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He was cheated by Wang Xiaofei and Li Chengxuan successively. Is an Yixuan a blessed daughter and not a blessed home?

2021-08-25 00:41:55 Tencent Entertainment

Before an Yixuan got married , Gossip boyfriend from Wang Xiaofei to Li Chengxuan , It's always being cut off . But her husband is not in the entertainment industry , I feel good for the time being ! Pretty good looking ! Of course, Wang Xiaofei and Lee Seung Hyun should look better , But now it should be without her husband, okay ? Is this a blessed daughter who doesn't go into a family without happiness ?

But an Yixuan doesn't seem to admit that he likes Wang Xiaofei , It's about being friends , There was a big S Step in the news about her and Wang Xiaofei , She's still angry . And the timeline is inexplicable , Wang Xiaofei tweeted a hundred days ago “ I will always love my girlfriend Zhang Yuqi ”, A hundred days later, it's big S 了 , It is speculated that an Yixuan was having an affair with Wang Xiaofei , Be big S Sectional hu .

Later, when an Yixuan was interviewed , The whole process two eyes without God's reply : I don't know where they put me ? It's matchmaker 、 rival in love , Or a bridesmaid ? This paragraph is to sit down on the big s Sectional hu , And it was a flash marriage , An Yixuan didn't have time to respond ! Ady Ann himself has awesome power . If I married Wang Xiaofei , Capital Integration , South Beauty doesn't necessarily fall . But the whole Wang family will rely on big s equally , Lean against her and her family .

At the beginning, an Yixuan took unknown newcomer Li Chengxuan to know people in the entertainment circle everywhere , Introduce him to resources , To get him in , He condescended to enter Ben's small crew . Then Li Chengxuan cheated on Qi Wei and became a Junior . An Yixuan's friend angrily blocked him , He was forced to be the head of the family . But he is really good at singing and dancing , If there is no super hype loving Qi Wei, it's disgusting to make those jokes, shoot and buy hot search all day , I'll be more fond of Li Chengxuan's music .

An Yixuan's current husband Chen Ronglian is a upstart in Macao's gambling industry , Good luck , Catch the ride of the times , He was promoted all the way to partner of a listed company . Zhou Jinhui and others escorted behind , Proud for many years , You've got a firm foothold . Although he is also a second marriage , And a teenage daughter , But he is very good to an Yixuan , And very spoiled .

In the later period when the woman raised the man, the man generally cheated , It's because if a man doesn't have a sense of superiority in front of the woman, it's easy to retaliate for a long time, so he loves to have an accident . The man who is super rich also loves cheating , But if the woman's beauty, fame and so on hold live , Usually very spoiled . So an Yixuan married happier , It's okay, drive party What, no trouble .

Although the person an Yixuan likes is always robbed , But it felt like God had stopped her , Although it's hard to be cheated , But she's happy now , She seems to have talked to Feng Shaofeng , I feel this sister is really protected by God , So sometimes don't be sad , Maybe you really escaped , Scum men should not be close to their bodies .

If I had married Wang Xiaofei, Lee Seung Hyun or something, I wouldn't be so happy ? Of course, material is absolutely important in marriage , South Beauty is long gone , Although Li Chengxuan is handsome, he really needs an Yixuan's support to get married . Now the husband feels that he can make an Yixuan feel at ease . So breaking up is not necessarily a bad thing , It's really possible to wait for you better in the back .

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