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I have been interested in electronic products such as computers since I was a child , And has been looking forward to becoming the kind of spy film that can crack the firewall at will , Unfortunately, I can't even read the first page ... embarrassed ..2010 Went to university in , Bought the first smartphone HTC hero(G3),android 1.5 The system of , Opened my technological path ( It's technology for the time being ). Then someone bought iphone It is android and iOS Have you used them all ,root Prison break cydia Make it plain . But college is not about computers , I've been in contact with VB This kind of thing I don't know how to use now .




Into the pit

No professional skills after graduation , I don't know what kind of work I can do , Can only do some work without technical content , Under the economic pressure in Beijing , I finally decided to enter the front-end industry , Why the front end , Because the front-end fire ~ Fooled by the teacher of the training class, he paid for the front-end course , Because it's a good start .
2016 The four month training period starting at the beginning of the year , I only have my first month to go to class , Listen to me HTML and CSS, I don't think it's difficult , No, it is. ( Now I don't like the three words of the product ‘ No, it is. ’) Put it together , One page can come out , After listening for two days JS in the future , I don't think so , I feel that attending class is a waste of my time , The same question over and over again , The progress is too slow , I'll buy my own books , Reading by yourself has knocked out one effect after another on the computer , I thought , I'm a programmer , I can find a job .

First job

After I taught myself 4 Months later ( Oh , I quit my previous job and concentrate on my study , No source of income at all ), I think I am competent for the front-end work , And under the dual pressure of living expenses and no work , I decided to make a resume and look for a job .

But there's nothing to write on my resume , No project experience , Just list some techniques you know , I knew at that time HTML、CSS and JavaScript, At most one more Bootstrap, Now it seems that my view of the front end was really superficial ... Really? ... Waiting for me is a huge knowledge system . In the case of knowing only the basic knowledge name , No resume from Beijing , Or hang up on two questions in the interview . Thinking there is no way out in Beijing , Will Tianjin be better , Then start investing in the company in Tianjin . It's really hard to go through the ninety-nine and eighty-one ,2016 year 9 On the moon, there is a small undeveloped company , I went to , I'm the only technology , The front end is me , The back end is outsourcing , Wages 4000, The probation period 80%.

When I don't know enough about the front end , Then I'll cut the picture silently , I am right. CSS Not skilled , Just wrote two or three simple demo, For the common width、height、color Familiar with , however position location float float , The two mountains are equally insurmountable . When I cut the picture, the design is right next to me , My palms are sweating , I'm afraid he thinks there's something wrong with my ability , I cut slowly , Then I'll extend my working hours , others 6 Points from work , I 11 It's time to go home , To keep the job , At that time, sleeping was all about layout , The problem of format . Once I made a layout that I hadn't done in a day , I thought of it in my dream , The next day was a success ~ Metaphysics .

Later, the company accepted a technical team from Beijing , I naturally came to Beijing to develop with them , It's just 10 Personal , To reduce communication costs . This time I came into contact with version management tools Git,shell command , It may also be the first one I came into contact with MVC frame Backbone,JavaScript Tool library underscore. The most important thing is that I met my back-end classmates face-to-face , Front end students , And design , My perception at that time was , Design a picture , Front end and back end joint commissioning , Just go online ok 了 . But when writing code , Face based on backbone Write the code like a Book of heaven , I don't know what to do , I study it day and night backbone and underscore. You can almost insert handwritten code later , Faced with a problem of submitting code , I do not know! git What is it? , I don't know the local warehouse , Remote warehouse , Temporary storage area . I wrote it all before html、css and js Three files , Then you can preview , What version management , No matter . But the technical boss here let me learn git, I have to learn shell command , Submission is complete and how to resolve conflicts , For me, a technical white, it's just a fantasy , God knows what I went through to figure out the difference between a remote warehouse and a local staging area .

I know I'm not a professional , Self abased , The technology I see is big for me , Others don't want to say , Just throw a document over for me to see , Where I don't understand, I can only lick my face and ask , What can be done , At the bottom of the technology circle





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