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"Heart 4" is unprecedented, which makes three pairs of CP sweet hand in hand. Male one and female four deserve blessing

2021-08-24 15:20:45 Oriental Infotainment

《 A heartbeat signal 4》 It ends perfectly on Friday night , Six dollars goes straight to the last phase , Some people enjoy it , Some people are disappointed .“ Fang Chen Style CP” Success holds hands and admires others , Let's have a good time ; Ma Zijia's rejection of oranges is disappointing and heartbreaking .

A variety show , There are inevitably surprises , There will also be places where people feel uneasy , After reading the fifth issue , The author's heart is mixed , Which of those things in front of the camera is true or false , We need to judge carefully .

Three pairs CP Successful hand in hand , The picture is beautiful

Come back , There are three pairs in the fourth season CP Successful hand in hand , Ma Zijia and Kong Rucheng respectively , Deng Kaiwei and Luo Yuejia , Chen Siming and Fang Binhan ,《 A heartbeat signal 》 From the first issue to today's fourth issue , There are three pairs at a time CP Successful hand in hand , It's unprecedented . In previous seasons , At most, there are only two pairs of successful hands .

But I think , This season “ Fang Chen Style CP” Although sweet , But not yet “ Love heald ceiling ” The point of , In my heart , Love is still the second season “ anecdote CP”, Zhao Qijun and Yang Kaiwen are textbook Level , their “ status ” Hard to shake . The three pairs who successfully held hands this time CP in , There is a sweet , There are also controversial . The former is needless to say ,“ Fang Chen Style CP” In this season , He sprinkled us a lot of dog food , Their successful hand in hand is blessed, firm and partial , Chen Siming and Fang Binhan have always been firm in their hearts , Especially Chen Siming , Except Fang Binhan , He never interacted with other girls . in addition , The second sweet combination is “ Kaijia warrior CP”, Deng Kaiwei and Luo Yuejia . Their route is “ old couple ” Type , Although their interaction is not particularly vigorous , But it can make people feel the beauty of a long stream of water . Especially Deng Kaiwei's sincerity , It's really moving .

Controversial , Naturally, it is composed of a man, a horse and a woman, four Kong Rucheng “ Happy planet CP”.

“ Happy planet CP” Deserve to be blessed

Ma Zijia's swing and final choice were almost attacked by the whole network , His microblog comment area is even worse , I make complaints about it , There are people who scold , In short, most people don't like him , Bless the couple CP Few people .

There are ten programs , At least for the first seven issues, he was still interacting with oranges , Didn't draw the distance clearly , Orange always likes him , But it's because Ma Zijia interacts closely with two girls at the same time , Procrastinating never makes a choice , That led to the situation of being scolded by the whole network , He himself has a lot of reasons .

I also took it from the beginning “ Makabaka CP” Of , Ma Zijia's special care for oranges makes it difficult for people not to take drugs , If only he hadn't been so clear at first , In the final analysis, Ma Zijia guided us .

But I have to say , In the last issue , The interaction between Ma Jiazi and Xiao Kong is really sweeter , The program group edited their past , It does seem like a two-way trip , In contrast, Ma Jiazi and orange got along in the past , It's not so sweet , I feel his relationship with orange has been very flat .

since “ Happy planet CP” It's a two-way trip to , It is also worthy of blessing , As for how far they can go , Let's wait and see !

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