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Anti Mafia storm Lin Hao is blessed with misfortune. He is framed by Sun Xing, but he accidentally sees the true face of the ghost

2021-08-24 15:08:19 Tencent Entertainment

By sun Honglei 、 Wu yue 、 Zhang Yi Xing 、 TV series starring Liu Yijun and others 《 Black storm 》 At present, it is being broadcast on multiple platforms .

《 Black storm 》 Online to date , The audience rating of single platform is about to reach 15 Billion , There is no doubt that it has become a popular work this summer .

In the latest plot , Luo Shanhe and Li Chengyang have made great progress in their respective investigations , On the side of Luoshan River, Dong Yao is taken as a breakthrough , Found the big villain Gao Mingyuan who has been hiding behind , Li Chengyang also temporarily succeeded in preventing goto capital, where Gao Mingyuan is located, from obtaining the Yihe new village project from Xinshuai group .

Actually ,《 Black storm 》 The plot has developed to the present , The identity of many villains in the play is no longer a secret , One of the most unacceptable to the audience is naturally he Yun .

The role of He Yun was quite normal when he went online at the beginning , However, with the gradual deepening of the follow-up investigation team's investigation into Mai Zili's case , She was obviously a little flustered , Stimulate Ma Shuai when talking , This led to Ma Shuai's accident .

Besides , He Yun also has a very close relationship with the villain Sun Xing , from 《 Black storm 》 From the prototype of the story , The villain Sun Xing is actually he Yun's son .

Sun Xing's real name is Gao He , After committing a felony, he Yun relied on her position as deputy director , Not only let him go , And changed his name and shape .

He Yun doesn't think Gao he doesn't know how to repent , He has been arrogant and domineering since he was released , Xu yingzi, sister and brother died because of him .

stay 《 Black storm 》 In the previous plot , Interpol Lin Hao and reporter Huang Xi have begun to stare at Sun Xing , Lin Hao knows very well , All the cases of Xu yingzi's sister and brother have problems , So after He Yong's advice, he began his own investigation of Sun Xing .

Lin Hao's character is very honest and kind , But sometimes it's too impulsive to do things , Earlier, he found that Xu yingzi's sister and brother had an accident , He rushed directly to Sun Xing , However, as a result, he fell into Sun Xing's trap .

Sun Xing is extremely cunning , He just saw Lin Hao's impulse , That's why I deliberately set him up .

However , The contest between Lin Hao and Sun Xing is only the beginning , In the future notice : Lin Hao was framed by Sun Xing again , And he Yun suspended him .

Sun Xing let his men deliberately provoke Lin Hao , And kept mentioning Xu yingzi .

Lin Hao began to confront Sun Xing , In the whole process, Sun Xing not only didn't fight back , And deliberately hurt yourself .

Although Lin Hao is also the dry son of He Yun , But Sun Xing has her weakness after all , So she naturally wants to try her best to stop Lin Hao from following up with Sun Xing , So he Yun immediately stopped Lin Hao after he knew .

The plot actually starts here , I'm already laying the groundwork for Lin Hao to see the true face of He Yun , So Lin Hao can also be said to be a blessing in disguise .

In fact, the plot setting of Sun Xing deliberately asking Lin Hao for trouble ,《 Black storm 》 There is also a metaphor .

before , In the bathroom, Sun Xing angrily said his original name was actually Gao He , But because he committed a crime, he can only be Sun Xing ,

About Lin Hao , Sun Xing is more jealous , Because when Sun Xing first set a trap for Lin Hao, he Yun saved Lin Hao , It was also because of this that he learned that Lin Hao was the son of He Yun .

Lin Hao as a dry son , He Yun took good care of him , But his own son can only live like a stranger Sun Xing , Sun Xing, who had psychological problems, put all his emotions on Lin Hao .

From the present 《 Black storm 》 From the depiction of the plot , Although the role of He Yun is an insider , But her heart is really struggling , There must be something difficult to say , Of course , In any case, she must be punished .

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