study pharmacy . The boring formula of the laboratory 、 Chemical equations in class 、 And the dense drug theory made him miserable .

In pursuit of dreams , A Yu had to find some spare time to teach herself music theory , A rap club was established without guidance .

Suffering is a necessary stage of transformation . Wang Xiaobo once 《 The golden age 》 Wrote in :

“ I was twenty-one that day , In the golden age of my life . I have a lot of extravagant hopes . I want to love , Want to eat , I also want to be a half bright and half dark cloud in the sky in a moment .”

This is also the real desire of a Yu's generation .

“ What is youth , What is youth ?” Love for love , Whether it's the Youth Olympics or ordinary North drift, or young students full of dreams , They are all the moving appearance of this generation of houlang struggling .

Under the spotlight ,

Lovely because of love

Everyone is playing the role they yearn for on the stage of life 、 The expected role , And those young people on the real stage , Their efforts are more concrete 、 More moving .

For the music ideal , They use melody 、 Dancing depicts a variety of “ life ”, The rhythm of every minute and every second reflects “ One minute on stage , Ten years' work under the stage ”.

Hard candy girl 303 Member Chen Zhuo Xuan said “ Am I not standing high enough ?” Hot all over the net . Frank and straightforward, she was fiercely questioned , More than 10000 comments hit .

After all , In previous selection programs , Almost never has a contestant told the local people and the public his ambition and desire so directly .

But most people ignored the second half of Chen Zhuo Xuan's speech ,“ If it is , I'll be like I said just now , Try your best to go higher , Climb up with my founders .”

chart | The second half of Chen Zhuo Xuan's speech , This is from the Internet

At the variety show 《 Burst stage 》 in , When you stand on the stage again , And he said “ Nervous , How can you not be nervous ?” Chen Zhuo Xuan , One side with a song 90 Of a second 《 open 》 Shocked everyone .

The ethereal singing shows her talent and efforts , The stage opened to her , Use your last effort , A smile of victory .

chart | Chen Zhuoxuan's singing scene

In the same program , Singer Shan Yichun's promotional song 《VVS》 It's very challenging . She has no right to choose her own advantage under the competition system , Still need to be in 90 Sing a new song in seconds , Singing and dancing 、 A mirror in the end .

Facing this challenge , It's hard to accept pure at first , She can neither rap、 I'm not so good at dancing , Once nervous and crying to want to abandon the game .

But in order to win this hard won opportunity , Shan Yichun still insisted on the whole game with the support of his teammates , Step out of your comfort zone .

chart | Singer Shan Yichun , This is from the Internet

Yamy Guo Ying once had a brilliant moment admired by everyone , I have danced hip-hop dance for more than ten years before participating in the selection program , I've also been a hip-hop teacher , Can dance a variety , There are a lot of stable fans .

But in the game , Other cutting-edge female musicians are much younger than her 7-8 year , It's like a mountain . After all, for artists ,10 Years of youth is a short life .

her rap Ability has also won the praise of tutors many times in the program , But the girl always seems to have bad luck , No one can make more people remember .

But she still chose to continue on the stage , Compete with many female musicians and rookies on the same stage . Her strength ignited the whole recording scene again , After getting full tickets ,Yamy Guo Ying sobbed “Yamy It's coming back ”.

chart | In the program Yamy A few chokes , This is from the Internet

She described herself as carrying a backpack to study , I picked up many fruits all the way , Full of harvest . When climbing the highest mountain , She encountered the bottleneck of gravity , Only by throwing away the burden can we move on .

Yamy After Guo Ying's performance , Former teammate Wu Xuanyi commented with tears , Tell her :“ You grow up ”.

“ veteran ” Zhou Jieqiong can be regarded as the predecessor of most players on the stage . At that time only 18 She made her debut in a foreign country , Long hair 、 Fair skin 、 Tall figure plus strong stage expression , She was in the crowd like Yamy What Guo Ying said is particularly provocative .

Zhou Jieqiong also served as a mentor of selection programs , But she still admits ,《 Burst stage 》 It was her most nervous time . After returning from overseas , Zhou Jieqiong has not touched the stage for a long time , Will the audience continue to recognize her , She has no bottom in her heart .

And in the face of a rare stage , Zhou Jieqiong still chose to skip when she made her first appearance in overseas competitions 《Pick Me》.

There is another meaning behind this , After her popularity, she faced actors 、 Singers and other choices , Even lost myself for a time . But this time 《Pick Me》 A little more certainty , That's what she decided to be herself 、 The symbol of finding your original heart .

chart | Zhou Jieqiong, who still has a small flame in her heart

“ Go on , The stage we cherish ”, Dreams are burning again on these girls . In my acting career , They may have had twists and turns 、 There was a trough , But it never made them give up , Instead, it encourages them to be strong .

When you stand on the stage again , With the twinkling light in my eyes , They are dazzling stars .

fearless 、 Warm blood ,

China's Cenozoic label

Just finished the college entrance examination , Chi Yixiao took the confidence that the newborn calf was not afraid of tigers to stand on the 《 Young rap project 》 The rap stage .

“ Desperately looking for / I fell for my dream and kept running ”.

Chi Yixiao uses a song 《20021230》 He described his growth story to everyone , This moved program planning specialist Zhou Zhennan , give “ This is the most sincere song I heard today ” The evaluation of , The customs clearance chain is given as an encouragement to teenagers .

chart | Chi Yixiao's performance

“ Young fearless , Never lack the courage to start .” Although not recognized by parents , But Chi Yixiao has always loved rap , I also want to tell my parents , I don't lack courage and identity .

In his singing , There is a kind of real talk Complete development and evolution in the hands of a new generation of teenagers 、 Break the sense of gain in the cultural circle .

Shivering on the stage , Whisper hello to the big guys in front of you , The self introduction is almost incoherent ,Kidog stay 《 Young rap project 》 Your debut seemed too nervous . But the real show , He ignited the atmosphere with his cracked voice and rhythm , It caused the teachers to swing .

“ There are many people who look down on me , I want to hit them in the face .” Someone always lives in the gutter , But learn to look up at the stars .

Rap brings Kidog Power , He also proved his strength with a performance .

chart | Eager to prove your Kidog

Nothing can really crush him .

“ My existence is very comfortable , Everything I have is very comfortable ”, Be talked about , He learned to fight to protect himself , And really feel confident from the bottom of my heart 、 Self consistent , Reconcile with yourself . Maybe , This is the new generation “ A sense of youth ” Fearlessness and accumulation in the bones .

Come from the dream , From Chengdu 01 Young boy “ I'll go home in a minute ” Some literature and art , Some funny .

No one can think of ,《 We ran barefoot under the windmill and the dog tail grass in our hands shook and shook 》, It will be the name of a song . No one can think of , This super long name rap moved all the judges with a little freshness .

In his music world , Dogtail grass 、 windmill 、 Cirrus clouds 、 The barn forms an oil painting through the lyrics , The melody of music is like a brush , Use sound waves to show the beautiful scenery in front of everyone .

chart | The judges spoke highly of it

“ This song has a real life ”, The judges highly recognized him . He is a Z The epitome of modernity of generations : Those young people who really know how to love life , I also know how to express my delicate feelings about life in my own way .

Far more than Chi Yixiao 、Kidog and “ I'll go home in a minute ”, The teenagers on the show rapper They have removed the false and impetuous shell , Get more and deeper things , self-confidence 、 Firm 、 Not afraid of anyone 、 Never bow to anyone .

Every singing teenager has his own different life circumstances , But using rap to express blood and fire is their common soul .

All suffering can be material , All grief can be an inspiration , All sublime can be dreams , All sunshine can be the future .

Like millions of other young people today , Whether rappers 、 Female musician rookie 、 Olympic champion , Are competing with life to win or lose , Work hard for your dream and higher self .

I watched the Olympic Games twenty years ago , Most people can only remember the champion's name for a short time . Watch the Olympic Games in 20 years , What we remember is the love of sports behind every athlete .

From a vigorous girl to a teenager rapper, We appreciate more than their wonderful burst stage works , It's also “ Ten years' work under the stage ” The struggling spirit of sweating silently .

From the image back to reality , The young people standing on the field and in the spotlight are also us who work hard in reality , More and more young people are glowing for their love , Actively pursue dreams .

from “ It's not gold ” To “ Bronze medal or ” Change of values , On the stage, young people go all out for those who love to shed sweat , The young people who quietly announce that they belong to this era are coming .

A Yu insists on making music seriously when others are in love , I bought professional equipment with the money I earned from my part-time job , His songs are also recognized by more and more people , Got an invitation eight miles underground , A musician who signed a platform .

The times are like this , Can make talented people successful , Let the hard-working people live in peace and contentment .

Maybe most of us will hardly become world champions , But each of us is a Yu , As long as you are willing to run, you will touch the dream in the sky . And this , It is precisely the most beautiful appearance of China's new youth in the current era .

not long ago , A Yu released her new album 《 I don't belong here 》, There is such a sentence in the lyrics :

“ The crowd in the busy city will leave before sunset , I will run to the edge of the world when it gets dark .”

In the big times , Every little man is worth seeing , Every little man is not ordinary .

We focus on the participants in each vertical industry 、 Personal experience ,

Switch your perspective to these and participate in the changes of the times 、 In the crowd of enterprise evolution ,

Through more professional and delicate strokes , Let more people see more people .

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