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Don't you know these skills? Less than 50% increase after job hopping (Part 2)

2021-08-23 20:17:14 Front end programmer TD

This paper is divided into two parts : The front-end interview doesn't understand these skills ? After watching job hopping, talk less about rising 50%( On )

Two 、 Preparation before interview

1. Use brain map to sort out knowledge points

For the interview of unified school recruitment , Focus on combing all the knowledge points at the front end , School recruitment interview is generally for talent reserve , So it depends on the candidate's plasticity and learning ability ; For social recruitment interview , The emphasis is on business ability and JD Matching degree , Therefore, we should sort out the front-end knowledge points , Targeted contents include : Technical details used in the project 、 Knowledge points that need to be strengthened or improved in personal skills .

therefore , It's not just a resume that needs to be written specifically , Knowledge points should also be based on their own experience 、 Prepare your resume 、 Company and job description .

The basic knowledge comes from your usual reserves , Generally, you can go through a systematic book or your usual notes , But there is no fixed review routine when it comes to the projects you have done , And all kinds of problems can be derived around the project , All need to know , Project clarity is also particularly important for candidates . The foundation is fixed , Anyone can learn it over a period of time , But the project experience is real experience .

Review and preparation for the project , Suggest a mind map ( Brain map ), Focus on the items you need to talk about , List the technical points used ( Knowledge point ), Introduce the background 、 Benefits after the project goes online and subsequent optimization points . This is the first floor , The second layer is for technical points ( Knowledge point ) Do all kinds of divergent problems .

notes :JD(job description), Job description , It's short for . Usually in recruitment , The most commonly used meaning is job introduction and job description .

2. Preparation after receiving the interview invitation

When a company invites us for an interview , We should do some homework .

(1) Understand the Department and team
Understand what the Department does , The technology stack used by the team , The information mentioned above is generally from JD You can see , If JD With theout this information , Then you can search according to the interview Department , Always find some sporadic information , If there is really no information , Prepare the general technology needed for the post .

(2) Know the interviewer
By invitation phone or interview invitation email , You can find interviewer information . Use this information to find the interviewer's technical blog 、GitHub etc. , Understand the skills that the interviewer has been focusing on and good at recently , Because interviewers often ask what skills they are good at during the interview .

3、 ... and 、 Interview considerations

technology ⾯ Try usually ⾄ Three rounds less :

Basics ⾯ try : It mainly investigates the questions about the position and the basic knowledge in the resume , Include ⼀ Part of the algorithm and scene design ⾯ test questions , this ⼀⾯ It may involve coding.

term ⽬⾯ try : It mainly investigates the items involved in the resume ⽬, It will involve you ⽬ Related business knowledge of 、 Play the role ⻆⾊、 The choice of Technology 、 Technical breakthrough, etc .

HR⾯ try : this ⼀⾯ Usually HR Check , Mainly involves ⾏ by ⾯ try , Examine the candidates ⼈ Whether the values meet the requirements of the company 、⼯ How about stability 、 Communication and collaboration can ⼒ How to wait .

Of course , For junior post or school recruitment ⽣ It will involve ⼀ Round written test , Quite a few companies will be on the scene ⾯ The progress of ⾏⼀ Round the phone ⾯ try ,⽬ What we need is the fastest and most effective way to get the unqualified candidates ⼈ Sift out , For individual needs, cross department ⻔ Collaborative positions involve cross cutting ⾯ try ,⽐ Such as front-end candidate ⼈ It's going to be back-end ⾯ officials appointed on a probational basis ⾯ try ,⼀ Some positions with management needs or important positions may involve the director ⾯ Try or vp⾯.

⽽⼀ It's a normal technology ⾯ Try the process ( In terms of ⽬⾯ For example ) It is divided into ⼤ To three parts :

  • ⾃ Let me introduce you
  • term ⽬( technology ) Investigate
  • towards ⾯ The examiner asked questions

So how to prepare technology ⾯ try , How to be in ⾯ Take the initiative in the test ?

1. ⾃ Let me introduce you

⼏ Everything ⾯ Try all from ⾃ I introduce the beginning of this session , So we have to figure out why ⾃ I usually introduce it as ⼀ individual ⾯ The beginning of the trial .

(1) Why ⾃ Let me introduce you

⾸ First , Yes ⼀ A very common problem is ⾯ The examiner may have just got your resume , He needs to be with you ⾃ I'll take a quick look at your resume when I introduce you , Because technology ⾯ Try ⾯ A lot of examiners are ⼀ The lineman ⼯,⾯ Try ⼈ It's just that ⼯ What's going on is ⼀⼩ part , In many cases, I didn't read your resume in advance . secondly ,⾃ My introduction is actually ⼀ A warm-up ,⾯ Examiners and candidates ⼈ It's actually a stranger ⽣⼈,⾃ I'd like to introduce whether it's ⾯ Try something else , They're both strangers ⽣⼈ The starting point of communication , It's also a candidate for mitigation ⼈ And ⾯ It's embarrassing between the examiners ⼀ It's a warm-up ⽅ type . Last ,⾃ My introduction is to show ⾃ I 、 The next technology ⾯ Try to lead ⼦, It's you ⾃⼰ Designated technology ⾯ try ⽅ Directed ⼀ Second chance .

Knowing the above reasons , Only then can we enter ⾏ Prepare for better ⾃ Let me introduce you .

(2)⾃ The essential elements I introduced

⾃ My introduction, in the final analysis, is ⼀ It's a warm-up , Therefore, we must not occupy ⽤⼤ Amount of space , Come up and put ⾃⼰ From out ⽣ From my experience to ⼤ Learning is like flow ⽔ zhang ⼀ Like spit out , It's often hard to bear ⼼ Of ⾯ The examiner interrupted ,⽽ It also exposes the candidates ⼈ The speech lacks focus 、 Communication can ⼒⼀ A common shortcoming .

however ,⼀ Some key information must be reflected , The following information is required :

individual ⼈ Information : ⾄ Don't show ⾃⼰ The name of 、 Position and ⼯ Working years , This year's session ⽣ You have to introduce ⾃⼰ Education background of , If ⾃⼰ His former employer was a ⼤⼚ It's best to mention ,⾃⼰ Your education is the highlight. It's best to mention , Is there anything else ⼥ friend 、 Is it alone ⽣⼦ no ⼈ care about , Don't occupy ⽤ The space . This part focuses on who you are ?

Technical ability ⼒: Briefly introduce ⾃⼰ Technology stack , Never put ⾃⼰ It's just simple ⽤ too , Yes ⼏ individual Demo Or look at ⽂ The so-called file 「 Technology stack 」 Say it, too ,⼀ Dan hou ⾯ It's kind of ⾃ Looking for embarrassment . The focus of this part is what you will ?

Good at ⻓: Emphasis on the ⾃⼰ Be good at ⻓ Technology ,⽐ Such as performance optimization 、⾼ Concurrent 、 System architecture design or communication and coordination ⼒ wait , Don't boast ⼤ The words , Be realistic , This is the focus of the investigation later . This part focuses on ⾃ Is that you are good at ⻓ what ?

(3) Focus on matching the technical stack of the post

Yours ⾯ The resume may contain all kinds of technology stacks , But in ⾃ I need to match the technical requirements of the current position in the process of introduction . Just ⽐ Like you ⽬ front ⾯ Try the mobile terminal H5 Front end development positions , The point is ⾃ My introduction highlights ⾃⼰ Experience in mobile front end ,⽽ here ⼤ It's a long story ⾃⼰ how ⽤Node⽀ Support the company's web term ⽬ It seems very unwise .

(4) stay ⾃ I do deliberate guidance in the introduction

If your ⾃ Let me introduce you ⽔ zhang ⼀ sample , There's no point , Actually ⾯ It's hard to be an examiner , Because he can't even talk to me …

⽽ With a little guidance , most ⼤ part ⾯ The examiner will take your words ,⽐ Such as 「 you are here ⾃ In my introduction, I highlighted ⼀ The item ⽬, I met ⼀ Some difficulties , And then you took over , How good the effect is and so on 」, If I were ⾯ officials appointed on a probational basis ⼀ Definitely 「 Yours xx term ⽬ Of xx The difficulty is how to solve it later ?」.

⾯ Examiner's ⽬ It's important to look at candidates ⼈ Yes ⼒, Candidate for ⼈ Make an assessment , So you need to know the candidates ⼈ Be good at ⻓ what , Whether it matches the position ,⾯ The examiners will never ⼤ Most of the time, I'd love to see you ⽆ The guidance of meaning , This is a double ⽅ The communication and evaluation will be smooth ,⽽ I didn't mean to make the candidates difficult ⼈.

(5) How to prepare ⾃ Let me introduce you

In fact, the best ⽅ The law is also the most stupid ⽅ Law is to ⾃ I'll write it down , This ⾃ Let me introduce you ⼀ It must be reflected in ⾯ Mentioned ⼏⼤ The essentials , stay ⾯ It's easy before you try ⼏ All over , Can put the ⾃ The content of my introduction can be expressed smoothly , Don't recite lessons ⽂⼀ sample .

⾃ The time of my introduction should be controlled in 1-3 Between minutes , These days ⾜ enough ⾯ The examiner passed your resume on ⼀ All over ,⾯ After reading the resume, the examiner will follow your ⾃ I introduce ⾏ Asking questions is the most comfortable rhythm , Don't come up and start 10 Minutes of speech ,⾯ It's embarrassing for the examiner to wait , such ⻓ It's about your ⾃ Let me introduce you ⼀ It must be the flow ⽔ Account type .

2. Technical investigation

⼀ It's a good start for technical investigation , Must have ⾃ I introduce some good foreshadowing and guidance , Yes ⼀ There are two situations that we often encounter ⻅:

The candidate ⼈ Said the ⼀⼤ Pile up ⾮ Key ⾃ Let me introduce you ,⾯ officials appointed on a probational basis ⼀ It's time to stop , Completely get No candidates ⼈ Key points of , I don't know the candidates ⼈ Be good at ⻓ what 、 What are the highlights ⽬, Then he chose the technology stack in his resume, and our company is also in ⽤ Technology , The candidate ⼈ This time also began to sweat , Because this technology stack is not his specialty ⻓, The answer is also stumbling ,⾯ The guidance and depth of examiners ⼊ Questioning has not achieved very good results ,⾯ Try in this embarrassing ⽓ In the atmosphere ,⾯ After the test ⾯ The examiners are right about the candidates ⼈ My assessment is that I'm not skilled 、 No depth ⼊ Understand the principles , The candidate ⼈ The feeling is ,⾯ The examiners are special ⾃⼰ I won't ask .

So in front of ⾯ Part of ,⼀ We must guide them well , hold ⾯ The question of examiners leads us to be good at ⻓ The field of , But that's not enough , As the saying goes, no fighting ⽆ The battle of preparation , We still need to focus on the problems that may arise ⾏ Get ready .

So how to prepare for possible ⾯ test questions ?

⽐ If you are good at ⻓ Performance optimization of the front end , stay ⾃ The part I've introduced has been guided , Next ⾯ officials appointed on a probational basis ⼀ We will focus on your ability to optimize performance ⼒, It's likely to involve deep issues , Even if you are good at ⻓ this ⽅⾯ Technology , But if you don't prepare, you may be in a mess .

(1) Multiple questions

⾃ What I mean by multiple questions is , When ⼀ When a technical problem is raised , You may be ⾯ A deeper inquiry .

Take the front-end performance optimization as an example ,⾯ The examiner may ask questions :

1. You put this ⼿ On the machine side ⽩ The screen time is reduced 150% above , From what ⽅⾯⼊⼿ Optimization of the ? Even if you haven't done front-end performance optimization, you can still answer seven or seven questions ⼋⼋,⽆⾮ It's component partitioning 、 cache 、tree shaking wait , This is the first ⼀ heavy ⽐ The shallower question .

2. I see you ⽤webpack in SplitChunksPlugin This plug-in goes into ⾏ branch chunk Of , How many points do you have chunk What's your trade-off ? Which libraries are in the same ⼀ individual chunk, What should be separated? How do you think about it ? If you mentioned SplitChunksPlugin Plug ins may have similar questions , If there's no actual candidate ⼈ It's hard to fight at this time , This process ⼀ It must be necessary ⼀ It's about trial and error and choice .

3. In chunk Did you encounter any pitfalls in the process ? How? ? Actually SplitChunksPlugin This plug-in has ⼀ It's a dark hole , That's it chunid⾃ Increasing sex leads to id It's not fixed ⼀, Probably ⼀ A new dependency leads to id All upset , bring http Cache invalidation .

The above is only for SplitChunksPlugin Plug in related optimization questions , Of course, from your performance test ⻆ degree 、 Code layer ⾯ Into the ⾏ Investigate , But the idea is similar . So we can't put ⾃⼰ The answer to the question is ⼀ It's a very simple layer ⾯,⼀⽅⾯⽆ The law shows ⾃⼰ The depth of Technology , another ⼀⽅⾯ stay ⾯ It's easy to lose points when examiners are deep , So in ⾃⼰ After the answer ⾯ Progressive ⾏⾃ My question , see ⼀ See if we can go deeper ⼊.

(2) The answer rule is

quite a lot ⾯ All the related books recommend that ⽤STAR The law goes in ⾏ The answer to the question , We don't want to lead ⼊ This extra concept , Basic technology ⾯ The trial Part ⽼⽼ The real answer is ⾯ The examiner's question is enough , It's usually a problem ⽤ To this rule is the term ⽬⾯,⽐ Let me introduce you to ⼀ Next is your favorite item ⽬, The rule of answering questions is ⼏ A point :

  • term ⽬ background : In short ⼀ Next ⽬ The background of , Give Way ⾯ The trial officer knows this item ⽬ What does it do
  • individual ⼈⻆⾊: Give Way ⾯ The examiner knows that you are in this item ⽬ As in ⻆⾊
  • difficulty : Give Way ⾯ The trial officer knows you're in ⽬ Difficulties encountered in the development process
  • solve ⽅ case : In view of ⾯ What's the difficulty you have ⼀ Some solutions ⽅ case , How to integrate business into ⾏ It's a trade-off
  • Summarize the precipitation : After overcoming the above difficulties, has there been any precipitation ⼀ Get through ⽤ The solution of the ⽅ case , Have you ever ⾃⼰ Of ⽅ The case is ⼤ Ministry ⻔ Into the ⾏ PUSH ⼴ wait

The point is after ⾯ Three , It's also the one that embodies you most ⼈ Comprehensive quality of ⼀ part , I am a ⾯ The examiners will ⾮ Often appreciate that can find problems 、 Find a variety of ⽅ case 、 It can be used for many kinds of ⽅ Case progress ⾏⽐ The choice can also be summed up ⽤ solve ⽅ The case is back to the team ⼈. From the above ⼏ This point can reflect ⼀ individual ⼈ My passion for Technology 、 The ability to solve problems ⼒ And sum up ⾼ Yes ⼒.

(3) Deliberately guide

Yes , In response to a ⾯ When the examiner asks questions, he can also guide deliberately .

for ⼏ A simple example ⼦:

  • except Vue also ⽤ too Angular Do you ? There are many candidates at this time ⼈ It's a very honest answer 「 No, 」, In fact, we can answer better , Say what you know and show it ⾃⼰ Yes ⼒ That's what matters , You can say 「 I didn't ⽤ too , But when I learned the principle of bidirectional binding, I learned ⼀ Next Angular The principle of dirty inspection , I'm learning Nestjs When I learned about dependency note ⼊ Principle , Follow Angular It's the same thing 」,⾯ officials appointed on a probational basis ⼀ Will then ask you dirty check and rely on note ⼊ The problem of , Although you don't ⽤ too Angular, however Angular You know the basic principles of , It's a good bonus , Explain the candidate ⼈ Deep ⼊ The will to understand principles and the ability to understand by analogy ⼒

  • Vue How to achieve bidirectional binding ? A lot of candidates ⼈⽼⽼ I really answered object.defineproperty How to operate , And then there was none , In fact, you can add ⼀ mouth 「Vue 3.0 I chose better ⽤ Of Proxy To replace object.defineproperty」 perhaps 「 except object.defineproperty This kind of data hijacking ⽅ type , Both observer mode and dirty check can achieve bidirectional binding 」,⾯ officials appointed on a probational basis ⼤ Probability will ask 「Proxy Good news ?」 perhaps 「 Talk about dirty inspection 」 wait , Under such ⼀ A problem will still be within your control

The first ⼀ Case ⼦ Put the questions that can't be answered , Transformed into a successful presentation ⾃⼰ can ⼒ Plus points for , The first ⼆ Case ⼦ Give Way ⾃⼰ More shows ⾃⼰ Yes ⼒,⽽ And always make ⾯ The question of the examiner is ⾃⼰ Within the control of .

3. towards ⾯ The examiner asked questions

Interview is a two-way choice , So after the interview, there will be a question session . During the question period , Candidates had better not ask nothing , Don't just ask about salary 、 Whether to work overtime or not .

⾸ First of all ⼏ Minefields :

  • Don't ask about the result : I asked ⽩ ask , most ⼤ Some companies don't disclose the results , You let ⼤ It's embarrassing at home ;
  • Never ask ⼯ information : except HR Talk to you about ⼯ When it comes to money , Don't follow technology ⾯ The trial officer talked about ⼯ information ,⼯ Capital is the property of all companies ⾼ Pressing line , There's no way to talk about ;
  • Don't ask technical questions : Don't take it. ⾃⼰ No, it's a technical question ⾯ officials appointed on a probational basis , It doesn't make sense at all ,⾯ The examiners did not answer, nor did they ;

Yes ⼏ individual ⽐ Better questions can be used for reference :

  • Team situation 、 The business that the team does 、 The specific work of this position 、 Work planning ;
  • You are ideal for this position ⼈ What are the requirements of the election ?;
  • Company training opportunities and promotion opportunities ;

Try to focus on your position ⾏ put questions to , This can make you more familiar with your ⼯ Content , Also let ⾯ The examiner sees your interest and enthusiasm in this position , What is important is that these questions are important for ⾯ officials appointed on a probational basis ⽽⾔ You can give a brief answer , I can also explain it to you in detail , If he is very enthusiastic to introduce the position to you , It means you may be doing well , Otherwise , You may not be on his shortlist ⾥.

4. Interview Etiquette

Pay attention to social etiquette : Although I say IT The industry doesn't pay much attention to the working environment , There is no red tape between superiors and subordinates , But you should pay attention to some social etiquette in the interview . Like knocking at the door 、 Go out and close the door 、 The basic etiquette of standing to greet people still needs to be done .

Dress comfortably but not casually : First, dress , Don't be too casual , Don't be too formal , Too formal clothes can make people nervous , So I suggest you wear your favorite clothes , The key is to be clean and tidy .

Make an appointment for a mutually comfortable interview : If HR Call to make an appointment for the interview , Remember to offer a comfortable time for both sides , I'd rather ask for leave than arrange the interview time .

Interview time is very important , Arrive at the interview place ten minutes in advance , Familiar with the environment , Make a registration or something , Make a good impression of punctuality . If you can't arrive on time because of a traffic jam or something , Call the other party before the agreed time .

5. Other matters needing attention

During the interview , We are often asked all kinds of questions , In the process of answering , Here are some simple examples “ pit ”.

  • “ I'm sorry , I'm really nervous ”, Don't say it even if you're nervous ;
  • “ I'd like to know the specific income of this position ” Start talking about money , Your ideal 、 sense of worth 、 mission 、 What about the goal ?
  • “ My weakness is to haggle over everything , Don't work overtime , Can't bear the pressure of work ” Don't take the initiative to tell others your shortcomings , You're here to show your strengths ;
  • “ I really want this job ” Don't over express your desire or despair , This is a sign of your weakness ;
  • “ Now I ( Before ) My boss is so bad ……” towards HR What you say about your boss will become what the other person thinks of you ;
  • “ I need it …… Able to achieve work objectives ” Recruitment is to meet the needs of the company , Not for you ;
  • “ When will the interview end ” Don't act in a hurry , You don't respect the company , Of course I won't hire you ;
  • “ I like the benefits of your company ” You're here to work , Not because of benefits ;“ no comment ” Not illegal, not involving privacy , Tell the truth , Not if you're prepared “ no comment ”;
  • “ What are the benefits, paid annual leave and sick leave in the first year of work ” This is the rule that you can only ask when you enter the job , Asking first will only be misunderstood ;
  • “ I went through very difficult times during divorce or pregnancy ” Don't take the initiative to tell each other about their privacy , If you don't handle your personal affairs well, it's easy to think of work performance ;
  • “ I have no questions to ask ” Finally, when asked, this answer is equivalent to “ never see again ”.

Four 、 How to use HR⾯

HR Usually programmers ⾯ At the end of the test ⼀⾯, Be reasonable ⼈ Of ⼏ The rate is not ⼤, But there is still ⼈ At the end of this ⼀ shut;turn off , The following from HR Of ⻆ To analyze how to deal with HR⾯.

1. HR⾯ Of ⽬ Of

HR⾯ It's often to control ⼈ It's the end of quality ⼀ Turn off , With the former ⾯ Technology ⾯ Different ,HR⾯ They tend to focus on ⼯⻛ Risk assessment and basic management ⼯ Quality :

record ⽤⻛ Risk assessment , This part is to evaluate the candidates ⼈ Is it stable , Whether it will bring additional management ⻛ risk , Yes no ⻢ I am competent in ⼯ do ,⽐ Such as frequent job hopping will bring stability ⻛ risk ,HR I'll think about it carefully ⼀ spot ,⽐ If in ⾯ The candidate in the test ⼈ It shows that 「 Bar fine 」 potential ,HR I will bear ⼼ The candidate ⼈ stay ⼯ It's hard to work with him ⼈ Collaboration or disobedience to management , Bring management ⻛ risk , Again ⽐ Such as , Although the state clearly stipulates that there should be no gender in recruitment 、 Age discrimination , however ⼀ individual ⼤ I'm a married woman ⼥ There will be a near future ⼦ The possibility of , There may be a ⻓ Maternity leave for the next two months ,HR They will also make assessments .

member ⼯ Quality assessment , This part evaluates the candidates ⼈ Whether you have the basic qualities of the workplace , Do you have basic communication skills ⼒, Whether there is team spirit and sense of cooperation and so on ,⽐ Such as ⼀ A very introverted candidate ⼈,HR May be able to communicate with ⼒ production ⽣ doubt .

So in and HR We should try our best to be steadfast and steady in communication 、 A positive attitude , Don't show your boast 、 Negative energy 、 Impetuous and other personality defects .

2. HR⾯ Often ⻅ problem

(1) For the future 3-5 Career planning for

⽬ Of : The question is to examine candidates ⼈ Planning for the future can ⼒, Mainly want to pass the candidate ⼈ To sniff out candidates ⼈ Yes ⼯ The attitude of making 、 Stability and the pursuit of Technology .
analysis : ⼀ Be sure to reflect the pursuit of technology in your return 、 Contribution to the team 、 Yes ⼯ The attitude of making , Don't talk about ⼀ Some fake ⼤ Empty East ⻄, Or salary 、 Positions are too utilitarian ⻄,⽽ And it's best to show your stability , If it's School Admission ⽣ perhaps ⼯ Do not ⼏ In the new ⼈ It's better not to talk about entrepreneurship ,⼀⽅⾯ The workplace is new ⼈ There's no plan ⼏ Start a business in 2000 , This is unrealistic , Explain the candidate ⼈ There's no way to proceed from reality , another ⼀⽅⾯ Explain the candidate ⼈ It's not stable enough .

It is suggested that we should talk about it in three parts :

  • ⾸ First of all, I have considered this problem ( There is a plan ), How to talk about ⼀ To talk about ⾃⼰ The status quo of ( Combined with the reality ).
  • Then from ⼯ Start with yourself , Talk about ⾃⼰ How to make ⾊ Finish your job ⼯ do , How to contribute to the team 、 How to help lead other members of the team to create more value 、 How to help the team expand ⼤ influence ⼒.
  • Finally, starting from learning , Talk about ⾃⼰ How to refine domain knowledge 、 How to improve ⾃⼰ Major can ⼒, How to feed back the team .

⾄ I want to be a technology leader Or technical experts , Just look ⾃⼰ I like it very much .

(2) How to treat overtime (996)?

⽬ Of : Examine the candidates ⼈ The compressive energy of ⼒ And responsibility ⼼

analysis : This problem ⼏ It is necessary to ask , although 996ICU The incident made a great fuss , But officials ⽅ My attitude is very ambiguous , only ⼝ Head criticism is never practical ⾏ dynamic , Basically, they acquiesce in the violation of the labor law , Except for a few foreign enterprises, it is basically impossible to find companies that do not work overtime in China , So here ⾯ Try to embody in the test questions ⾃⼰ Willing to sacrifice ⾃ My willingness to have time to help the team and the business is ⾏ 了 ,⽽ And I want to emphasize ⾃⼰ The responsibility of the ⼼, If it's really ⽆ Meaning overtime , Learn how to ⽤vscode brush LeetCode draw ⽔ It's the right way .

Suggest :

1. Divide overtime into emergency overtime and ⻓ I work overtime

2. For emergency overtime , This is the case for every company ,⾃⼰ Willing to sacrifice time to help the company and the team

3. about ⻓ I work overtime , If it is ⾃⼰⻓ If you work overtime, you'll be honed ⾃⼰ Skills , carry ⾼⾃⼰ The efficiency of , If it's a team ⻓ I work overtime ,⾃⼰ Will help the team find problems , benefit ⽤⾃ Dynamic ⼯ With or more ⾼ Effective collaboration process ⾼ The efficiency of the whole team , help ⼤ Get rid of overtime at home

Yes, of course , Even if you mention ⾼ It improves team efficiency , Or will they be assigned more tasks , A lot of overtime is just ⽬ Of ,, But you can't say it , In especial ⼀ Some candidates ⼈ It's tough to say ⻓ Overtime is not accepted , In fact, the answer can be more euphemistic , except ⾮ You're really not interested in this company , If we advance ⼊ This company is the No ⼀⽬ Of , Or be a ⾼ Posture ⽐ good .

(3) how ⾯ For time limited ⼯ do ?

⽬ Of : Examine the candidates ⼈ Time management and processing ⼤ The ability to measure tasks ⼒, Of course, it will also involve ⼀ A certain amount of communication can ⼒

analysis : The programmer's ⼯ The content may be ⼤ Part of the time it's not writing code ,⽽ It's about dealing with all kinds of meetings 、 Demand and communication , It usually belongs to ⼯ In a state of overload ,⾯ Right up ⾯ This kind of problem is not recommended to work overtime ⽅ To solve , Because it's mainly about your time management ability ⼒ And communication can ⼒, These elements should be reflected in the answer

Suggest :

take ⼤ Quantity tasks are broken down into urgent and important ones 、 Important but not urgent 、 Urgent but not important 、 It's not important and urgent , Complete the above tasks in turn , Here ⾥ It shows the ability of time management ⼒
And ⾃⼰ Leadership communication will slow down the implementation of unimportant tasks ⾏ Or cut it off , Or to a new member of the group ⼈ Handle , Here ⾥ It shows that communication can ⼒

(4) Why did you come to Beijing to develop in Shanghai ?

⽬ Of : Examine the candidates ⼈ Stability and career choice

analysis : This problem ⼀ It's the last one ⼯ In a different place ⼤ The probability appears ,HR The main responsibility is ⼼ The candidate ⼈ Change from place to place ⼯ It may be unstable , There's a short-term exit ⻛ risk , It's not recommended at this time " Beijing Internet ⽹ There are many companies , More opportunities " This kind of words ( I think Beijing is good for job hopping ?), The best answer is to show ⾃⼰ The stability of ,⽐ Such as "⼥ My friend is in Beijing ,⻓ I'm looking forward to , Ready to come to Beijing ⼀ To develop " “ My home is in Beijing , Back to Beijing ” wait , The subtext is that it will develop in Beijing in the future , It doesn't swing back and forth between places .

(5) Why, from the top ⼀ Two companies quit ?

⽬ Of : Examine the reasons for leaving , The candidate ⼈ quit ⻛ Risk assessment

analysis : This question is often asked in job hopping , Don't make complaints about this time ⼀ A company or ⾃⼰ Above ⼀ ren ⽼ plate , Try to start with career development ⻆ To answer , Highlight ⾃⼰ Stability and desire to learn to rise ⼼,⾄ On ⼀ Sensitive topics ,⽐ If you work overtime too much 、 The problem of too low salary can also be discussed , After all, your job hopping appeal is to solve the problems encountered by the previous company , But we can't touch the bottom line , Avoid Tucao to make complaints about .

Suggest :

  • because ⼯ Low capital 、 Far away from home 、 Overtime 、 Low technology and so on
  • Because it's so far away from home that I spend too much time on the road , Not as good as ⽤ To charge , There is no time to recharge because of working overtime ,⽆ Fati ⾼ wait

In addition to make complaints about negative energy and Tucao , This part can be said frankly

(6) There are other companies Offer Do you ?

⽬ Of : Evaluate candidates ⼈ Is there a short period of time ⼊ The possibility of working in other companies

analysis : A lot of times it's not a candidate ⼈ Perfect fit ⼀ The requirements of a position ,HR Of course I want to ⼀ A better technology 、 Less money 、 A better match for Technology ⼈, But candidates ⼈⼀ There are always this or that ⼩ problem .

⽐ Such as , Your performance is competent ⽬ Before the post of , But this position is not very urgent ,HR Maybe use you as a spare tire , Come looking for ⼀ Personality price ⽐ more ⾼ A candidate for ⼈.⽐ Such as , You're doing very well , Excellent resume ,HR I don't know if I can 100% Take you down . So if you really want to add ⼊ This company , It's better to do 「 at large the better to apprehend him 」, We should not only reflect ⾃ The competition in the market ⼒,⼜ To give HR⼀ Constant pressure ⼒. therefore , Even if you have taken the whole Beijing Internet ⽹ The company's offer 了 , Don't say ⾃⼰offer More like ⽜⽑,⼀ I don't care ⼦, This will give HR Cause him to ⼊ It's not possible ⼤ Illusion , Because he has so many choices . Of course , And don't kneel down and lick :“ Add ⼊ Company is my dream , I'm just waiting for this ⼀ individual offer”, discharge ⼼ Well ,⼀ It must be hr Put it on the spare tire ⼈ In the talent pool .

Suggest :

indicate ⾃⼰ There are three or four that have been confirmed offer 了 ( No, offer I also want to blow , But don't disclose the specific company )
But the first ⼀ The intention is still our company , If the pay gap doesn't ⼤, Will give priority to our company
Show me again , Yes ⼀ Two offer It's so urgent ⽐ It's urgent , I hope the results will come out soon

(7) How to communicate with HR Talk about pay ?

HR Talking about salary with you often has the following routine :

  • HR: What is your expected salary ?
  • you : 25K.

OK, You have been HR Success routine . At this time, your most ⾼ Price is 25K 了 , then HR It's going to go down the price , So your final salary ⼀ It's always lower than 25K. When you get offer, Yours ⼼⾥ It must be full of all kinds of “ Regret ”: In fact, the offer was 26、27 what ⾄28、29 It's OK, too .

The right answer can be like this , And it can reverse the routine ⼀ Next HR:

  • HR: What is your expected salary ?
  • you : Just me ⾯ Test performance , Your company is the most ⾼ How much can I pay you ⽔?

If you don't have enough experience ⽼ Dao HR Maybe you can say ⼀ A quote ( Such as 25K) Come on , then , You can drive very well ⼼ I talked slowly up the price . So in this case , Your final salary must be ⼤ On 25K Of . Of course , Experience ⽼ Dao HR I'll give it to you ⼀ The sentence is very official ⽅ The old adage :

  • HR: What is your expected salary ?
  • you : Just me ⾯ Test performance , Your company is the most ⾼ How much can I pay you ⽔?
  • HR: It's not sure yet , To combine with you ⼏ round ⾯ The test results and ⽤⼈ Ministry ⻔ The meaning of ⻅ To evaluate comprehensively .

Although salary is very important , But I have a ⼈ I don't think it's the most important . I have the following suggestions :

  • If you think you're skilled ⾯ The test results are very good , You can report ⼀ individual ⾼⼀ A little bit of salary , So if HR I want you , I'll talk to you about it .
  • If you think technology ⾯ Try the effect ⼀ like , But you ⽐ I prefer to join this company , You can report ⼀ A compromise salary .
  • If you think ⾯ The test results are very good , But you don't want to be in this company , You can be appropriate “ price oneself out of the market ”⼀ Next .
  • If you think ⾯ The test result is not good , But you want to be in this company , You can drive ⼀ A little lower ⼀ Dot ⼯ information .

It should be noted that ,⾯ Try to find a job is ⼀ It's a two-way selection process .⾯ Try to be neither humble nor arrogant , Never because ⾯ The test result is not good , Just whisper ⽓ I beg for it ⼯ do , Every ⼈ Of ⼯ Experience and experience are not ⼀ What kind of , technology ⾯ Try not well , know ⾃⼰ It is necessary to make up for the shortcomings of the market ⾏,⽽ Not in ⼈ I'm not thinking about things .

3. HR Face to face communication skills

Follow HR When communicating , Don't exaggerate your current salary ,HR The information you know is often beyond your knowledge , Especially large companies will have background checks , So don't lie , Seeking truth from facts . Follow HR Communication skills include the following :

(1) Don't rush to bid

Don't rush to show your cards , Once you name a salary range , You can't increase your salary , It also gives the other party room to bargain . And an unreasonable price will make the other party give up directly . So don't rush to bid , Let the other party bid first .

meanwhile , For the company level , Don't go for an interview with a goal at the beginning , This will make the interview more difficult , such as :

The goal is to get Ali P7 Position , Don't say no P7 I won't go to an interview or something , Such a request will make the other party take... From the beginning P7 Interview according to the standard of , May find P8+ Your interviewer came to interview you , This will greatly increase the difficulty of the interview .

(2) Be confident and confident

Be confident , self-confidence , I have calculated the desired salary according to the above valuation , Then you should have the confidence to say it , And give specific reasons , such as :

1. I have a general understanding of the salary range and level of your company , What is the approximate range of my current level

2. Now the company will soon have the opportunity of salary adjustment , I haven't adjusted my salary for a long time , Years ago, job hopping would lose year-end bonus and so on

3. Now I have a certain company how many K Of offer

If HR It means that the salary you want can't meet , At this time, you should give the basis for your evaluation , Is it based on the industry rank standard or your existing salary range , This is justified .

(3) Talk about it offer We should implement it as soon as possible

For the salary that has been discussed , must do HR To send an email offer To confirm .

5、 ... and 、 Summary of thinking after the interview

After the interview, summarize where you are not doing well , Where to do well , Write it all down , In the future, we will develop our strengths and avoid our weaknesses

Through the interview, I must have personally experienced the company's team culture 、 The technical ability of the interviewer 、 Professionalism and what the position will do in the future , Whether there is a gap with your expectations , Multiple offer If so, make more comparisons

Every interview should be rewarding , After all, it took time and energy . Even if you can't face it, you can know what you're not doing well , Continue to strengthen .

There is a long way to go in front-end learning , If you choose the front end , Then work hard , Can't give up halfway . There are many things to learn at the front end , But interest is the driving force to stick to it , Come on together .

Front end learning content is complex 、 The good and bad materials on the Internet are intermingled , It's not easy to sort it out by yourself , In order to help friends who want to go all the way to black , Special arrangement of 《 Front end engineers learn advanced materials 》.

The content includes html,css,JavaScript,ES6, computer network , browser , engineering , modularization ,Node.js, frame , data structure , performance optimization , Projects, etc .( Information in this article fit 0-2 year )

Including Tencent 、 Bytes to beat 、 millet 、 Ali 、 sound of dripping water 、 Meituan 、58、 A lot of spelling 、360、 Sina 、 Sohu and other first-line Internet companies were asked questions in the interview , Covers the beginning of intermediate front-end technology .

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Summary of front-end interview questions




Front end data summary

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