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China's IT There is a saying in the circle called “ Programmers eat youth ”, many IT Companies are also reluctant to hire older programmers . therefore , It becomes very important to master advanced technology quickly in limited time . In order to help the new Xiaobai quickly move towards the peak of technical life , Here is a front-end learning experience summarized by a senior front-end Engineer .

This is mainly about self-study , Website development is roughly divided into front-end and back-end , The front end is mainly responsible for realizing visual and interactive effects , And communicating with the server , Complete the business logic . Its core value lies in the pursuit of user experience .


The front-end knowledge system is as follows , You can learn systematically according to the following ideas :

【 Basic knowledge of 】

1. html + css This part can be in  w3cschool Online tutorials Learn from , Practice while learning , There are small tests after each chapter . After that, we can imitate some websites to make some pages . After accumulating some experience in practice , Can read one or two books systematically , recommend 《head first html And css Chinese version 》, The book is very detailed , It is estimated that many people do not have the patience to read carefully , You can consider it according to your actual situation .

2. javascript There is too much to learn , If there is no basis for other programming languages , It may take some effort to learn , I suggest you start with w3school Learn from . After that, it is suggested to see 《javascript The essence of language 》,js It's a very confusing language , This book can help you distinguish between the essence of language , What is the dross , For the essence of language , We should study deeply . The dross part can understand the code written by others , I don't have to try .

At the beginning , You tend to be confused , Because what you write seems useless , For example, to implement a simple calculator , Read a file, etc . You should learn to write something interesting at this time , So you should learn more .

【 Advanced 】

With the above foundation , You can do general static web design , But we need to learn more about complex pages .

1. css. Must see 《 Master css》, After reading this book, you should be right : Box model , flow ,block,inline, Cascading , Style priority , When the concept is well understood . As an exercise, you can see 《css The craftsman of art 》 This book , It's about the title , background , Round corners , Navigation bar ,table, Forms and other topics are introduced in detail .

2. javascript. The above is not enough for you to do js Programming . After having the foundation , Further learning includes :

a) frame . recommend jQuery, Simple and easy to use , stay  w3cschool Simple learning js after , Go straight ahead jQuery Can complete some simple projects . The learning method is also very simple , Just make a few pages according to the product documentation , Don't cover everything , In the future, if you have any problems, just check the documents . The framework can help you block the differences between browsers , So that you can be more focused and web Develop the essence of learning .

Add : have access to codecademy Study javascript,jQuery, The user experience is really good ( thank TonyOuyang ).

b) javascript Language paradigm . The name may not be appropriate , The Lord is that I can't find anything to describe “ object-oriented ”,“ Functional expression ” The concept of these two concepts .javascript Not exactly an object-oriented language , Many of its design concepts have the shadow of functional programming language , Even if you don't use object orientation , It can be understood as a functional programming language .javascript Many of the language features of , It's all because he has the characteristics of functional language . This part recommends learning the basic theory of object-oriented first , To package , Inherit , Concepts such as polymorphism should be understood , Wikipedia , Baidu Encyclopedia will be your helper , Another recommendation 《object oriented javascript》, There should be a Chinese version . I know nothing about functional programming , Don't say much , You can baidu yourself .

c) javascript The internal mechanism of language . The following concepts must be clarified :js Scope of variable in , How variables are passed , Function definition environment and execution environment , Closure , There are four ways to call functions ( General functions , Object method ,apply,call), And four call modes ,‘this' Who is the point . In this part, you will 《javascript The essence of language 》 Learn more about . in addition , You have to understand json.

d) dom Programming , This web One of the core skills of front end Engineers . Required reading 《dom Programming art 》, in addition 《 High performance javascript》 This book is about dom The programming part is also very good .

e) ajax Programming , This is another core technology .ajax It is suggested to check some information on the Internet , Understand the context of the concept , Baidu Encyclopedia , Wikipedia is enough . Real programming is easy , Almost every framework is right now ajax It has a good package , Programming is not complicated .

f) Learn about browser differences . This part includes css and js Two parts , There are many different contents in the browser , It is suggested to accumulate more in practice . In addition, for browser rendering mode ,DOCTYPE Etc. should be systematically studied .

【 The code level 】

With the above knowledge , For most small websites , You should be able to write code that works . But to be a more professional front end , You still have to work hard . There are four more aspects to the higher requirements :1 Easy maintenance ,2 Testable ,3 High performance ,4 Low flow ( Mobile ).

1. Easy maintenance . You should understand the page ‘ style ’,‘ data ’,‘ Behavior ’ Separation of the three party , Of course, the corresponding is css,html,js. about js Code , You'd better understand the design pattern , restructure ,MVC The content such as .

2. Testability .

3. High performance . Required reading 《 High performance javascript》

4. Low flow . The mobile end pays more attention .

【 Engineering level 】

Front end projects also face all aspects of the software life cycle , The first is code management , You must be proficient in svn and git. The second is the construction of code , Now the front-end code construction is not a simple compression , Dependency management is needed 、 Module merge 、 Various compilations , You must learn to use grunt And other front-end building tools , lately gulp Comparing the fire , You also need to understand .

Add :

For front-end development , That's the basic content , You can choose to study the following content according to your hobbies .

1. Interaction design . Big companies still have professionals doing this , But the front end that doesn't understand interaction must not be a good front end . recommend 《 Simplicity first 》.

2. Back end . It should be said that the former engineer must know at least one back-end language , But if hobbies can also be learned in depth , The difficulty of getting started should be php 了 . This part can be divided into page based , Based on two kinds of framework . Large projects are all based on frameworks , It is recommended to know at least one MVC frame , such as php Of ci, yii, yaf etc. , The design idea of "good return framework" is the same . Now NodeJs It has been widely used in large companies , It is recommended that you use it in Node Upper use Express The framework does some back-end service development .

3. flash. I didn't flash As one of the core skills of front-end engineering , Because I won't , however ActionScript Should be and js Be the same in essentials while differing in minor points , You can learn according to your work needs . But my principle is to try not to use it if you can , In fact, many effects pass js,css Can be realized , There's no need for flash. And along with html5 The development of flash It will be eliminated sooner or later .

4. html5 and css3 .HTML5 The norm is already in 2014 year 10 month 28 Date issued , Mobile html5 and css3 It has been widely used , The relevant tools and environment are also much better than in the past , If you want to learn .

5. Android and ios Development . today , The front-end work area has been very extensive ,native Interface development is also front-end development in essence , All big companies are faced with Native The environment and web Environment page maintenance at the same time , If it can be unified in technology , There will be great value . For those who have spare time to learn , You should know Native The basic process of development , At least understand the technology of interface construction .

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