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Another ruthless character fell by 40000, which was "more beautiful" than Passat and maiteng, and didn't lose BMW

2021-08-24 05:21:24 Oriental Information automobile

Remember when 10 Years ago , The public CC But a classic model that is popular all over the country , With its wide flat front , The frameless door , Hatchback door , Five door sedan shape , Become the heart of many consumers Dream Car, It is also known as “ Volkswagen's most beautiful car ”,5 Sold in month 3450 car , And many places in the country have also given 4 A discount of about ten thousand yuan , It's down 20.68 Starting price of 10000 yuan , Let's see in detail , Is it worth starting ?

As a hunting car , The public CC The appearance of the hunting edition has always been the focus of the majority of car fans , The overall shape of the front face of the new car is the same as that of the cash CC The car running is basically consistent , The main change is to change the Volkswagen brand LOGO And the lower surround design , The air inlets on both sides are also integrated with “C” Font decoration . Different from the traditional station wagon ,CC The back sliding design of the hunting version is more slender , The rear of the car will be equipped with a new style LED Lamp group , The exhaust follows the hidden layout .

In this interim change , The interior has also been innovated , Refer to overseas edition Arteon In terms of interior decoration , Still follow the symmetrical design of the Volkswagen family , The whole central control looks layered ,10.3 Inch LCD dashboard and 8 Inch touch LCD screen , It enhances the sense of technology in the car , At the same time, Volkswagen's latest steering wheel design makes the whole interior atmosphere younger and sportier , And more exquisite .

motivation , With a new car 1.5T、2.0T Petrol version ( low / high power )、2.0T Diesel version ( low / high power ) as well as 1.4T Plug in hybrid engine , The transmission system 6 Quick manual 、7 Quick double clutch and 6 Speed automatic transmission . configuration , The new car offers adaptive cruise control 、 Parking assistant with parking distance control 、 Horizontal assistance , Active passenger protection system and lane change assistant .

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