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It's best to do this before starting the car in winter, otherwise the engine may be scrapped in less than half a year

2021-08-24 15:25:02 Oriental Information automobile

In the winter , The temperature is much lower in many areas , Even in the north, the temperature is below zero . But the temperature is lower , People who should go to work still have to go to work . Although it's not easy to get up from the warm quilt in winter , But fortunately, many people now have cars , You can drive directly to work , Avoid the desolation of the bus in the cold wind . Have to say , There's a car in winter , There are really many benefits , It's not just that you don't have to wait for the bus , Even in my car , And turn on the air conditioner , Listening to the radio , Don't be too comfortable .

But for people with cars , The topic of car maintenance is never out of date , Especially in winter , There are many aspects that car owners need to pay attention to , Because the temperature below zero also has a great impact on the car . Generally speaking , Before starting the car in winter , It's better to do it , Otherwise, your engine may not be used for half a year , There is a risk that it may be scrapped . I believe this is a consequence that no one wants to see .

Need to know , In winter , Because the temperature drops , Icing may occur in many areas . In particular, there are many liquid solutions in the car , Will these liquid solutions freeze together , It is a problem that many car owners need to pay attention to . Remember to replace the car with antifreeze at this time . You know, the engine has a water tank , Just to cool the engine . But in winter , The water tank will freeze easily , Moreover, the water tank will break due to the increase of volume . In this case , It will cause serious damage to the engine , Even your engine may be scrapped in less than half a year .

In addition to adding antifreeze , The glass water on the car also needs to be replaced . Generally speaking , In winter, the window glass is likely to freeze or atomize because the water mist condenses on it . Usually this time we need to use glass water to clean the glass . But here's the thing , When the temperature of glass water is below zero , It can still spray on its own , But wait until after zero , Glass water may also freeze .

Because glass water contains a lot of water , So freezing is not a strange thing . Before the temperature drops completely , You need to pay attention to the summer glass water used in the car first , Change to glass water used in winter . This glass water because of the addition of some additives , It won't freeze immediately , So before starting the car in winter , You'd better change it . Otherwise, continue to use the glass water in summer , Because of the ice , The pump can't pump out water , It's easy to burn .

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