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With an average monthly sales of less than 200 units, is it from Great Wall Harvard?

2021-08-24 04:26:59 Oriental Information automobile

In fact, from the appearance , The harvard H8 Large inlet grille , With sharp eyes 、 There are God's headlights , It's really domineering 、 Fierce ; Coupled with the broad and compact body lines , muscular , People can hardly see the city today SUV The delicacy of , But it reveals the tough off-road style of hardliners as far as you can see . The harvard H8 The whole size of the car is long 4820mm wide 1975mm high 1794mm, Wheelbase reached 2915mm, Even now, consumers have more stringent requirements for the use space in the car , The harvard H8 It can also be said to be very excellent .

Besides , The harvard H8 Not only the standard configuration of the whole series 7 Inch LCD combination instrument 、 Electronic file handle 、 Automatic wiper 、 Automatic headlight 、 Automatic start stop configuration , High configuration models , And inductive electric suction tailgate 、ACC Adaptive cruise and other high-end configurations . In terms of power, there are 2.0T Choice of gasoline and diesel engines , The maximum power is 252 horsepower (185kW)、190 horsepower (140kW), The maximum peak torque distribution is 355 cattle · Rice and 420 cattle · rice ; Match it with... From ZF 8 Speed automatic transmission . The suspension structure is a front double wishbone independent suspension + Combination mode of rear multi link independent suspension , Compared with “ Big brother ” The harvard H9 Their off-road ability is not much worse ; Depending on the model , There are also models equipped with timely four-wheel drive system .

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