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Shaobing is really reckless and Zhang Jiunan is a real thief. Deyun Douxiao society 2 officially opened

2021-08-23 20:35:07 Tencent Entertainment

stay 《 Deyun Douxiao society 》 Before the second season , In fact, there has been a certain section . Clay oven rolls 、 Luan Yunping and Meng Hetang are competing to form a team to be captain . In the end, there was no high or low . And after the positive starts , The characteristics of several of them are still very distinctive .

Especially Shaobing and Zhang Jiunan , Personality is very prominent .

There's no need to say more about pancakes , This time, it really shows Shaobing “ Reckless ” One side , See above .

This millstone is actually the main prop throughout the whole program . Before everyone enters , Yue Yunpeng once grinded on this grinding plate alone . It's just , At that time, Yue Yunpeng's expression was distorted , I can see that the grinding plate is very heavy , It takes a lot of strength to push . This point from the back Luan Yunping 、 The reaction of Zhang Jiuling and others can be known .

In contrast, the reaction of Shaobing is different , At least under Shaobing's men , The grinding plate is like having no weight . Just as everyone grinds the noodles step by step , The pancake lifted the grinding plate with one hand , So that Meng Hetang and others can take the surface from the inside of the grinding plate . From the relaxed expression of Shaobing , You can also know that the strength of Shaobing is really great . No wonder Shaobing received a boxing variety show not long ago , Just have a place to use . You can also let netizens see the strength of Deyun society .

Another impressive one is Zhang Jiunan . although , Zhang Jiunan participated in the recording of variety show for the first time , however , It's a thief “ personality ” On the contrary, it is reflected incisively and vividly . This time Zhang Jiunan 、 Shang Jiuxi 、 Zhang helun and Yan Hexiang were assigned the task of making pancakes . Zhang helun 、 Qin Xiaoxian and Yan Hexiang are meeting step by step 、 Cake making 、 pancakes , Only Zhang Jiunan 、 Shang Jiuxi and his wife had the idea of taking out , As for who started the idea , The program doesn't say . however , Zhang Jiunan made a score and filled the cake for the takeout .

But , There is too much difference in size between the bought cake and the baked cake , This time, Zhang Jiunan also missed . That Yan Hexiang said “ Let's just do it in a down-to-earth way , It would be bad if you were disqualified .”

Although the strategy of buying big cakes online failed , But Zhang Jiunan still doesn't give up any chance . While the rest of the people are doing their own bread , Zhang Jiunan first heard the exchange rules , Then start hiding cakes . I have to say that Zhang Jiunan's job “ Smart ” Yes, there are. .

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