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  • Front end memoir | Front end notebook - Experience and summary recorded by a front-end blogger
  • Hasnode - Hashnode Is in your personal domain free The easiest way to create a developer blog for free and connect with readers through our global developer community ! ‍‍
  • - DEV Is a community of software developers , They get together to help each other .
  • Hackernoon - An independent technical media website

Must possess Chrome add-in

  • DailyDev - stay Chrome Get information about... In the default tag Dev The latest news from the community .
  • WhatFont - Find out what font the website uses .
  • ColorPick Eyedropper - Just put down your pen , You can know what color the website uses .
  • Wappalyzer - Know the technology stack of any website
  • Web Developer - The extension has a number of tools .
  • React Developer Tools - React The developer tool is Chrome DevTools Expand , For open source React JavaScript library . It allows you to check Chrome In developer tools React Component hierarchy .

Front end performance analysis tool

  • PageSpeed Insights - PageSpeed Insights Be able to generate actual performance reports of web pages for mobile devices and desktop devices , And can provide suggestions on how to improve the corresponding web pages .
  • Lighthouse - Lighthouse It's an open source automation tool , To improve the quality of network applications . You can think of it as a Chrome The extension program runs , Or run... From the command line . You are Lighthouse Provide a URL you want to review , It will run a series of tests on this page , Then generate a report on page performance .
  • Pingdom - Online website speed detection tool is a web page speed detection tool launched by a website monitoring service company , Help users find out the reasons that affect the speed of the website , It also gives a feasible scheme to improve the performance of web pages , It is very practical for users with a website .
  • - It's an open source Web Performance testing tools , To measure Web The overall performance of the website , Help developers and testers analyze the loading speed and rendering performance of web pages .
  • Calibre - Caliber Is a multi-functional Performance Monitoring Suite , Can help you monitor and audit the performance of the website . It also allows you to specify the location of the test server by , Manage simulated advertising preferences and even simulate mobile devices to simulate real-world conditions . It also allows you to set a budget , And help you keep your budget within your budget by providing you with performance degradation .
  • SpeedTracker - SpeedTracker Is a run in WebPageTest Tools above , Regular performance testing can be done on your website , And visually display the way of various performance indicators changing with time . This allows you to continuously evaluate the website , And see how the new features affect the performance of your site . You can also define the budget and send it by email and Slack Get alert .

VS Code must have an extension

  • Compile Hero - Compile Hero Is a simple and easy to use for one click compilation Less, Sass, Scss, Styl, TS, TSX, Jade, Pug or JS And other file editor tools .
  • NPM - This extension helps you manage Package.json And provide warnings when dependencies are not installed , It will also help with version control .
  • Prettier - Prettier Is a self righteous code formatter . It works by parsing the code and using its own rules ( Consider the maximum ) Reprint the code , To achieve a consistent style , And package code if necessary .
  • Rainbow brackets - By color coding each bracket set in the environment , You can easily find the missing tag .
  • VS Code big icon - Visually identify files by type by applying the appropriate set of icons , So as to organize the environment .
  • Placeholder image - Such as and Such services are very useful . Now? , You can do this directly in VS Code Add placeholder images to save time
  • Vetur - official VueJS Expand
  • ESLint - The extension uses the... Installed in the open workspace folder ESLint library .
  • Real time server - Start the development local server with real-time reload function , For static and dynamic pages .
  • Visual Studio IntelliCode - This extension moves the most relevant completion recommendations to the top .
  • Chrome The debugger - This extension allows you to from VS Code Internal debugging is at Chrome Running in the browser JavaScript Code .
  • Microsoft Edge The debugger - stay Microsoft Edge Debug in browser JavaScript Code
  • Firefox The debugger - stay Firefox In the debugging Web Application or browser extensions
  • Bracket Pair Colorizer 2 - Customizable extensions , Used to color matching brackets

VS Code subject

DOCS And a memo

  • MDN Web Docs - MDN Web Docs The website provides information about Open Web Technical information , Including websites and progressive Web Application's HTML,CSS and API.
  • DevDocs - Quick for developers , Offline and free document browser . In a Web Search in applications 100 Multiple documents .
  • DEVHINTS - A few memo sheets .
  • FLEX-Malven - CSS Flex Visual memo for layout .
  • GRID-Malven - CSS Visual cheat sheet with grid layout .

How to operate ?

about HTML and CSS

  • Layout Demo - Study CSS Page structure layout
  • freeCodeCamp - Study Web Free courses developed .
  • Flexbox Froggy - One that helps you learn CSS Flex The game of .
  • CSS skill -Flexbox - Flexbox Complete Guide .
  • Grid Garden - One study CSS Grid The game of .
  • CSS skill - A complete guide to the grid - CSS A comprehensive guide to the grid , Focus on all settings of the grid, parent container and grid elements .
  • Learn CSS Grid - Jonathan Suh Write a comprehensive guide , Can help you understand and learn CSS Grid Layout.
  • I can use - The latest browser support table , For desktop and mobile support Web The front end of the browser Web technology .
  • HTML Dog - Simple and clear .
  • Marksheet - Unlimited number of tutorials
  • ODIN project - Amazing way to learn .
  • CSS effect - CSS Animation .
  • Keyframes - Use the visual timeline editor to create basic or complex CSS @keyframe Animation .
  • Animista - Play ready to use CSS A collection of animations .
  • It's hard to surf the Internet - Friendly for complete beginners Web Development tutorial .
  • BEM - BEM Name memo .
  • Autoprefixer - Autoprefixer It's a PostCSS plug-in unit , Can parse your CSS And add the supplier prefix .
  • CSS formatter - On-line CSS formatter ,CSS Beautifier.
  • Place holder - How to use our placeholders . Just in our URL Specify the image size after , You will get a placeholder image .

On-line IDE, Editor

Image resources

  • Unsplash - Free pictures and photos .
  • Pexels - Free pictures . - Delete photo data - Before sharing photos on the Internet , First delete personal data from the photo .
  • LottieFiles - LottieFiles It's for -Lottie Designed Animation Collection - Gone are the days of annoying developers .
  • removebg - Delete image background .
  • Pixabay - Free pictures or videos .


  • Accessibility blog - in - Seven easy to implement guidelines - Guidelines for designing more accessible websites .
  • Accessibility memo - A practical method of general design , Make your website accessible to everyone / webapp.

Windows Terminal

YOUTUBE channel

Font and printing

  • Google typeface - The first resource for free and easy-to-use web Fonts .
  • FontPair - Font pairs can help designers make Google Fonts are paired together . Beautiful Google Font combination and pairing .
  • Fontjoy - Fontjoy Help designers choose the best font combination . Mix and match different fonts to achieve perfect matching .
  • Fonts Arena - Free fonts , A free alternative to advanced Fonts , For your research results .


  • unDraw - Browse to find illustrations that fit your needs , Then click download .
  • freepik - Free graphics resources .
  • DrawKit - Hand drawn vector illustrations and icon resources , Perfect for your next project .


  • Font Awesome - Vector icons and social logos .
  • Ionicons - Open source and by MIT Licensed icon package .
  • icons8 - With PNG and SVG Download free icons .
  • flaticon - SVG,PSD,PNG,EPS Format or Icon Font Free Vector icon .
  • Simple icons - 1463 Free from popular brands SVG Icon .

Front end framework learning resources



Why React?

ES2015 +


State management

# Redux


# Webpack

Build something


  • Quotes REST API - They say So There are more than one million quotes in the database , This is the largest such database in the world . Quotes API Provides a simple way to access data .
  • OpenWeather - come from OpenWeatherMap Simple , Fast , Free weather API, You can access the current weather data , Every hour ,5 Days and 16 The weather forecast for days .
  • public API - For developers 1000 A variety of free public and open REST API A summary list of .
  • SWAPI - 《 Star Wars: 》 API.
  • JSONPlaceholder - Free use of forged online REST API Testing and prototyping .


  • Node.js course - Net Ninja Of Node.js Crash course tutorial .
  • You don't know Node.js
  • Node Art - An introductory tutorial covering the basics .
  • NodeSchool - You can also have your own interactive self-help workshops .
  • Node Pattern - About Node.js A short book on code and network patterns .
  • Study Node - An advanced training course , Used to learn how to use Node.js,Express and MongoDB Building applications .
  • Node Way - There are for writing maintainable modules , Scalable applications and easy to read code Node.js A complete philosophy of best practices and guiding principles .
  • Express.js Safety tips - How to save and protect applications .
  • Awesome Nodejs - Pleasant Node.js Software packages and resources .
  • nodebestpractices - A lot of build Node Best practices for applications . Important for large projects .

Study GIT

  • Git manual - Git,GitHub,DVCS, Oh my god ! understand Git All terms and basics of .
  • Memo sheet - Keep these convenient ! The reference table covers Git command , function ,SVN Migration and bash. Provide multiple languages .
  • Study Git Branch - Directly from Web The browser tries Git command . Have some features you're about to become a favorite : Branch , add to , Submit , Merge , Restore , choose , To reset !
  • visualization Git - Look under the hood ! Use the free browsing mode and some built scenarios , Explore Git How commands affect Web The structure of the repository in the browser .
  • Git-It - You have downloaded Git, Now? ? take Git-It Download to your computer , You will get a hands-on tutorial , This tutorial will teach you to use commands from a real repository directly in your local environment Git.

Practical cases

Preparing for an interview ( problem )

Superhard nucleus Web Front end Xueba notes , Get a job after school ! More articles about

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    [2016.02.22 so far ] Learning notes of . Related blog : Web Front end learning notes [1] 1. this stay JavaScript There are mainly five use scenarios in In global function calls ,this Bind global object , The browser environment is full of ...

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    web Front end learning notes (CSS The positioning of the box ) Relative positioning The position of the box using relative positioning is often based on the layout of the standard stream , Then offset the box by a specified distance relative to its original standard position . The relatively positioned box is still in the standard stream , The box behind it is still standard ...

  6. web Front end Development Notes (2)

    One . What is scope . All variables exist in an execution environment ( Also called scope ), The execution environment of this variable determines , And which part of the code can access the variables . summary : Execution environment includes global execution environment and function execution environment . Each time you enter a new stage ...

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  10. Chapter 14 web Front end development small white learning crawler

    Old apes engaged in IT It has been developed for nearly 30 years , I've been in touch with the Internet for a long time , But I haven't done web The front-end development , I only know some basic concepts related to front-end development , Such as B/S framework .html label .js Script .css style .xml analysis .cookies.http ...

Random recommendation

  1. .NET Framework The inheritance relationship of key types in

    Inheritance relationships Object ├─Array │ └─T[] ├─ArrayList ├─List<T> └─String Interface of collection type The diagram below shows the relationship between the various interfaces of a collection type . Be careful , The picture below shows ...

  2. C# TreeView Using skills

    Check the node to set TreeView Check the node in the tree for requirements : 1. Uncheck a node , Then all its child nodes are not selected . 2. Select a node , Then all its child nodes are selected . 3. When all the child nodes of a node are not selected , The node also has no ...

  3. linq Paging extension ( turn )

    Original address : public static List<T> ToPagedList&l ...

  4. solr Master slave mode and solrcloud Cluster pattern

    A master-slave mode The master node has a single point of failure : There is no master-slave automatic switching , No, failover, host down If you drop it , The whole data becomes read-only . And it needs a single machine to do the index , Waste resources , All data needs to be kept in a separate file on this machine , The index changes a lot ...

  5. SPOJ 057 Supernumbers in a permutation

    Original link : This question n<=200000, Then it is determined to be nlogn The algorithm of , Then locate to find LIS Of O(nlogn) The algorithm of . For each a[ ...

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    1. Copy Web Folder 2. Copy DLL file C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft ASP.NET\ASP.NET Web Pages\v1.0\Assemblies C ...

  7. Java Socket introduction 1

    As can be seen from the program logic This is a Client and server one-to-one chat program   First, the server says the first sentence, and then the conversation begins And only the client jargon   Another jargon on the server side This goes back and forth   If the client wants to continue talking without waiting for a response from the server clothing ...

  8. mint-ui —— navbar and tab-container The difference between

    navbar The concrete realization of <template> <div class="page-navbar"> <div class="page-titl ...

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    First check your jump method , If it is wx.navigateTo(OBJECT) Or is it wx.redirectTo(OBJECT) Can't jump , In the wechat applet, if you need to jump to the with tab Your page must use wx.swit ...