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Audi designers were supposed to "return from a good car", but no one bought it from less than 50000!

2021-08-24 20:21:16 Oriental Information automobile

I believe in many 80 after 、90 In my impression , You must know enough about FAW Xiali car . After all, in the era when the automobile consumer market was not popular , Xiali can even create annual sales exceeding 25 Terrorist data of 10000 units . But with the rapid improvement of national life , Even Xiali “ God car ” There will inevitably be a fate of shutdown . And to this day , Or out of feelings ; Or FAW wants Xiali to revive its momentum . In those days “ God car ” Charley is back , And has a new name —— Chun school A50.

however , Even FAW junpai A50 Before listing, it hit Xiali “ Successor vehicle ” The name of , Thus, we also get enough attention . But the official sales so far , Chun school A50 However, the sales volume is somewhat difficult to reach the taste of elegance . The official guide price of the car is 5.59 ten thousand -7.29 ten thousand , But soon after listing, the whole country 4S All the stores have reduced their prices by about 8000 , Today's starting price has fallen to only 4.99 Ten thousand yuan . Even a compact family sedan starting from less than 50000 , Chun school A50 Our monthly sales are also continuing to decline .

In appearance , Chun school A50 As a royal design company with Audi IDG The first work of cooperation , Whether it's the subversive design of the air intake grille , Or the body shape full of powerful lines ; Are too close to German models , And as we all know , German cars sell well , It seems that it can't escape the connection with its appearance . however , That's why , Consumers seem to have aesthetic fatigue about the appearance of German cars , As a self-produced car , Should I have something of my own ?

Not just the appearance , Even the interior of the car is infinitely close to the German car . Concise ranking and presentation , Although the angular modeling pattern adds a little personality atmosphere ; But it can't hide its cheap smell . Of course! , You get what you pay for , It seems that such a price should not be too demanding . Chun school A50 The size of the whole vehicle is long 4586mm wide 1765mm high 1496mm, The wheelbase is 2610mm; In terms of size, that is, the grade of normal compact sedan , No highlights .

motivation , The new car is equipped with a 1.5L Naturally aspirated engine , Maximum power is 83kW, Peak torque is 141N·m, And what matches that is 5 Speed manual transmission . Self priming engine , There are no automatic models yet , There is also no expectation .

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