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In simple terms, flask (23): CSS animation of h-ui front-end framework

2021-08-24 00:25:51 caimouse

Animation has always been the focus of attention , Because people's eyes are much more sensitive to moving objects , This is because man is the choice in the process of genetic modification for tens of thousands of years , Because moving things are the greatest threat to mankind , For example, a running Tiger , And the big stones rolling down the mountain .

Therefore, animation display has always been the process of people's pursuit of realization ,WEB Development was used in the past FLASH To achieve animation , This is a glorious era , But with the upgrade of the browser , It itself began to support animation technology . Start using js Animation , Such animation requires a large amount of calculation , Often used to achieve 3D Animation . If it's normal 2D Animation , Will adopt CSS3 To achieve . This paper mainly introduces CSS Animation .

css3 Two animation implementation methods are added , One is transition, One is animation.

transition contain 4 Species attribute :transition-delay transition-duration transition-property transition-timing-function, Corresponding animation 4 Species attribute : Delay 、 The duration of the 、 Corresponding css Properties and jog functions ,

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