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The web 3 world no longer needs countless accounts, and DAS is enough

2021-08-23 22:13:45 Fun coin

In the Internet world , We have countless accounts , About social 、 payment 、 game 、 shopping ……

But now there is an obvious trend —— Account cross platform interworking , We started using the same account to log in to different applications .

But it's not enough , Because the account is not really in your own hands .

The decentralized encryption world solves the problem of account ownership , But it does not solve the problem of interoperability , And the user's account ( That's the wallet address ) It's too long , It is very inconvenient for users to freely access .

DAS Provides a new solution , Like a domain name , But it's far more than domain names .

This tea chain visit Exclusive invitation DAS The founder of the team —— yang min , Introduce us to this new decentralized account system .

1. How to use one sentence to introduce DAS?

yang min :DAS For the encrypted world , Just as email and mobile phone numbers are to the Internet , It is Web 3 An account system in the world .

We log in to all Internet services , Basically can't do without mobile phone number and email , Because this is your online identity .

DAS It is a decentralized account system , It can be used in the future DAS To visit all kinds of DApp、 Receive cryptocurrency, etc .

Web 3 The world no longer needs countless accounts   Yes DAS That's enough

2. DAS When did the team decide to do a decentralized account system ? Based on what judgment was the decision made ?

yang min : I am here 2018 I paid attention to ENS, I think it is the rudiment of decentralized identity in the future .

Previously, online transfer required wallet address ( I don't think anyone can really remember ), But there is. ENS You can directly enter the other party's ENS account number ( such as lianchaguan.eth) That's all right. . In addition, each account is different , Then it is a practical NFT.

Based on the above two points , We are 2019 Set up a team at the beginning of the year to do similar things .

At that time, our code was written , But in the end, I gave up , because We found that no matter what we did , Can only be worse ENS.

2020 year , I learned from my friend that Nervos, It can be found in Nervos Go up to do , Because it is a natural cross chain , The user is not aware of Nervos The existence of , and ENS Only The etheric fang Only users can use .

So we did it again immediately , And turn all your energy to DAS, We hope DAS Energy and harmony ENS positive PK.

3. As a developer , To be specific Nervos What are your attractions ?

yang min : Our team 2018 Founded in , stay EOS Ecology has done a lot , For example, blockchain browser 、 wallet 、 Reward tools, etc , Tried a lot of things .

but EOS Ecology really doesn't work , We haven't captured any value , So I've been looking for new directions , Until we found out Nervos.

Nervos It's a natural cross chain , We are based on Nervos It's easy to cross chain , Just like the user is now registered DAS The Ethereum address is used , Can't perceive Nervos The existence of . and Cross chain is DAS Than ENS A better place .

Web 3 The world no longer needs countless accounts   Yes DAS That's enough

Nervos Our technology is very strong , Also relatively low-key , Especially the performance of currency price is not very ideal , This is what everyone can see .

however Nervos Did a lot of bottom work , It's just that their rhythm is different from that of the outside world .

Today, most public chains are doing EVM Compatible with this matter , but The world doesn't need so much EVM Compatibility chain , There is no difference between them .

I think when the market starts to cool , Most public chains will become meaningless , No longer exists .

Nervos The road is a little slow , But there is something unique about it , I think this road is OK .

4. DAS How to realize the collection account and domain name that can be used as an encrypted world , It can also be used as an account for accessing general Internet services ?

yang min : First, the principle of collection .

If I want to transfer money to chain teahouse , I just type in... In my wallet “ Chain Teahouse .bit”, Then the wallet will go to the chain to query “ Chain Teahouse .bit” Which addresses are bound above , Then grab it , Finally, complete the transfer .

It needs to be emphasized here ,DAS The account can not only support letters and numbers , It also supports Chinese characters 、 Any language such as Russian , It also supports emoji expression ( such as

Web 3 The world no longer needs countless accounts   Yes DAS That's enough

Web 3 The world no longer needs countless accounts   Yes DAS That's enough

Web 3 The world no longer needs countless accounts   Yes DAS That's enough

Web 3 The world no longer needs countless accounts   Yes DAS That's enough


Web 3 The world no longer needs countless accounts   Yes DAS That's enough

Secondly, the scheme of accessing general Internet services , It's not convenient to make it public yet , But I can outline what I want to achieve .

stay WhatsApp and Telegram Online chat is end-to-end encrypted , In fact, the server doesn't know what the chat content is . However, when registering an account, you need to use your mobile phone number and email address , This is another centralized account system .

And we are Provides a decentralized account system , It is equivalent to an additional login method .

5. DAS What is your user portrait ?

yang min : Of course, the real users at this stage are users with transfer needs , Frankly speaking, there are not many .

More people use the logic of Internet domain name speculation to hoard high-quality accounts , This phenomenon ENS So it is with . They believe DAS The system will develop well in the future , Just store some high-quality names first .

Some users are just for fun , He doesn't want to sell .

But we are more Encourage everyone to register the name they need , Really use it , Because no one is responsible for speculation .

We give the world 500 Strong company 、 The field of encryption KOL And well-known project parties ( such as imtoken.bit) All keep accounts . Many people think we're selling them at a high price , In fact, we don't charge these people's money .

in addition In the long run ,DAS The positioning of is a decentralized personal home page in the future , That is, a secondary domain name that can be accessed directly in the browser .

This model is very similar to overseas Linktree, Users can put themselves in Twitter、Instagram、Youtube And other social platform content gathered on their own personal home page , At the same time, users can also post their home page links to Twitter In my profile .

Linktree A few months ago B Round of funding 4500 Thousands of dollars ,DAS You can also do Linktree The things that were done , And the data is stored on the chain , The cost is very low .

We just went online, Link your home page to DAS Records are cleverly combined , And it can also quickly show what users have NFT, Then everyone can easily build a lightweight decentralized personal home page .

Our next focus is on overseas markets , The ecology of overseas market is more perfect , It's easier to understand DAS What is it? .

6. DAS Yes Owner and Manager The design of the , Can you give us a specific introduction .

yang min :Owner and Manager The mechanism is inspired by the real world , That is, the separation of ownership and use right of the current company system .

That is to say Owner Have an account , But I don't usually manage it , Then specify another private key to Manager To manage accounts at ordinary times . For example, to set the resolution 、 Modify the resolution record 、 Add parsing records, etc .

If Owner Frequent operation may cause leakage , Then the whole account may not work . But if it's by Owner designated Manager For daily operation , Even if it is leaked, the parsing record is at most tampered with , then Owner You can always put Manager replace .

7. The future is about DAS What other ways may exist ?

yang min : We will plan a series of activities , Give Way DAS Popular on social networks . For example, everyone is Twitter Change your name to your own DAS Account , At this time, an identity will be formed .

There will be a series of ways to lower the threshold in the future   Theoretically DAS You can also register by email .

DAS As an online identity in the encrypted world , For example, it can be used directly in the meta universe DAS Use your identity .

8. DAS How to achieve compatibility with all public chains ? And what new public chains will be added in the next step ?

yang min :Nervos Provides an underlying , We only need to deploy the signature page algorithms of other public chains to Nervos CKB Just go up .

The future includes Dog money The currency We all add , But the first step is some mainstream EVM Compatibility chain .

9. DAS still Demo At this stage, there was a heated discussion , Whether the effect since the launch meets the team's initial expectations ? And what is expected in the future ?

yang min : Our original plan was to launch in April , But the development threshold is really a little high , So it was delayed for about three months , But after the launch, the performance is still far beyond our expectations .

register DAS There is a threshold for accounts , Each account registration requires 7 dollar (5 USD registration fee +2 USD storage fee ).

even so , On line 1 It will be finished in two hours 1000 A registration , Now has 7000 A registration . We expect to 8 End of month 9 Open more registrations at the beginning of the month .

10. DAS Next, prepare how to attract new users to register DAS?

yang min : We're focusing on the wallet this month SDK Integrate , Only after the integration is completed can it really be used , So there's no publicity , however 9 New activities will be intensively carried out in January .

such as 9 At the beginning of this month, we will jointly do the auction of high-quality short account with coin an , And jointly publicize with wallet partners , Then all the auction proceeds will be returned to the participating users .

Now we have a professional service provider team to participate full-time , around DAS To build business services , For example, do centralized registration 、 The auction 、 Trading market, etc , Be similar to GoDaddy What traditional domain name service providers do .

So we will launch the trading market later 、 Distribution market to Fomo Auction function of playing method, etc , You are also welcome to pay attention to DAS The official Twitter And official account number .

11. Last ,DAS What are the possible opportunities and challenges in the future ?

yang min : I think there are great opportunities in the future , Because we're not just domain names , It's an account system (DAS The full name is Decentralized ‍Account ‍Systems, Decentralized account system ).

Not everyone needs a domain name , But everyone needs an account , The domain name is only the use scenario of the account .

Of course, it's not just right DAS for , For all decentralized account systems of the same type , The market space must be far more than the existing domain name market .

And the industry really needs a decentralized identity , This is a very important puzzle in the blockchain industry .

As for the challenge , That is, today, when Ethereum based development has become politically correct , A lot of people will think DAS There is no development based on Ethereum, that is wrong .

It takes time to prove , in fact Nervos The low handling fee and natural cross chain are very conducive to DAS Development .

Another is that some people think we are copying ENS. But in fact, just compare the code , You know DAS How many innovations have been made .

It's because we see a lot ENS The problem of , That's why I did it DAS, Avoid a lot of ENS Unreasonable design . Therefore, it can only be said that in the product direction ,ENS Walk at the front , And we are a latecomer , And a very competitive Challenger .

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