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High performance formula strong blessing! Mini JCW is yyds in the small steel gun| Stories of Immortals

2021-08-23 19:11:23 Wechat automobile




Over the years , Various versions of MINI I didn't drive less , but MINI JCW It doesn't drive much : in the first place , There are few people around to buy this version , The price is also relatively general MINI Your last piece , The average price is more than 300000 ; both , Even if the dealer has a car , Busy delivering the car , The dealer's friend told me ,JCW It's basically “ some goods in short supply , hoarded or cornered for making excess or enormous profit ” The state of , Rarely in the shop . This time, , I have two days to test drive this brand new MINI JCW, What's the impression ?


Car reviewer of this issue

Liu Zhifeng

Must admit , Now buy MINI It's a very happy process . You open the official website , Find your favorite model , Then choose various colors and configurations , Exactly the combination you want to come : Even though MINI JCW This kind of “ Small cars ”, The appearance color is also up to 10 Kind of , There are a lot of roof combinations , The green one for the test drive 、 The red cooperation is quite good .


add : This real green car looks a little greener than the camera , But to maintain its visual brilliance, you should wash the car a little more often !


To make this video , I turned it on purpose JCW Information , Speak true ! The past history and achievements of this brand are no less than AMG, A typical racing car starts , Start is brilliant ,Mini JCW Three Monte Carlo Rally titles . stay 2000 year John Cooper Works Taken back by BMW , From now on MINI+JCW Become a high-performance formula !


Last few months , I drove for a few days R56 Of MINI Cooper, Turn on this one again F56 Of MIN JCW, It feels very different , To be precise : More comfortable , And more civilized . This appears to be R56 and F56 The difference between , Some love it. , Some people think F Series is not as good as R Come pure , About this argument , I spent several minutes in the video interpreting …… Briefly , If you let me drive once a week , I think R56 A little extreme ; But if it's open every day , I think F56 More flattering , More suitable for most people . 


MINI It's a very tolerant car , Even today's size is the largest in history , But the size of the three doors is still too small for cars of the same level , Bring direct , Compact steering .


231 horsepower 2.0T The engine +8AT, Faster makes people feel just right , It may also be that today's frame has a high tolerance , Calm down . Shift smoothly , Every downshift feels a little , I think it's good , The sense of communication between people and vehicles is still .Sport In mode , The sound of the exhaust pipe continued “ The sound of shooting ”, It's worth praising .


in general , The machine MINI JCW A car that gives people a strong sense of satisfaction , Usually drive , Fast without obvious pressure . After the change ,MINI JCW There is only one version : The price is 34.68 Ten thousand yuan . Compare its uniqueness and provide driving fun , This price is still not cost-effective , But in exchange for a job “ For a few people ” Happiness ……


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