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Chinese restaurant is getting less and less difficult? Huang Xiaoming told the truth. He felt tired and wanted to quit and become a joke

2021-08-24 15:21:09 Tencent Entertainment

8 month 20 Friday night , Gathered Huang Xiaoming 、 quiet 、 Gong Jun 、 Zhou also 、 The reality show of Yao Anna and Ding Zhen 《 Chinese Restaurant 5》 The first 4 The feature film goes online on time , Ever since the show team started fiddling with the first edition , After deliberately guiding public opinion and the wind , The reputation of the program drops again and again , After opening low and walking low, I only got 4.6 The lowest score in history .

To be fair , But from the guest lineup ,《 Chinese Restaurant 5》 There is peace 、 Huang Xiaoming, two senior artists, are in town , And Gong Jun 、 Two flow blessings of Ding Zhen , In addition, Zhou ye, who is very popular on the road, and Yao Anna, who brings her own topic , This season's starting lineup is quite luxurious , The reason why it has set the lowest score record since it was broadcast , It has a lot to do with the drop in the difficulty of the program .

First ,《 Chinese Restaurant 》 As a first gear to “ Promote Chinese Cuisine ” A program with a theme , But because the program group pursues too much topic , Give up inviting professional chefs to check the quality of dishes , Instead, I invited a group of kitchen Xiaobai who can't do anything. After a short day's training, he directly went on to cook big dishes , It seems to turn the program into a cooking show of a group of stars .

secondly ,《 Chinese Restaurant 5》 Compared with previous seasons , The difficulty of operation has not decreased a bit , In this case, the partner runs a restaurant full of loopholes , While shouting tired , It is unacceptable to many viewers !

In the latest program , Tranquility speaks the truth , Frankly speaking, this program is too tired , Not only resolutely refused to join the next season , I don't even want to go to the next stop , Yelling to quit . Tell the truth , Recording variety shows is better than shooting TV dramas 、 The movie , It takes a short time 、 Great return , Quiet and others just need to record 21 God , Can earn the wealth that ordinary people can accumulate for more than ten years , There is nothing unsatisfied ?

What's more funny , Not long after quiet complained about tiredness and wanted to quit , Huang Xiaoming mentioned Yang Zi again 、 It was not easy for Wang Junkai to record the fourth season , admit 《 Chinese Restaurant 》 While the difficulty of is getting lower and lower , It also makes the tranquility that dislikes the tired program and wants to quit become a joke .

According to Huang Xiaoming ,《 Chinese Restaurant 4》 At the end of the term , Yang Zi cried very miserably , It is precisely because they experienced a lot of hardships together in that season , In previous seasons, it was open for many days before taking a day off , Occasionally, I can have a drink when I'm tired , I feel very happy to go out and play , But this season is a hard day after three days off , It's really easy .

More Than This ,《 Chinese Restaurant 5》 Only one dinner at a time , And last season at noon 、 It needs to be open continuously at night , Usually work until midnight 11 Click over , Then I finished washing 、 Tidy , In addition, it is in foreign countries and other adverse factors , Huang Xiaoming, despite his quiet face, strongly proves that this season is very relaxed , Absolutely telling the truth .

even so , Andy 、 Wang Junkai, including Qin Hailu, rarely shouted tired , I won't say that I want to quit .

Have to say , Huang Xiaoming's words really hit the quiet face , I'm already in the most relaxed season. I'm not satisfied , I'm really a little uninterested . Look at it from another Angle , Tranquility is the least difficult to record 《 Chinese Restaurant 》 They are all tired , I don't know how easy other variety shows she usually records , It's too easy for stars to get money !

Last ,“ There is no such thing as a free lunch ”, Stars are paid dozens of times more than ordinary people , It should pay more , Both want to relax , Want to make money again , There is no such good thing in the world ?# Chinese Restaurant 5#

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