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Brother through thorns: it turns out that my brother can do no less "things" than my sister

2021-08-23 21:56:29 Tencent Entertainment

In variety effects and “ Do things ” In this matter , You can always believe in mango .

《 My brother 》 Finally, it's on the public stage ,

In the preview released before the broadcast ,

The brothers who were loyal and quiet in the program last week ,

Unexpectedly, a trailer full of contradictions and conflicts was cut out .

So for “ Watch it ”, Entertainment people also watched the positive film as soon as it went online ,

Just to see , When more than 30 men gathered together ,

What will happen “ To make things ”,“ What's up ”.

Results found , Men together , It can really make a lot of things ,

The solution we choose , It's also worth tasting .

01. Choose the sequence of appearances , The art of war has been used

Compared with 《 Sister Lang 》 When choosing the order of appearance ,

In fact, the brothers used “ methods ” It's not fierce .

Like Chen Xiaochun as the captain “ Dawan District ” Delegates , The attitude is true, super good ,

While the brothers of other tribes are seriously discussing what order to choose will be remembered ,

The firepower is completely behind “ Dawan District ” The brothers are calm ,

There is quite a way “ I'll choose what you have left , Don't be afraid of anything ” The wind of the great general .

And Zhao Wenzhuo's brother is to choose his favorite appearance order ,

The art of war has been used ,“ Practise deception , fish in troubled waters ” after ,

“ Let the bullet fly for a while ”, Finally, I chose the desired order of appearance .

Let the calm teacher Huang Guanzhong describe the order in which the brothers choose to appear this time ,

That's it ――

“ It's like grabbing rice ”

02. Practice is much more difficult , Each has its own solution

After choosing a public appearance order ,

The brothers' performance practice began .

It's still that “ Dawan District ” Delegates .

The brothers thought they had chosen a good song ,

But I found that I chose the hardest of the eight songs .

But I have to say that my brothers have a really good attitude ,

After a brief bitterness , Began to have fun in pain ,

Although it looks like a pair of “ I don't want to practice any more ” The appearance of ,

But I'm really trying to practice .

In the notice, people were entertained and looked at Bai JUGANG 、 Gao Hanyu teamed up with Zhang Jin ,

What do you think “ Cold faced players ”,“ Serious brother ”,

In the preview, I feel that this group is about to quarrel from time to time ,

Although the main film does feel like it's going to quarrel ,

For example, Zhang Jin will feel that the other two people are easily emotional “ Get angry ”,

It's too noisy , It will affect him to remember the song ,

Then when the team negotiates the stage performance ,

Out of my professional knowledge of martial arts , Zhang Jin thinks that he will not have the strength to sing after playing that paragraph with all his strength ,

Gao Hanyu and Bai JUGANG feel no problem ,

In this paragraph, Zhang Jin said “ Have you ever played ?”

Let the atmosphere fall into a kind of embarrassment .

But what surprises people is , Zhang Jin was finally persuaded ,

Made a compromise , Also figured out some , Even joined “ Stem joining activity ”,

It seems , He's just slow and hot ,

Finally, this group of contradictions were well resolved .

And many brother's groups , From the beginning, it was more harmonious .

For example, brother Zhao Wenzhuo's group , Everyone is very “ obedient ”,

Ouyangjing formation 、 The Lee Seung Hyun group has always been very harmonious ,

Although brother Yan Chengxu and his group also have some small problems ,

But it can also be solved by sitting down and talking calmly ……

Of course , Not all my brother's groups are so “ Years static good ”.

In all groups , In fact, teacher Lin Zhixuan's group , It's a big contradiction .

Because teacher Lin Zhixuan's original intention is , Look for... In every field “TOP”,

To complete his heart “ art ”.

So he wanted to ,“ We still do what we are good at ”,

Regardless of Liu Jia 、 Li Xiang or Li Yundi ,

Everyone actually wants to come to this stage to break through their own professional restrictions ,

Especially Liu Jia and Li Xiang , They want to sing , Want to feel involved ,

But Mr. Lin Zhixuan thinks “ If you expose your weaknesses on the stage , Actually, it's not good ”

It's hard for both sides to convince each other , The scene was once so embarrassing that I pulled my toes ,

The twists and turns of the process amuse people, who are willing to call it the most of this issue ,

Li Xiang is even a little anxious to say “ If so, I might as well quit the game ”

Bei aogou 、 Gao Hanyu and others skillfully gave a careless eye to comfort .

Li Yundi tries to communicate with Lin Zhixuan , Lin Zhixuan said it's hard to be a captain ,

Need to give up something , Whoever it is .

It can only be said that individuals have personal considerations .

In the end, I didn't see how to solve the problem of Teacher Lin Zhixuan's team ,

But by contrast, Bridget's group next door is much more comfortable .

If you are older than teacher Lin Zhixuan , Although Bridget is a brother ,

But I really tried to be a good captain .

In Bridget's group ,Ricky My music and character are relatively convergent ,

And Bridget and Gai It's all quite external ,

In especial Gai, When making music, you may stick to yourself very much ,

But Bridget also fully considered Ricky The mood of the ,

No, because and Gai If you have a good relationship “ Crooked butt ”,

Both sides compromise on music , Let's go one step at a time , So that everyone can make music comfortably .

Bridget , In all respects , Really a very qualified captain .

03. Conclusion

In the latest program , The brothers also shared good things in the dormitory ,

As a result, the sharing of good things has become “ Live with the goods ”,

Yan Chengxu is simply watching one by one , Remember that one wants to buy one ,

It is also a different kind of interest .

In fact, we can see that , Mango is doing brother show and sister show ,

The attitude is completely different ,

It's like 《 Sister Lang 》 in , The program team has always wanted to show that

“ Three women a play ” Of “ The martyr ” The feeling of ,

But in 《 brother 》 in , The program is more like a group of harmony between men ,

But to entertain people , When a group of people with different personalities come together at first ,

“ To make things ”、“ Conflicts ” It's also inevitable .

Harmony is possible , however “ Always happy ” It's impossible ,

Whoever comes , Conflict , There will always be .

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